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eMule 0.48a beba v1.5

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Tuxman's eMule beba  [the beasty edition]
v1.1a HOTFIX [the beasty edition]:
Whoops. I'm sorry for the inconveniences caused by the 1.1 version. Here's the fixed one.
Finally, the AHL is (should be) working fine. *g*

* February 11 2007

- fix: Auto Hard Limit (*cough*) [Tuxman]
- fix: removed some code which shouldn't be there anymore after removing the Full Chunk Transfer checkbox [Tuxman, thx to WiZaRd]
- fix: successful upload sessions are now counted correctly [Tuxman, thx to WiZaRd]
* which fixes the bad statistics, too

- removed: Queue Overflow Minimum Contingent due to a strange coding flaw and stuff [Tuxman]

Tuxman's eMule beba  [the birthday edition]
v1.1 [the birthday edition]:
Now we are running .47c.
Not many other big changes this time, only some merging and fixing... fair enough. But beba got a website now. ;-)
About the edition's name: No, it's not *my* birthday... ;-)

* January 27 2007
* compiled with VS.net 2003 SP1

- merged: eMule 0.47c

- added: list all requested files from user [sivka, small changes by Tuxman]

- improved: added checkboxes for toggling SLS and CryptLayer logging [Tuxman]
- improved: code improvement on copying comments to clipboard [Avi3k]
- improved: optimized expensive checks (UploadClient and BaseClient) [WiZaRd]
- improved: secure identification always active [Tuxman]
- improved: tweaked some more default prefs [Tuxman]
- improved: upload tweaks [Xman]

- fix: some uint64 fix in the interval shrinking procedure [WiZaRd]
* should fix the failed download sessions
- fix: Vista event 4226 fix [leuk_he/Xman]
- fix: XS Workaround [WiZaRd]

- changed: merged Enhanced Client Recognition to Spike2 0.9 codebase [Spike2]
- changed: merged UPnP support to Xtreme 5.4 codebase [Xman]
- changed: moved SLS output to the verbose log [Tuxman]
- changed: some changes in Dynamic Block Requests [NetFinity]
- changed: some icons changed [Tuxman]
- changed: some upload stuff... [Tuxman]
- changed: UL slot settings -> merged to X-Ray mod [Sivka/JvA, changes by Tuxman]

- removed: preallocate space per file [Tuxman]


Tuxman's eMule beba  [the bite me! edition]
v1.01a HOTFIX [the bite me! edition]:
Another day, another try... an error seems to have creeped into the 1.0 major update. It also seems that I had a look at the very wrong place when I added a patch to v1.01. Well, I used my recent days' free time to have a deeper look into the client's core functions, so I could finally verify another patch...

* September 08 2006

- fixed: CT_NAME tag sending [Tuxman]


Tuxman's eMule beba  [ "the brand-new edition", eheh ]
v1.01 [the buddhist edition]:
Strange edition name, eh? However, not a critical update this time. (-;

* August 11 2006

- added: UPnP support [ACAT/Xman]

- improved: removed unused code [Tuxman]
- improved: replaced left CURRENT_VERSION_LONG matches by MOD_VERSION [Tuxman]
* should fix strange mod version displays

- fix: rating fix [Aenarion]

- changed: changed first start message again [Tuxman]
- changed: removed strange UL throttler code [Tuxman]
* maybe a bugfix? let's see...
- changed: some tweaks in beba prefs page [Tuxman]

Tuxman's eMule beba  [ "the brand-new edition", eheh ]
v1.0 final [the brand-new edition]:
This version supposed to be v0.6 before, and there were three 0.6 beta versions before starting the 1.x branch. I decided starting 1.x series because of the number of changes since 0.5, and the .47 codebase, of course.
Note to everyone who blamed me for banning "official" clients: This is the first official beba version which uses WiZaRd's Client Analyzer instead of the old Leecher List stuff, so you can now blame WiZaRd instead. :p

