eMule der P2P Filesharing Client dient zum downloaden von Filmen, Movies, Software, Spielen, Games und Erotik. Zum herunterladen braucht eMule eine schnelle Internet Connection Verbindung bzw. Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster


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eMule 0.49c X-Ray v1.7

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Main Features
DynamicBlockRequest [netfinity]
Slot Control [sivka/JvA]
SafeHash [Slugfiller/SiRoB]
Drop Stalled Sources [netfinity]
Save Upload-Queue-Wait-Time [moonlight]
Connetion Checker [eWombat/WiZaRd]
ReAsk Sources after IP Change [maella/Stulle]
ActiveConnectionControl [Obelix/MaxUpload/JvA]
AutoSoftLock [David Xanatos/JvA]
SourceDropSystem [sivka/JvA]
many Improvements [Xman/WiZaRd/David Xanatos/SiRoB]


eMule 0.48a X-Ray MoD 1.3

Type Idea Source/Edit Description Used Tag
Recode Stulle/JvA Stulle/JvA Complete Recode of Slotcontrol (Slotspeed + Trickleslots) // X-Ray :: SlotControl
Recode JvA JvA Complete recode of FullChunk Calculation Method // X-Ray :: FullChunk
Update Slugfiller NeoMule Major update of Modeless Dialogs Code // X-Ray :: ModelessDialogs
Feature David Xanatos NeoMule New File Detail Dialog - already implemented but tagged with ModelessDlg's // X-Ray :: NewFileDetailDialog
Feature eMule+ dlarge eMule+ Transferwnd Style - Rollup Control // X-Ray :: RollUpCtrl
Feature enkeyDEV Spike2/NeoMule LowID to HighID Automatic Callback // X-Ray :: L2HAC
Feature WiZaRd DreaMule ShareFilter // X-Ray :: ShareFilter
Feature ??? NeoMule Manual Client Management // X-Ray :: ManualClientManagement
Feature TPT/Xanatos NeoMule/Stulle XP-Style Menus // X-Ray :: XPMenus
Feature eMule+ NeoMule FileStatusIcons // X-Ray :: FileStatusIcons
Feature shadow NeoMule Only Download Complete Files // X-Ray :: OnlyDownloadCompleteFiles
Feature David Xanatos NeoMule Suspend Collecting // X-Ray :: SuspendCollecting
Feature David Xanatos NeoMule UnSolicitedPartStatus - needed for StandbyDownload // X-Ray :: UnSolicitedPartStatus
Feature David Xanatos NeoMule StandbyDownload // X-Ray :: StandbyDownload
Feature netfinity ScarAngel SafeKad // X-Ray :: SafeKad
Feature netfinity ScarAngel Anti fragmenting // X-Ray :: AntiFragmenting
Feature netfinity ScarAngel KadPerformance Improvements - moved some functions inline // X-Ray :: InlineKadFunctions
Feature Avi3k NeoMule Update nodes.dat frequently // X-Ray :: UpdateNodesDatFrequently
Change JvA JvA Splashscreen & Sidebanner  
Change JvA JvA LeecherLog is static now // X-Ray :: LeecherLog
Remove JvA JvA Removed some senseless checks for ASL & ACC  
Remove Slugfiller TKB/JvA/Stulle SlotRelease // X-Ray :: SlotRelease
Fix shadow2004 eMulefuture Fixed minor bug around Preferences Dialog - this time for real ;) // X-Ray :: PrefSlider
Fix leuk_he eMulefuture Fixed minor bug in emuledlg: do not ask exit from command prompt  
Fix David Xanatos NeoMule Fixed minor nullpointer bug in UploadClient // X-Ray :: MultiFileStatusbars
Fix Xanatos Mephisto Corruption Black Box Fix // X-Ray :: CorruptionBlackBoxFix
Fix netfinity WARP Fixed bug in sockets.cpp around socket deletion  
Fix TimDzand   Fixed minor bug in Tweaks Preferences Page  
Cleanup JvA JvA Cleaned up some useless codeparts  



