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eMule 0.46c Antares 1.0c

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eMule 0.46b Antares 0723
* Removed Boostclient code for more credits (it's unfair) [uint32 CUpDownClient::GetScore]
* Removed extra Filepriorities for SUQWT (is not needed) [int CUpDownClient::GetFilePrioAsNumber]

* One clicked Systray Icon was fixed (IDD_MINIMULE was not ressource.rc)
* Uploadwindow ???
* Downloadcolor and Download in Bold
* Max Slots was yet openend on Max Uploadspeed


eMule 0.46b Antares 0719:
* reconnect to kadmelia
* don't kill sources if it's only last complete, friend or proxy (Morph)
* show correct LPhant and Donkey Versions (Spike2)
* Extended Clean Up II (Maella)
* show Slotnumber in Uploadlist (ZZUL)
* Friendslot Add/Remove in Clientlist, Queuelist, Downloadlist
* enable/disable checking for bad Modnames
* enable/disable checking for bad Usernames
* show LowId Clients in red Color
* enable/disable show Friends bold
* enable/disable show friendscolor
* enable/disable show powershareclients
* Antares Source Request Managment (based on evolution mod) (only test, not really good, not ready for official)

* Antares options dialog restyled
* show Downloadqueuerank not in statustab of downloadlist, but in prioritytab
* Removed Stats from Uploadqueue.cpp and added in StatisticDlg.cpp->Process

* graphical bug in server window
* graphical bug in sharedfiles window
* Modversionroutine in Baseclient.cpp was wrong, now show correctly in statistic
* Value for Overshares before hiding Chunks is now correctly saved
* Powershare/hideOS routines
* graphical bug with downloadcolor and download in bold

Code Improvements:

* CEMSocket::SendPacket (Xman)
* CUDPSocket::~CUDPSocket (Xman)
* Improvements by The Phoenix Team

* Graphical Bugs in Preferences
* graphical bug with downloadcolor and download in bold


eMule 0.46b Antares 0710:
* ported to 0.46b codebase
* small fixes


eMule 0.46a Antares 0709
Enable/Disable Chunk Selection Methode (Official/XMan)
Enable/Disable Source Requests
Enable/Disable Source Requests between clients
Enable/Disable Winsock2
Enable/Disable Push rare and small File
Obelix Connection Management
Send no hello to filtered Clients [maella]

Proxy Configuration Test [thanx to il_bue]
other small fixes by maella
delete call procedures changed to Wizard's SAFE_DELETE/SAFE_DELETE_ARRAY (it's easyier to write)


eMule 0.46a Antares 0703
* Securitylog
* Modthief v2.2
* Anti Nick Thief
* Anti Credit Hack
* Snafu v3.1
* Intelligent Chunk Selection
* Save/Load Sources
* Added Queuestatus to Statusbar
* SUQWT now changeable in Antares Prefs
* Payback First for Credits
* Show Hardlimit or Autohardlimit in Sourcetab in Transferwindow
* Sivka Autohardlimit

* hideOS
* Powershare
* Creditsystems
* Color mismatch in Transferwindow
* not show QR in Prio Tab, show in Status Tab
* and other things

Push rare and small File not clickable, sorry-


eMule 0.46a Antares 0627 (26.06.2005)
show correctly filtered clients in statuswindow
show correctly complete sources in searchdialogwindow
sorting now working in Queuelist
removed false delete routines

eMule 0.46a Antares 0626 (25.06.2005)
HideOs (Hide Chunk Overshare)
Selective Chunk Sharing
Share only the need
Increase Release Prio (up to 1000)
minimal/maximal Uploadslots adjustment
show Download in Bold
Downloadcolor adjustment
Anti Mod Thief [from ionix mod (thanx for this)]
show Queue Rank up and down (in color and black and white)
show Friends in Uploadlist blue
show Powersharefiles in red
Code from Morph Mod for Don't draw Hidden (thanx to the Dev Team]
Save Upload Queue Wait Time (Moonlight: SUQWT)
known Bugs:

high memory usage

eMule 0.46a Antares Build 0528.2

* sending of mod tag
* changed bufferfilesize to 15 MB and her tics to 512 kb
* changed Queuelength to 100.000 and her tics to 1000

eMule 0.46a Antares Build 0528

* Webcache 1.2f [Webcache Dev Team]
* CPU Optimizer [eWombat]
* Winsock 2 [eWombat]
* Creditsystems: + Official
+ Lovelace
+ Peace
+ Sivka
+ RT
+ Swat
+ Pawcio
+ Eastshare
+ None

* SQWT (Save Queue Wait Time)
* Slugfillers: Modversion
* and other fixes

* Text to Speech

eMule 0.44b Antares Build 1e
(based on eMule 0.44b Pawcio 5.15f with Webcache 1.2f)
+ Ban agressive Clients [Sivka]
(changed droptimes to higher values)
+ Too many connection Fix [SiRob] (Will not correctly work)
(other fix is in progress)
+ Leecher and GBL-Breaker added

+ Drop too many connections fixed
+ using the safe-delete macros for some deletions [WiZaRd]
+ fixed sendbuffer-deletion in ClientUDPSocket [WiZaRd]
+ Peercache timeout fix [SiRoB]
+ Webcache timeout fix [SiRoB]
+ Webcache Settings Windows resize for other Language

eMule 0.44b Antares Build 1d
(based on eMule 0.44b Pawcio 5.15f with Webcache 1.2f)
+ Creditssystem by Lovelace, RT, Eastshare, Official and Pawcio (Mod Settings-> Creditsystem)
+ Changed the Source Drop Time from 15-90 mins to 5-180 mins

eMule 0.44b Antares Build 1c
(based on eMule 0.44b Pawcio 5.15f with Webcache 1.2f)
+ Drop no needed sources (Antares Settings-> Drop Settings)
+ Drop Full Queue sources (Antares Settings-> Drop Settings)
+ Drop High Queue sources (Antares Settings-> Drop Settings)
+ Modname und Versionsstring changed to eMule 0.44b Pawcio 5.15f Antares 1c (my Modstring)
+ Webcache Loglines fixed (not all Logs needed the Logswitch in old version)
+ Compiled with id3dlib 2.3.0 and crypto 5.2.1 and vs studio 2003
+ new organisation of mod settings

eMule 0.44b Antares Build 1b
(based on eMule 0.44b Pawcio 5.15f with Webcache 1.2f)
+ Anti-Bad-Community [shadow2004/cyrex2001]
+ Anti-GPL-Breaker [shadow2004/cyrex2001]
+ Section Leecher, Bad-community and gpl-breaker to statistics [cyrex2001]
+ On-the-fly Optimation [eMule Plus]
+ new Window in Preferences -> Sicherheit II [Antares]
+ AntiLeecher don't work in Build 1
+ Anti-Fake-Rank don't work in Build 1
+ Webcache doesn't work in Build 1
+ Compiled with id3dlib 2.3.0 and vs studio 2003

eMule 0.44b Antares Build 1
(based on eMule 0.44b Pawcio 5.15f with Webcache 1.2f)
+ Anti-Nick-Thief by Wizard [shadow2004]
+ Defeat 0-filled parts by Morph [shadow2004]
+ AntiLeecher [cyrex2001]
+ Anti-Fake-Rank [cyrex200]



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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