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eMule 0.50a TombStone v2.1

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eMule 0.47a Tombstone 1.48

CORE: ClientAnalyzer v1.4:
//v1.4: 14 changes
//- Force one score calculation on startup
//- New function "IsBadGuy()" - can be used to draw an icon or something...
//- Made some functions non-static using the parent pointer
//- Only use the UL/DL treshold as a punisher for clients that have something for us
//- Fast Reask treshold will only be used after collecting 3 reasks
//- XS spam/exploit check changed due to buggy implementation (***/WiZ)
//- XS exploiters will only be checked after 10 reasks
//- Punishment for Nick- and/or ModThieves reduced to 3*AT_MIDPUNISH
//- Combined punishment for UDP-FNF and/or FileFakers
//- Changed logging to an uniform standard
//- Added a try/catch handler on exit because a crash was experienced there (still searching for the reason)
//- Added missing initialisation for the badaction counter
//- tweaked some functions to not call ReCheckScore() if it wasn't needed
//- replaced the memset command by md4clr for the hashkey

Changelog v1.48:

- FIXED: fixed some localization problems
- CHANGED: default nickname changed
- CHANGED: removed some unneeded codelines in modstring sort
- FIXED: fixed the display for remaining size (added a separate column to upload)
- REMOVED: min upload for trickle slots (system seems to work fine now), should fix the incorrect trickle slot number display, too

Changelog v1.47:

- FIXED: fixed multiple instances checkbox display
- ADDED: real full chunk upload plus remaining upload data display from SF-IOM mod - TAG: VQB: fullChunk
- CHANGED: when slotfocus is enabled, then try to send at least 1k to trickles
- CHANGED: slotopening again, takes into concern the number of trickle slots

Changelog v1.46:

- CHANGED: changed the error dumping code to ALWAYS create the dump and to remember the user on startup,
this should help in cases where no dumps were written - TAG: WiZaRd::Better dumping
- ADDED: various code improvements to save CPU - TAG: WiZaRd::Save CPU
- CHANGED: slotopening on both slotfocus and fixed datarate

Changelog v1.45:

- ADDED: faster slotopening after UL session end
- ADDED: firewalled retries limit (limit: 15 retries ~ 30 minutes)
- ADDED: KAD-patch by Unkown1
- ADDED: DynamicBlockRequests by Netfinity - TAG: NetFinity::DynamicBlockRequests

Changelog v1.44:

- CHANGED: refined slotopening of slotfocus mode
- CHANGED: small change in filescore calculation to save cpu
- ADDED: cpu calm down on score calculation - TaG: WiZaRd::CPU calm down*
- FIXED: added some codechanges to fix improperly counted failed ul/dl sessions

*I *think* that this was once introduced in a similar way by LoveLace... in this case: "idea by LoveLace"

Changelog v1.43:

- ADDED: Startup Flood Prevention proposed by James R. Bath (http://forum.emule-project.net/index.php?showtopic=101181) - TAG: WiZaRd::Startup Flood Prevention
- ADDED: dumpfile enumeration - TAG: WiZaRd::Dumpfile Enumeration
- ADDED: automatic recheck firewalled status - TAG: WiZaRd::Automatic Firewalled Retries
- CHANGED: try to connect to kad by default
- FIXED: added a patch to multiple instances to prevent another instance to start when starting a new download (seems like an official bug to me)
- FIXED: definately fixed the traytooltip to show up properly *g*
- CHANGED: more comments in code... every b00n should be able to copy everything he wants now AND learn something *g*
- ADDED: ModVersion display in all important columns - TAG: WiZaRd::Show ModVer
- CHANGED: improved slotfocus slotopening a bit (less slots... at least I hope so *lol*)

Changelog v1.42:

- ADDED: a "warning" popup on first start to inform the users of the purpose of the mod
- CHANGED: if you are updating from a tombstone version then the "first time wizard" won't pop up - TAG: WiZaRd::NoWiZaRd (*rofl*)
- FIXED: fixed the traytooltip to show up properly (who needs to know the version anyways... the speed is important ;)) - TAG: WiZaRd::ToolTip-FiX
- CHANGED: added some better tagging/comments to the code
- FIXED: Glitch-FiX in CDownloadClientsCtrl.cpp - TAG: WiZaRd::Glitch-FiX [21.02.2006]
- CHANGED: SlotFocus is active now by setting datarate to "0" (default)
//if slotfocus is active then a datarate of 10kB is used to determine the needed slots
- ADDED: added a checkbox to enable/disable the allowance of multiple instances

Changelog v1.41:

- ADDED: 10sec delay before opening a new slot
- ADDED: SlotFocus (fixed)
- ADDED: datarate selection
- REMOVED: possibility to switch off full chunk transfer
- FIXED: additional icon display
- FIXED: lang update was not working
- CHANGED: CS-tree is now expanded by default
- CHANGED: crash dump creation is always active

Changelog v1.40:

Based upon v0.47a:

- ADDED: new splashscreen (+sig +avatar) by Mr.FrEEzEr - thx a lot!
- ADDED: icon for badguys (SKULL)
- ADDED: icon for same mod (TOMBSTONE) - TAG: WiZaRd::Same ModVersion Detection
- ADDED: modversion - TAG: WiZaRd::Easy ModVersion
- FIXED: BugFix in XS packet creation (Xtreme/***/WiZ)
- ADDED: SessionRatio 1:4
- REMOVED: SpamBan (due to the analyzer)
- CHANGED: you can now select between 3 cs: none, official and analyzer (recommended+default)


eMule 0.46c Tombstone 1.0


based upon "LeecherKiller" Xtreme v4.7.2

removed: Xman splash and replaced by the default mechanism
removed: removed ALL bans of Xtreme mods "DLP" (= Dumb Leecher Protection) because
most of them are nonsense and the scorereduce because it's highly unfair
changed: changed the code around ProcessMessage to only show a logline if a received msg was not filtered
added: stats for UL/DL for the detected leechertypes



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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