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eMule 0.47c EastShare v12.0

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eMule v0.41a.10 EastShare v4.1 [01/21/2004]
based on [MorphKad 0.10]

FIXED: Partfile tagcount error
CHANGED: EastShare credit system modified to better suit SUQWT [Pretender]
NOTES: EashShare credit system:
base ratings: id. users(100); not supported users(80); invalid id. users(0); min.=10, max.=10000
+8 per MB uploaded and -2 for downloaded; if rating < 50 and upload 1K+, rating = 50

eMule v0.41a.10 EastShare v4.0 [01/19/2004]
based on [MorphKad 0.10]

MERGED: Code Merged to MorphKad 0.10 (eMule 0.41a.10) [Pretender]
ADDED: Show download in bold in morph preferency [SiRoB]
FIXED: InputBox trouble causing some feature to not work (Renaming, Scheduler...) [AndCycle]
FIXED: Category tab masking [SiRoB]
FIXED: Source Saver isn't correct work [SiRoB]
FIXED: Wrong information used for the powershare limit on shared complet file [SiRoB]
FIXED: ShowSharePermissions coloring when the first column is hidden (xMule_MOD) [SiRoB]
FIXED: prefer resume same category [SiRoB]
FIXED: auto category selection for new download file (Advanced Filter is working now) [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Morph Preferency for further feature [SiRoB]
CHANGED: update UploadBandidthThrottler to Zzul 20040106-1735 [linekin]


Changelog for eMule v0.40f.26 EastShare v3.3
based on [MorphKad Pre0.8]

ADDED: ShowSharePermissions (xMule_MOD) [AndCycle]
ADDED: Display different QR (SlugFiller) [AndCycle]
FIXED: Fixed bug in operations on multiple selected files (itsonlyme: selFix) [AndCycle]
CHANGED: SUQWT codes modified (TAHO)
CHANGED: HideOS to current version (SlugFiller) [AndCycle]
CHANGED: SafeHash to current version (SlugFiller) [AndCycle]
CHANGED: MergeKnown to current version (SlugFiller) [AndCycle]
CHANGED: PartNameRecovery v2 (enkeyDEV.6b) [AndCycle]

Changelog for eMule v0.40f.26 EastShare v3.2
based on [MorphKad Pre0.8]

ADDED: Reset file status info when start uploading (TAHO)
ADDED: name log file in date [AndCycle]
ADDED: FPU/MMX/AMD/SSE memset FPU/MMX/SSE memcpy optimized (eMulePlus) [AndCycle]
ADDED: Equal Chance For Each File [AndCycle]
FIXED: SUQWT clients.met error (AndCycle)
REMOVED: On The Fly Optimization (eWombat) [AndCycle]


Changelog for eMule v0.40f.26 EastShare v3 [12/12/2003]
based on [MorphKad 0.7]

MERGED: code merged to MorphKad 0.7 (eMule 0.40f.26) [TAHO/Pretender]
ADDED: Now we can see the chunk disponibility of A4AF source (fixed and inspired from Khaos partstatuslist) [SiRoB]
ADDED: Give more credits to rare files uploaders [Yun.SF3]
FIXED: Double click unfinished files in SharedFile window display FileDetail [SiRoB]
FIXED: Some change related to start crashing when a known.met file is corrupted [SiRoB]
FIXED: FakeCheck now worked in search windows [SiRoB]
FIXED: Client staying in the transfert for a long time without sending something [SiRoB]
FIXED: Actualisation of Progress & Obtained Part Bar shader when there is swapping of source [SiRoB]
FIXED: HotFix Due Complete Source Feature [SiRoB]
FIXED: Bug making interraction between A4AF & Category [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Put the Official Percentage Display on the download progress bar with bold font [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Adapted to use the Official A4AF Handling or the Advanced A4AF from Khaos (disable Smart A4AF & Advanced A4AF to use official one) [SiRoB]
CHANGED: ZZ Patch Return of prio on uploading list [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Some code To see the complet source number given by the client [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Fake Check reviewed a little [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: PowerShare Limit more accurate; don't depand only on the complet source (to avoid some possible wrong complet source report by other client or ours) [SiRoB]
ADDED: Save Upload Queue Wait Time v2 (Moonlight) [AndCylce]
ADDED: On The Fly Optimization (eWombat) [AndCycle]
ADDED: AutoClearComplete (NoamSon) [AndCycle] //Tag: AutoClearComplete (NoamSon)
ADDED: Lowid to Highid Automatic Callback (enkeyDEV) [AndCycle]
ADDED: Partfile Name Recovery (enkeyDEV) [AndCycle]
ADDED: Delete Shared File (TBH) [linekin]
ADDED: Pawcio Credit [AndCycle]
CHANGED: PayBackFirst improvement [AndCycle]
CHANGED: reduce HD head moving (bluecow) [AndCycle]
CHANGED: 'BoostLessUploaded' now works on every file depending on total transer / filesize [linekin]
CHANGED: PayBackFirst now has higher priority than PowerShare [AndCycle]
REMOVED: ClientMet Control [AndCycle]
TWEAKED: Credit System Selection Code improvement [AndCycle]