* July 25 2006 [compiled]
* now with language support

* merged: eMule 0.47a

- added: Client Analyzer v1.4 [WiZaRd]
* removed Fine Credit System as it has become unnecessary (bad clients are punished twice?)
* note that Payback First won't have any effect on the Analyzer CS (would be rather senseless)...
- added: Dynamic Block Requests [NetFinity]
- added: Infinite Queue [SLUGFILLER]
- added: menu entry to remove all friend slots at once [Loulach]
- added: Mod Statistics [Xanatos]
- added: modeless dialogs [SLUGFILLER]
- added: more hidden prefs according to eMule changelog (see changes.txt for details) [Tuxman]
* systray icon flash on new chat message
* use highres scheduling
- added: per-file full space allocation [Xanatos]
- added: slot control [cyrex2001/Stulle]
* max. number of upload slots (replacing beba's old, buggy minmax system)
* slot speed control
- added: Winsock2 support [eWombat]

- improved: added a checkbox to disable automatic dead servers' deletion [Tuxman/WiZaRd]
- improved: added a checkbox to enable/disable logging AICH events [Xanatos]
- improved: added A4AF counter [SiRoB]
- improved: added dumpfile enumeration [WiZaRd]
- improved: added Kademlia interface improvement [Xanatos]
* mainly allows better cancelling of a running Kad search
* includes some more improvements...
- improved: added multiSort [SLUGFILLER]
- improved: added preview for music files [IceCream]
- improved: added/changed some icons [Tuxman]
- improved: cleaned up all beba language and control IDs [Tuxman]
* re-enabled language selection ;-)
- improved: cleaned up all code; re-tagged all features, improvements and fixes (yay) [Tuxman]
- improved: improved upload throttler's efficiency [lupzz]
- improved: reconnect on Kad [cyrex2001]
- improved: reduced OnlineSig overhead [BlueSonicBoy]
- improved: remove IP filtered servers automatically [BlueSonicBoy/WiZaRd]
- improved: source finding [Spanish Man] - Find All Sources
- improved: various other improvements and additions [Tuxman/WiZaRd/SiRoB/Xanatos/Xman]

- fix: added official (therefore untagged) Kademlia patches [Unknown1]
- fix: check for a friend who has the same userhash as the specified one [Arabella]
- fix: collection double extension fix [Moloko+]
- fix: eMule steals focus when message from new client is received [raccoonI]
- fix: fixed printing of offset and byte count [NetFinity]
- fix: some menu fix in all lists [CB]
- fix: some possible crash dump creation error [WiZaRd]
* crash dump creation is always active now
- fix: some UINT thingy in queuelistctrl [jsandraw]
- fix: sorting by mod version (I guess) [Tuxman]
- fix: various other fixes [Spike2/WiZaRd/SiRoB/SLUGFILLER/Xman/Xanatos]
* way too many :p
- fix: web server templates will work fine again [Tuxman]

- changed: added beba support board to Links menu [Tuxman]
- changed: better dumping [WiZaRd]
- changed: did some work on the prefs [Tuxman]
* added new submenus to beba prefs and "hidden" prefs
* reordered "hidden" prefs by importance (as far as I guess)
- changed: Global Hard Limit [WiZaRd/cyrex2001/Max]
* note: now based on latest cyrex2001 code :)
* note: this version doesn't support per-file AHL anymore.
- changed: Save/Load Sources [Xman/Tuxman]
* note for prior 0.6 beta users: based on Xtreme code again :)
* changed for use with beba prefs
- changed: readded proxy support due to popular request [Tuxman]
- changed: some GUI tweaks not worth to be mentioned here... [Tuxman]
- changed: some small changes in random queue [Xanatos]

- removed: ability to disable Transfer Full Chunks [Tuxman]
- removed: ability to disable using a credit system [Tuxman]
- removed: Chunk Control (too many bugs, too less output :p) [Tuxman]
- removed: Faster Endgame (didn't work as well as I thought / DBR does a similar job) [Tuxman]
- removed: iONiX Leecher Secure [Tuxman]
* removed beba log window, too (no need for this anymore now)
- removed: not needed eMail notifier controls [Tuxman]
- removed: Reload Shared Files due to a bloody crash bug [Tuxman]
- removed: RQR display (too much playing stuff now :p) [Tuxman]
- removed: SF-IOM additional Safe Hash [Tuxman]

- updated: Enhanced Client Recognization to latest Spike2 codebase [Spike2]
* incl. fix for eMule Plus 1.2 [Enig123]
- updated: Filename Disparity Check to TK4 1.5d codebase [BlueSonicBoy/modified by Tuxman]


Tuxman's eMule beba [ "the bailey's edition" ]
v0.5a HOTFIX [the bailey's edition]:
* November 14 2005

* fix: saving preferences bug
NOTE: please make a clean install!


