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eMule 0.47c EastShare v12.0

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Changelog for eMule v0.45b EastShare v9 [02/17/2005]
based on [MorphXT 6.1]
TWEAKED: some code tweaks and synchronizations [Pretender]

Changelog for eMule v0.45b EastShare v8.9 [02/14/2005]
based on [MorphXT 6.1]
MERGED : Code Merged to MorphXT 6.1(eMule 0.45b) [Pretender]
MERGED : Ported to 0.45b Official version [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule v0.44d EastShare v8.8 [11/28/2004]
based on [MorphXT pre-5.9]
MERGED : Code Merged to MorphXT pre-5.9(eMule 0.44d) [Pretender]
ADDED : Show permission: default state display in sharedfile window [SiRoB]
ADDED : Import Parts from SR13 [SiRoB]
FIXED : Official Web Template can be used now [SiRoB]
FIXED : Powershared client in uploadinglist are correctly sorted when other client lose this state [SiRoB]
CHANGED: USS: Trickle datarate is now 0.5kB/s for low speed datarate [SiRoB]
CHANGED: USC: Try to open new slot smoothly [SiRoB]
ADDED : EastShare clients counter [Pretender]
ADDED : Anti-Leecher database [Pretender]
FIXED : WebServer searching fix by CML [Pretender]
NOTE : For win2k user you can have 256 colors systray display by patching your explorer.exe

Changelog for eMule v0.44d EastShare v8.7 [11/22/2004]
based on [MorphXT pre-5.9]

MERGED : Code Merged to MorphXT pre-5.9(eMule 0.44d) [Pretender]
FIXED : tray icon speed display [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule v0.44d EastShare v8.6 [11/19/2004]
based on [MorphXT 5.8]

MERGED : Code Merged to MorphXT 5.8(eMule 0.44d) [Pretender]
MERGED : Code ported to 0.44d Official version [SiRoB]
ADDED : a Flag on the clientdetail window [Commander/SiRoB]
ADDED : Draw date and time log in default color [SiRoB]
ADDED : Resend FilePartstatus in some circonstance from Pawcio [SiRoB]
ADDED : One Webservice link to get file comments from other user (www.jugle.net) [SiRoB]
FIXED : Official -Fix-: Event on the two Chat button [SiRoB]
FIXED : Official -Fix-: Stat were not reseted when stopping or completed file occure [SiRoB]
FIXED : Reworked some zz code to avoid some possible uploadinglist disturb [SiRoB]
FIXED : USC: No-focused class give now the same datarate to every slot [SiRoB]
FIXED : PartFile download statistic are now correctly cached [SiRoB]
FIXED : The use of inteligent chunk selection make some possible crash [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Some official icon were changed [SiRoB/Commander]
CHANGED: Moved 'Show Client Percentage' in Morph preferency [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Turning back HideOS available on partfile [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Download and Upload Datarate are now averaged on 15" [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: USC: Reviewed to open less slot [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: SOTN: Revelate to a client only the rarest part with the equal min availability [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: SOTN: Allready Requested part in uploadinglist are now taken into account [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Reviewed auto Powershare [SIRoB]
TWEAKED: Changed the way to refresh UploadDatarate (call once in the process) [SiRoB]
REMOVED: The eMule+ Preferency dialog have been removed temporaly [SIRoB]
REMOVED: Keep Powershare state when client added in uploadinglist has been removed [SiRoB]
REMOVED: Restriction on hideos for partfile have been removed [SiRoB]
REMOVED: TAHO's New HideOS [Pretender]

NOTE-1: Be carefull the time for average datarate has been lowered. So the graph are a more realistic and reactive. This may disturb you and make you feel that there is some upload trouble.
NOTE-2: For webserver user, please use the new template provided (emule_Chicane_MorphXT.tmpl)

Changelog for eMule v0.44d EastShare v8.5 [11/17/2004]
based on [MorphXT pre-5.8]