eMule 0.48a X-Ray MoD 1.2

Type Idea Source/Edit Description Used Tag
Merge     Merged to 48a Codebase  
Merge     Now x-Ray uses all Xtremelibs (thx2Stulle)  
Update netfinity WARP Minor update of DelayedNNP Code // X-Ray :: DelayedNNP
Update netfinity WARP Minor update of KnownClientBonus Code // X-Ray :: KnownClientBonus
Update WiZaRd eMulefuture Major update of SLS-Code // X-Ray :: SLS
Update MorphXT NeoMule Minor update of MultiFileStatusBars // X-Ray :: MultiFileStatusbars
Update WiZaRd eMulefuture Major update of ClipStat code (also changed tag from WiZaRdStats to ClipStat) // X-Ray :: ClipStat
Update David Xanatos NeoMule Minor update of BetterClientAttaching Code // X-Ray :: BetterClientAttaching
Feature ??? Diclonius/JvA Filefeedback // X-Ray :: Filefeedback
Feature eMule+ NeoMule eMule+ Ini2-Class // X-Ray :: eMulePlusIniClass
Feature David Xanatos NeoMule KadInterfaceImprovement // X-Ray :: KadInterfaceImprovement
Feature WiZaRd eMulefuture AICH-Security // X-Ray :: AICHSecurity
Feature SR-13 NeoMule Part Import/Export // X-Ray :: PartImportExport
Feature enkeyDEV eMF/Spike2 Intelligent Chunk Selection // X-Ray :: ICS
Feature Xman NeoMule Uploading Problem Client // X-Ray :: UploadingProblemClient
Feature Xman NeoMule Extened Credit Table Arragement // X-Ray :: ExtenedCreditTableArragement
Feature xrmb NeoMule Shared Parts // X-Ray :: SharedParts
Feature Spike2 Spike2 Rebind UPnP on IP-Change // X-Ray :: RebindUPnP
Feature ??? NeoMule/JvA Safe Preferences Settings - Check Settings on every call of LoadPreferences() // X-Ray :: SafePrefsettings
Feature David Xanatos NeoMule Argos Antileechsystem - slightly modified // X-Ray :: Argos
Feature ??? NeoMule/JvA LeecherLog // X-Ray :: LeecherLog
Add Spike2 Spike2 Small additions to Sourcecache // X-Ray :: Sourcecache
Add BlueSonicBoy BlueSonicBoy Some Improvements in IP-Filter and Sockets // X-Ray :: Optimizations
Add Spike2/Xman Spike2/Xtreme Several code Improvements // X-Ray :: Optimizations
Change Xman Xtreme Don't save obfuscation required Sources in SourceSaver // X-Ray :: SLS
Change Xman Xtreme IP2Country shows now 32bit Flags for Windows >= XP // X-Ray :: IP2Country
Change WiZaRd eMulefuture If FS are toggled then the remaining data is recalculated // X-Ray :: FullChunk
Change Stulle MorphXT OwnCredits code into the new way for >= 0.48a clients // X-Ray :: OwnCredits
Change JvA JvA Swaped Upload- and Download-Speedgraph positions // X-Ray :: Speedgraph
Remove Xman Xtreme Uploadtoolbar due to official code // X-Ray :: Uploadtoolbar
Remove SiRoB SilverSurfer SolidGraph due to official code // X-Ray :: SolidGraph
Remove TBT pHoeniX Fadeout on Exit // X-Ray :: FadeoutOnExit
Fix WiZaRd eMulefuture Fixed minor bug around anchor in shared files window // X-Ray :: RedesignedFilesWnd
Fix Stulle Spike2 Fixed minor statistics bug in preferences.cpp // X-Ray :: EnhancedClientRecognization
Fix shadow2004 eMulefuture Fixed minor bug around Preferences Dialog // X-Ray :: PrefSlider
Fix Tuxman/JvA JvA Fixed minor Statusbarbug;show networkicon(ed2k/kad) even if disabled in prefs // X-Ray :: Statusbar
Fix Xman Xtreme Fixed minor PeerCache Bug in StatisticsDlg  
Fix Xman Spike2 Fixed minor seldom crashbug in Friendlist  
Fix Xman Spike2 Fixed minor shared files reloadbug on FNF-Exception  
Fix Xman Xtreme Fixed minor division by zero bug in Taskbarnotifier  
Fix Xman Xtreme Fixed minor crashbug around AICH-Syncthread on Shutdown  
Fix leuk_he MorphXT Fixed minor kad path bug  
Fix ilmira ilmira Fixed minor valid hash test bug  
Fix Xman Xtreme Fixed minor bug around enable/disable ClientList/QueueList  
Fix fafner StulleMule Fixed minor mem leak  



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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