Tuxman's eMule beba [ "the bloody bavarian edition" ]
v0.5 [the bloody bavarian edition]:
* November 13 2005
* eMule-Beba.de.vu got a new home... (thanks to eMuleFuture.de)
- added: Filename Disparity Check [TK4]
- added: G@mer Ban [Xman1]
- added: "hidden" official tweaks - from hebMule [Avi3k/Tuxman]
* NOTE: I've put them under "Extended->More tweaks" to avoid confusion
- added: StulleMule ban [Tuxman]
* NOTE: The ban only affects versions < 2.1 which is finally "clean"
- added: support for 128-char tooltips [CB]
* NOTE: This only works with IE 5.0 or higher installed!

- improved: source finding [Arabella] ;-)

- fix: adding to shares on redownloading already downloaded file [Xman1]
- fix: code improvement in AbstractFile.h [Avi3k]
- fix: compression % fix in file details dialog [Avi3k]
- fix: CTag code improvement [Avi3k]
- fix: CurrentIdentState fix [WiZaRd]
- fix: GetRequestState fix [Xman1]
- fix: memleak fix in SharedFilesCtrl [WiZaRd]
- fix: memleak fix in URLClient [WiZaRd]
- fix: missing search code [Avi3k]
- fix: possible MiniMule crash fix [BlueSonicBoy]
- fix: reconnect Kad on IP change - only active if Kad is selected [Tuxman]
- fix: sort order fix in DownloadListCtrl [Xman1]
- fix: sorting clients by mod version (at least I hope so) [Tuxman]
- fix: sound notification prefs should now work again [Tuxman]
- fix: TitleMenu resource leak [Avi3k]

- changed: always pack src info packet (saves some overhead) [WiZaRd]
- changed: Auto Hard Limit - merged to cyrex2001 6.1 codebase [cyrex2001, Tuxman/Arabella]
- changed: beba security menu - divided into leecher and download security [Tuxman]
- changed: default nickname [Tuxman]
- changed: drop button placing on add. toolbar activation [Tuxman]
- changed: "Emulate Shareaza" code - updated to latest Spike2 codebase [Spike2]
- changed: Faster Endgame - updated for 0.46c [Spike2]
- changed: FDC - sensitivity changed to 1.1333 [Arabella/Tuxman]
- changed: FDC - updated to TK4 v1.3e codebase [BlueSonicBoy]
- changed: Hard Limit set to 5 for eMule collections [Xman1]
- changed: max. file buffer size to 3 MB [Tuxman]
- changed: put Probabilistic Upload Queue into Upload Tweaks :p [Tuxman]
- changed: Reask Sources After IP Change - updated to v2 [Xman1/Stulle]
- changed: Reask Sources Timer - updated to StulleMule 2.0 codebase [Stulle]
- changed: Safe Hash - merged with latest SF-IOM beta (test11) [Slugfiller]

- (re-)removed: Defeat 0-filled Part Senders [Tuxman]
- (re-)removed: doubled Hardmule ban (oops... oO) [Tuxman]
- removed: unused TrayDialog functions [WiZaRd]
- (re-)removed: VeryCD mod ban (for now...) [Tuxman]


Tuxman's eMule beba  [ "the breathe edition" ]
v0.4 [the breathe edition]:
* September 26 2005
- added: anti-leecher UDP-FNF fix [WiZaRd]
- added: Auto Hard Limit [sivka/WiZaRd]
- added: Chunk Control [Torni/Xanatos]
NOTE - the "block/free parts" menu is only available on complete files! (thanks to spanish man)
* Manual Part Sharing
* Manual Chunk Selection
* Spreadbar
- added: don't kill source if it's the only one or a friend [LSD]
- added: ed2k view filter in shared files [Avi3k, including KuSh/Slugfiller optimizations]
- added: Fine Credit System [CB]
- added: missing bans' check code [WiZaRd]
- added: MOD_VERSION tag format [Uns33n]
- added: Slot Focus [Telperion]