MERGED : Code Merged to MorphXT pre-5.8(eMule 0.44d) [Pretender]
ADDED : New option in Download Morph preferency to use or not the Intelligent Chunk Selection (ICS) for next block request [SiRoB]
FIXED : The AutoSetResumeOrder have been corrected to work properly in all case [SiRoB]
FIXED : zz Upload System have been reviewed to properly remove WebCache Socket from standardOrderList [SiRoB]
FIXED : WebCache Fix arround the test of valide blockrequest range [SiRoB]
FIXED : Legend Graph are now correctly drawn in case of wide character language use [SiRoB]
FIXED : ResortUploadSlot Fix in some case socket event can disturb the uploadinglist [SiRoB]
FIXED : The first and last chunk download should be ok now [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Now we allways use the most recent credit.met file if it's corrupted use backup one [SiRoB]
CHANGED: zz Trickle slot now set @1kB/s to avoid some possible timeout [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Right Align Upload speed column [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Display the new version when we manualy update a file in morph preferency [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Improve credit.met loading [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Avoid call SavePartFile when UpdateAutoUpPriority() is called, just call when m_bAutoUpPriority trigger false to true [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Lowering opened trickel slot [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule v0.44b EastShare v8.4 [11/3/2004]
based on [MorphXT 5.6]
MERGED : Code Merged to MorphXT 5.6(eMule 0.44b) [Pretender]
FIXED : Upload Splitting Class final fix [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule v0.44b EastShare v8.3 [11/1/2004]
based on [MorphXT 5.3]
MERGED : Code Merged to MorphXT 5.3(eMule 0.44b) [Pretender]
FIXED : Fixed Upload Splitting Class [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule v0.44b EastShare v8.2 [10/30/2004]
based on [MorphXT 5.2]
MERGED : Code Merged to MorphXT 5.2(eMule 0.44b) [Pretender]
MERGED : WebCache 1.2f [Commander/SiRoB]
FIXED : RSS news reader (XML Parsing) [SiRoB]
FIXED : Put back in waitingqueue when too many upload slot occur [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule v0.44b EastShare v8.1 [10/19/2004]
based on [MorphXT Pre-5.2]
MERGED : Code Merged to MorphXT Pre-5.2(eMule 0.44b) [Pretender]
FIXED : Source Load Saver have been corrected [SiRoB]
FIXED : Patch taken from other ListCtrl to avoid crash in the FriendListCtrl (at shutdown some item were not valide) [SiRoB]
FIXED : Porper PowerShare display in Queuelistctrl (related to unsecure client) [SiRoB]
ADDED : Bandwidth limit for friend in morph preferency [SiRoB]
ADDED : Don't Refresh item if not needed (DownloadListCtrl, uploadListCtrl, QueueListCtrl, ClientListCtrl) [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Intelligent Chunk Selection now use the advanced per file setting for the preview first and last chunk [SiRoB]
TEAWKED: Hide Over Share display info now show all value in the column [SiRoB]
TEAWKED: The auto powershare mecanisme have been changed to wait some complet source info before triggering [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: IP2Country have been improuved (some tweak from emule+) and binairy search methode have been implemented [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Don't draw hidden columns (DownloadListCtrl, uploadListCtrl, QueueListCtrl, ClientListCtrl) [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Don't draw hidden rect (DownloadListCtrl, uploadListCtrl, QueueListCtrl, ClientListCtrl) [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Some Code Optimization to reduce CPU load when client on queue grow [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule v0.44b EastShare v8 [10/03/2004]
based on [MorphXT Pre-5.2]

MERGED : Code Merged to MorphXT Pre-5.2(eMule 0.44b) [Pretender]
ADDED : Adding UPNP,RandomPort,Inproved ICF from emulEspaņa [SiRoB]
ADDED : Itsonlyme -modname- [SiRoB]
ADDED : ed2k FriendLink support from emulEspaņa (adapted) (ed2k://|friend|Username|Userhash|/ and ed2k://|friendlist|Url of emfriends.met|/) [Commander]
ADDED : WapServer from emulEspaņa (adapted) [SiRoB/Commander]
ADDED : Customized IncomingDir icon from emulEspaņa [Commander]
ADDED : Adding partial SNAFU code from eWombat [SiRoB]
CHANGED: You can use HideOS only if you are the complete source [SiRoB]
ADDED : Intelligent Chunk Selection from stormit & pawcio by enkeyDEV [AndCycle]
ADDED : Option to stop removing trickle client from uploading [AndCycle]
ADDED : "Using phpBB URL-Tags style" checkbox in FileDetail for ed2kFileLink creation [AndCycle]
ADDED : Options to Enable/Disable PowerShare internal File Priority [AndCycle]
FIXED : fix known.met, rehashing known file problem [AndCycle]



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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