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Features in this release tagged in the source to make the relevent code easier to find:
IRC Colour & text formatting.* Tag = [IRC+]
IP Filter Update. Tag = [IPUP]
Basic Slot Focus. Tag = [SF]
Simple Compressibility Evaluation. Tag = [SCE] Completed files will be rehashed on first run, see docs.
Filename Disparity Check. Tag = [FDC]

* Changed files which could be just copied if you have not changed them from the standard.
//colour,bold,underline & reverse in the IRC window send colour(fgnd & bgrd), bold and underline + format reset.
ColourPopup.cpp ColourPopup.h
HTRichEditCtrl.cpp HTRichEditCtrl.h
IrcWnd.cpp IrcWnd.h
//not exactly needed just bold, blue text and 3 levels of blue for user count
//merge relevent button and string table codes

Main Features:

IRC Color and text formatting Colour and text formatting display and send ability in IRC window.
IP Filter update Updates your IPFilter.dat file from your chosen web source and loads it.
Slot Focus Basic Slot Focus. Concentrates bandwidth on the slot(s) that can best use it.
Download improvements Prevents slower client's locking out faster clients + Dazzle's faster endgame
Virus scan Supports 13 scanners + user defined.
Forceshare Instant upload priority settings for completed files, 4/5 slots no DL 1/7 slots with DL
Credit Systems + Credit systems and Wizard's Anti-leech, Anti-ghost mod removed now detection only
TK4 eXtras 'Hidden' , Sensitivity adjust for FDC, Slot Focus enable and IP Filter update URL
Simple Compressibility Evaluation Saves wasting CPU cycles. Small code fix in 1.4a
Filename Disparity Check Indicates when a file has a very different,(often dodgy), name.
IP2Country Shows country flags from IP for clients and servers,(code from Eastshare/Morph/eXtreme).

eMule TK 1.4d - Base eMule 46c 16-01-2006
Added: IRC Colour and text formatting - IRC Colour and text formatting. Feature suggested by Masta2002

eMule TK4 1.4c - Base eMule 46c 25-12-2005
Added: IP Filter Update - Updates the IPFilter.dat from your chosen web source at the click of a button.
Added: Slot Focus - Concentrates bandwidth on the slot(s) that can best use it.Shown as green text in uploading list.
Fixed: IP Filtered servers showing as normal servers & dead servers showing as normal, mod code,(Fix for official code and mod code)
Added: Failure In Atl Leading To Uncatched Exception fix. Fix by Kro
Added: Remember Server Priority From Server.met, for static servers fix. Fix by leuk_he
Added: Small speed optimizes in IPFilter.cpp for ParseFilterLine1() and AddFromFile().
Added: Files never seen complete shown in red in downloads list, feature suggested by tunayx

eMule TK4 Version 1.4b - Base eMule 46c 02-12-2005
Added: IP2Country - shows country flags from IPs. Code from/by Eastshare/Morph/eXtreme


eMule TK4 Version 1.4a - Base eMule 46c 25-11-2005
Added: New code to prevent slow sources locking blocks in any part, comparative speed assessment.
Added: 3 block request from one 180Kb block single block request. For better compatibility with other clients.
Added: Dazzle's Faster Endgame slightly tweaked version.
Fixed: Small bug SCE code, Pass compressibility state from assessed KnownFile object to listed KnownFile object
Removed: Anti-ghost Mod.
Added: Ghost-Mod detection.
Added: Protocol Extensions Displayed in client details
Added: eTrust EZ support to anti-virus configuration.


eMule TK4 Version 1.3e - Base eMule 46c 25-10-2005
Fixed: Hardened the SCE code, to hopefully deal with file read problems & files that can't be evaluated. - Bug found by JulGer

eMule TK4 Version 1.3d - Base eMule 46c 21-10-2005
Altered: Improved Filename Disparity Check [FDC]. Differentiating code improved. Reset and sensitivity adjustment added.
Altered: New fix for High cpu load, fast double clicks minimule crash.