- fix: added correct handling for ONQUEUE in SharedFilesCtrl.cpp [Tuxman]
- fix: added some missing SLS things in SOURCEFROM [Xman1]
- fix: code optimizations in UploadQueue.cpp - should decrease failed sessions [Xman1]
- fix: crash error fix for the Chunk Control [KTS]
- fix: drop buttons should be displayed correctly if additional toolbar is activated [spanish man]
- fix: memleak in directory watcher [WiZaRd]
- fix: MLdonkey emulation works with newer versions too [Torni/Spike2]
- fix: new msg log entry fix [Avi3k]
- fix: queue overflow fix [WiZaRd]
- fix: Tempfile Category Display in Shared Files [WiZaRd]
- fix: using GetPageIndex instead of fixed enumeration in PrefDlg [Avi3k]
- fix: Verbose option for RSF output should now work... (oops) [Tuxman]
- fix: Wrong Max File Size in ED2KLink.cpp [Avi3k]
- fix: zlib issues (that made the search not work) - thx to Arabella! [Tuxman]

- changed: a more proper way to determine UL slots [mkol]
- changed: added Ultimativ-MoD and VeryCD to the leecher list [Tuxman]
- changed: delay reloading shared files if a download is completing [MoNKi]
- changed: disabled language selection because lang files don't work yet [Tuxman]
- changed: drop src menu only enabled if dropping is possible [Tuxman]
- changed: Find icon in server context menu [Tuxman]
- changed: max. queue size to 25000 - experimental [Tuxman]
- changed: MiniMule transparent code improvement [Avi3k]
- changed: removed ban in CheckFailedFileIdReqs [Xman1]
- changed: replaced beba toolbar images in stats tree by the original ones [Tuxman]
- changed: source saver - updated to v4.4 (now removes expired sources and sth more) [Xman1]

- removed: all credit systems of former beba versions due to some bugs [Tuxman]
- removed: disable Safe Server Connect [Tuxman]
- (re-)removed: drop timer control [Tuxman]
* note: may return in future versions ... still looking for some better implementation
- removed: kick to upload ("force uploading") [Tuxman]
- (re-)removed: show full cat name [Tuxman]
- removed: unused files from the src [Tuxman]
- removed: Version Check [Tuxman]


Tuxman's eMule beba  [ "the buzz buzz edition" ]
eMule beba v0.3 [the buzz buzz edition]:
* August 01 2005
* now there's a support board: eMule-beba.de.vu :)

* updated: zlib 1.2.3 due to security issues

- added: Emulate lPhant [Spike2]
- added: Emulate Shareaza [Spike2]
- added: Verbose option for reloading shared dirs output [Tuxman]

- fix: destroyCursor stuff [Slugfiller]
- fix: directory watcher didn't work correctly if a root directory was shared [MoNKi]
- fix: leecher log is now displayed correctly (only once ;)) [Tuxman]
- fix: onQueue sorting in Shared Files view [Tuxman]
- fix: reversed sorts in DownloadClientsCtrl.cpp [Avi3k]
- fix: SNAKE leecher strings (won't ban older ZX anymore) [Spike2]

- changed: "drop sources" and "friend handling" menus are now cascaded [Tuxman/Xanatos]
- changed: eMail address on dump window (obsolete) [Tuxman]
- changed: max UL slots for users with max bandwidth [Tuxman]
- changed: reloading shared files is also done on device change [MoNKi]

- removed: some unused string IDs [Tuxman]

Tuxman's eMule beba [the banana edition]:
eMule beba v0.2a
* July 28 2005
- fix: client score calculation went somewhat wrong [Tuxman]
- fix: memset args order issue in ClientCredits.cpp [Avi3k]
- fix: removed unused include stuff in ClientCredits.cpp [Tuxman]

Tuxman's eMule beba  [ "the bugfix edition" ]
eMule beba v0.2 [the bugfix edition]:
* July 27 2005
* this version won't crash anymore *dance*
* merged: eMule 0.46c

- added: Auto Unban Friends [Telperion]
- added: Extended friend handling via context menu [Xman1]
- added: Faster Endgame [dazzle]
- added: Nice Hash [Xman1]
- added: Refresh Shared Files Automatically [MoNKi]

