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eMule 0.50a Katana v2.11

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eMule 0.49c Katana 1.1

|    eMule 0.49c [Katana 1.1]    |
|         modded by pP           |
| based on OfFixed Mod by Spike2 |

Changed: Some small fixes                       [pP]
Added:  Various fixes by dolphinX               [pP/dolphinX]
Added:  Grey out dead/unreliable servers        [bluesonicboy]
Added:  show current server in blue & bold      [xman1]

Added:   Variable compression           [       [NetFinity]
Changed: Added active Betatesters to credits    [pP]
Extern:  updated ModIconDll (check forum!)      [pP]
Changed: Download ModIconDll from emulesector   [pP]
Changed: Moved all Icons to ModIconDLL          [pP]
Added:  Overlays for LowIDs in all lists        [pP]
Removed: ClientSoftIcons code                   [pP]
Removed: ClientSoft and OwnMod icons            [pP]
Removed: SoftIcon for VeryCD/easyMule           [pP]
Fixed: AHL, DynADP and Updates stopped working after some time [pP]
Added: Show real- and funnynick in clientdetails[pP]
Added: Emulate other                            [WiZaRd/Spike/shadow2004]
Added: File Feedback                            [IceCream/MorphXT]
Added: Session Feedback (Export Stats)          [pP]
Added: SoftIcon for VeryCD/easyMule             [pP]
Added: Fincan detection                         [JvA/Wizard]
Added: Session and Global PS stats              [pP]
Added: Switch for SlotFocus (q-list/up-list)    [pP/evl]
Added: Switch for Flood Prevention (q-list)     [pP/evl]
Added: Flood Prevention                         [Wizard]        
Added: SourceSaver                              [?]
Changed: Added ActiveRatio, removed offi one    [pP/Netfinity]
Changed: Adopted ANT to usage of FunnyNicks     [pP]
Added: Client Anylyzer 1.5                      [Wizard]
Added: Icon for GPLEvildoer                     [pP, Icon from Argos]
Changed: Added some Mods to GPLEvildoer list    [pP]
Updated: Rewritten ClientSoft icon code         [pP]
Added: ClientSoft and OwnMod icons              [pP]
Added: Slot control, fix amnesia after restarts [pP]
Added: Dynamic AutoDownPriorities (v1 & 2.1)    [pP]
Added: IPFilter update                          [pP]
Added: Reask sources after IP changes           [Stulle/X-Ray]
Added: Colored/Bold downloads                   [pP]
Added: Winsock v2 support                       [?/X-Ray]
Added: ConChecker                               [eWombat/X-Ray]
Added: Powershare, incl. statistics             [zz/pP]
Added: Own Ratio                                [VQB/Alias]
Added: Recalc scores only after Up/dn changes   [pP/idea by Wizard]
Added: ChunkDots                                [Slugfiller/CB]
Added: ICS                                      [EnkyDev/X-Ray]
Added: DynamicBLockRequests                     [Netfinity/X-Ray]
Added: Delayed NNP                              [Netfinity/X-Ray]
Added: ClientPercentages                        [?/X-Ray]
Added: NodeDatUpdate                            [pP/Alias]
Added: Download countryflag dlls if missing     [pP]
Added: Ip 2 Country, full implementation again  [from X-Ray]
Changed: Modstring                              [pP]



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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