eMule TK4 Version 1.3c - Base eMule 46c 8-10-2005
Altered: m_bAddServersFromClients get new servers from clients set to default to false.
Fixed: Anti-Virus options page, 'Bad path dialog' displayed when virus scan disabled. - Bug found & Fix thanks to Spe64
Fixed: Anti-Leech settings will not change correctly,(Missing local variable initialization). - Bug found by JulGer
Fixed: Online Signature check box, setting inversed,(moved the checkand didn't remove the NOT operator). - Bug found by JulGer
Altered: TK4 credit system tweaked for slightly lower CPU usage. Credit system document updated also. - issue reported by JulGer

eMule TK4 Version 1.3b - Base eMule 46c 8-10-2005
Added: Simple Compressibility Evaluation.
Added: Filename Disparity Check.
Added: Fix To Searchlistctrl.cpp, index check.by Avi-3k
Added: Memleak In Sharedfilesctrl fix - by Wizard
Added: Missing ban checks - by Wizard
Fixed: Statistics for Banned, client remains in banned list of some time after ban expires, allowed for now.

eMule TK4 Version 1.3a - Base eMule 46c 12-9-2005
Altered: Forceshare - Removed forceshare of partfiles, limited slots available to forceshare.
Added: Anti-GhostMod+ - Anti-Ghost Mod & and Nick thief code.(optional)
Added: Wizard's Anti-Leech class - Anti-Nick thief and Anti-Mod thief.(optional)
Added: Hidden - Hot Key hiding of emule.(optional)
Added: Statistics for Banned.
Fixed: Statistics bug introduced in previous TK4 versions.
Added: High cpu load, fast double clicks minimule crash fix by SiRob
Added: Fix for max file size by Avi-3k
Added: Support for Zone Alarm anti-virus.
Added: Additional options page.
Replaced: Splash screen.

eMule TK4 Version 1.2a - Base eMule 46c 14-8-2005
Merged to eMule 46c
Added: 3 additional credit systems, implemntations of Eastshare & Lovelace + the default TK4 system.
Added: A new options panel to choose between Credit Systems.
Added: Code to get the 'program files' directory name from the system registry to allow preconfigured virus scan selections in more countries.
Added: Scoring Credit System field to Client Details dialog.
Added: New splash screen
Added: Hyperlink to TK4 Mod site in the server info pane
Altered: Friend, and Forceshare scores to make more 'room' for larger credit system scores also added code to 'protect' forceshare and above.
Added:Avi-3k's 'Open folder' bug fix
Fixed: Virus scan enabled with no selected file shared files window context menu.
Fixed: Forceshare state set in CKnownFile()
Altered: 'Mod Version' sortproc entry
Altered: Virus Scan Icon

eMule TK4 Version 1.1a - Base eMule 46b 16-7-2005
Altered/Fixed Forceshare so that forceshared files don't have to wait for none forceshared downloads to end
with 'transfer full chunks' enabled,(default).
Redesigned the layout of the Up Client Details dialog.
Altered spacing on virus scan options page and set all text fields from the string table,(making it easier to change to another language).

if (!thePrefs.IsOnlineSignatureEnabled())

From the start of OnlineSig() function and put checks before each of the 4 calls saving the function call overhead.
Note: upload CUploadQueue::UploadTimer function calls this about every 5 seconds!
I inlined __inline void UpdateMaxClientScore()

eMule TK4 Version 1.0k - Merged to eMule 46b 11-7-2005
Added 'reset' button & group box for statistics option page.
Reversed Forceshare average and current plot order, so average does not overwrite current.
Fixed the Sortproc entry I'd written for 'Mod version'.
Cleaned up Client Details dialog a little.

eMule TK4 Version 1.0J - Base eMule 46a release date 7-7-2005
The execution of an external virus scanner.
Available from context menu's of shared files and downloads.
Triggered on all file completions.
Configurable form Options->Virus Scanner

Two additional priority levels, designated Forceshare.
These give requests for Forceshared files priority by raising their score
above that which can be attained by any other file except a friend slot file.

Graphical stats for Forceshare as well as Session throughput displayed in the transfer stats tree under Transfers->Uploads->Session
Highlighting of mismatched 3 char extensions in searches.(anti-fake).
Client Mod version displayed in the 'Known clients' and 'Downloading' windows. Also added to 'Client details' dialog.
Minimum uploading files changed from 2 to 1.
Changed exit message.
Fixed 2 typos in Baseclient.cpp :
m_strModVersion = _T("ModID=< Unknwon >");
and changed the GPLevildoer message to:
_T("Please use a GPL compliant version of eMule")



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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