- fix: absolute values for complete sources [Viruzzz]
- fix: added some .46a/b stuff I somehow deleted *oops* [Tuxman]
- fix: IPfilter counter works [Xman1]
- fix: missing brackets, useless code parts & stuff [thaaaaaaaaaanks to Antares!]
- fix: moved Drop buttons to the right to prevent display errors [Tuxman]
- fix: "open folder" in shared files now leads to the right one [Avi3k]
- fix: possible crash on dead sources [Xman1]
- fix: PPgFiles issue when changing "remember" options [eMulefan83]
- fix: RQR/DL in upload list now shown correctly [FASTT]
* fix for the fix by Antares...
- fix: selection bugs in MuleListCtrl [Avi3k]
- fix: user hash was sent twice... [WiZaRd]

- changed: beba log should be displayed properly (splitter compatible) [Tuxman]
- changed: new about logo [thx to Napster!]
- changed: new beba prefs icon [taken from VipeR]

- updated: leecher strings [Tuxman]

Tuxman's eMule beba  [ "the brouhaha edition" ]
eMule beba v0.1 final:
* June 03 2005

- fix: Some prefs weren't handled correctly [Tuxman]
* thanks to Stulle!

- changed: Kademlia activated by default [Tuxman]

eMule beba v0.1 RC (testers only):
* June 03 2005

- added: Credit Systems (eF-Mod) [Tuxman]
* Eastshare
* Lovelace
* Pawcio
* RT
- added: Drop Timer Control (eNOS) [Tuxman]
- added: Mod Version in Server Log (eF-Mod) [Tuxman]
- added: Probabilistic Queue (SlugFiller) [Tuxman]

- changed: Min/Max Upload Slots values [Tuxman]

- removed: Proxy [Tuxman]

eMule beba v0.1 public beta:
* May 29 2005

- added: AntiNickThief: ClientBanTime (iONiX) [Tuxman]
- added: Allow Overflow Waiting Queue with Minimum contingent (Xtreme) [Tuxman]
- added: Pay back first (VipeR) [Tuxman]
- added: Reask Sources Timer (StulleMule) [Tuxman]
- added: See Shared Files On Queue (Xtreme) [Tuxman]
- added: SLS (Xtreme) [Tuxman]

- fix: Load settings on beba prefs [Tuxman]
- fix: Reconnect Kad on IP Change (Xtreme) [Tuxman]

- changed: New Drop buttons (SNAKE) [eMod]
- changed: New eMule icon (FutureMule) [Bl4ckf0x]
- changed: New Toolbar icons [Kokaine]

- removed: MobileMule [Tuxman]
- removed: Text To Speech [Tuxman]

eMule beba v0.1-pre (testers only):
* May 25 2005
* based on eMule 0.46a

- added: Spread Reask (Slugfiller) [Tuxman]
- added: Mod Version (eRabbit) [Tuxman]
- added: RQR DL/Speed View (Trust_Me) [Tuxman]
- added: Drop NNS/FQ/TM/UNK (eRabbit/LSD) [Tuxman]
- added: Clear Ban List (hoTy3k) [Tuxman]
- added: Force Uploading (Torni) [Tuxman]
- added: Modlog (MorphXT) [Tuxman]
- added: Emulate MLdonkey/eDonkey/eDHybrid (eF-Mod) [Tuxman]
- added: Show Full Category Name (MorphXT) [Tuxman]
- added: Defeat 0-filled Part Senders (Maella/eF-Mod) [Tuxman]
- added: Reask Sources After IP Change (eF-Mod) [Tuxman]
- added: Change Number Of Upload Slots [Tuxman]
* be careful with the values please!
- added: iONiX Leecher Secure (bobo/WiZaRd) [Tuxman]
* SNAFU v3.1
* AntiNickThief
* AntiLeecher (Username/Mod)
* Leecher Log

- fix: Better chunk selection for rare files [Xman]
- fix: Relax on startup [WiZaRd]

- changed: MiniMule disabled by default [Tuxman]

- removed: Help [Tuxman]
- removed: IRC [Tuxman]
- removed: Wizard [Tuxman]
- removed: Scheduler [Tuxman]
- removed: Splashscreen [Tuxman]


Known issues:
o Kademlia may do crazy things... so... don't wonder
o Source finding may be kinda slow (I keep on thinking)

o Stulle for lots of help
o Blomy for feature requests
o bobo/WiZaRd for one of the best eMule mods
o eMulefan83 for another one ;)
o Chris_Cornell for translations
o BexX for his Image Slicer ;)
o last not least:
all beta testers from FileSharingWeb.de :)



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