Changelog for eMule v0.40f.26 EastShare v2 [10/21/2003]
based on [MorphKad 0.5]

MERGED: code merged to MorphKad 0.5 (eMule 0.40f.26) [Pretender]
ADDED: new EastShare preference tab [Pretender]
ADDED: options to set expired time of clients and known files [TAHO]

Changelog for eMule v0.40e.21 EastShare K0.1 [10/17/2003]
based on [MorphKad 0.4]

MERGED: code merged to MorphKad 0.4 (eMule 0.40e.21) [Pretender]

Changelog for eMule v0.30a EastShare v1.3 [09/29/2003]
based on [MorphNext pre-2b]

ADDED: Automatically backup backups in backup2 directory [linekin]
ADDED: "Yes To All" selection for the popup confirmation message in the BackUp Utility (TBH) [Pretender]
ADDED: Only download complete files v2.1 (shadow) [AndCycle]
ADDED: EastShare credit system [TAHO/Pretender]
ADDED: HideOS settings for each file [linekin]
ADDED: Pay Back First option [AndCycle]
ADDED: Add USS settings in scheduler tab [Pretender]
ADDED: Possibility to use different URL for updating FakeList and IPFilter (Yun.SF3) [AndCycle]
FIXED: Small bug, eMule allows to open unfinished files (NoamSon) [AndCycle]
FIXED: Auto incremental resume order in case we don't show the selection dialog (SiRoB) [AndCycle]
FIXED: Sorting By Prio in SharedFileList (SiRoB) [Pretender]
FIXED: Crash bug when URL of FakeCheck or IPFilter down (Yun.SF3) [AndCycle]
CHANGED: Powershare on the download file is available when only 1 complet source is detected (SiRoB) [Pretender]
CHANGED: Updated SpreadBar from SLUGFILLER (Thanks for his optimisation) (SiRoB) [Pretender]
CHANGED: Updated hideOS function (SiRoB) [Pretender]
CHANGED: The IPFilter.dat is now hosted at eMuleitor.com (like the fake list)
CHANGED: The way to limit the powersharing now based on additionnal info (SiRoB) [Pretender]

NOTES: EashShare credit system calculating method:
base ratings: id. users(100); not supported users(80); invalid id. users(0); min.=10, max.=2500
+6 per one MB for uploaded and -5~-6(-6n+n**0. for downloaded
if clients download from you < upload to you, -2 for each (download-upload) MB

Pay Back First:
The one uploaded to you more than downloaded from you will get extra +1000000 score

Only download complete files:
-if a file was not seen complete, no data is downloaded and no bandwidth is wasted.
-while waiting for the file to show up complete, sources are asked every (FILEREASKTIME*2).
-the download can be manually started in the file-context menu. (last seen will be 07-07-2002,
that's emule birthday. change tick count to 946681200 for sat, 01-01-2000)
-if a file is stopped and restarted, this waiting state will be restored.

Changelog for eMule v0.30a EastShare v1.2 [09/16/2003]
based on [MorphNext 2a]

ADDED: AutoBackup from TheBlackHand mod [Pretender]
ADDED: Option to use max-ping-value or tolerance in USS [TAHO]
ADDED: PreferShareAll option (SlugFiller) [AndCycle]
FIXED: Source Request Server File (SiRoB) [AndCycle]

Changelog for eMule v0.30a EastShare v1.1 [09/11/2003]
based on [MorphNext 2a]

FIXED: overflow in lovelace credit system [linekin/TAHO]

Changelog for eMule v0.30a EastShare v1.0 [09/10/2003]
based on [MorphNext 2a]

MERGED: Code merged to MorphNext 2a [linekin]
ADDED: Added EastShare client icon [Pretender/TAHO/X]
CHANGED: New logo and about [X]

Changelog for eMule v0.30a EastShare v0.2 [09/09/2003]
based on [MorphNext 2a] beta version

ADDED: Option to use so8so's Ratio Credit System [linekin]
CHANGED: "Boost the Less Uploaded Files" option was merged with another three
credit systems [linekin]

Changelog for eMule v0.30a EastShare v0.1 [09/09/2003]
based on [MorphNext 2a] beta version

ADDED: Option to use official or lovelace credit system [linekin]



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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