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emulEspaņa v4b (0.45b):
MoNKi: Fixed text drawing in TaskbarNotifier.
tag: MoNKi: -Fixed DrawText in TaskbarNotifier-

MoNKi: "Invisible Mode" now restores the window immediately.
tag: MoNKi: -invisible mode-

MoNKi: UPnP:
- Fixed problem with routers that uses the default http port (80) for the
web server (thanks to AINVAR).
- Add/Delete actions are now done in a diferent thread.
tag: MoNKi: -UPnPNAT Support-

MoNKi: Fixed problem with BBCode links and the "|" char in some boards (IPB)
tag: Announ: -Copy BBCode ed2k links-

MoNKi: Fixed problem with badformed friend links.
tag: Announ: -Friend eLinks-

MoNKi: Shared files window now shows the number of files again.
tag: MoNKi: -Downloaded History-


emulEspaņa v4a (0.45b):

MoNKi: Some Webcache fixes from Morph
etiqueta: MORPH: -WebCache-

MoNKi: Increased max toolbar button size to 80 pixels.
etiqueta: MoNKi: -Increased max toolbar button size-

MoNKi: Added support for 16x16 skins in the skin selector.
tag: MoNKi: -Skin Selector-

Announ: The "Server busy" dialog which appeared sometimes when running eMule
during Windows startup is now avoided.
tag: MoNKi: -Avoid "Server Busy" dialog-

Announ: When eMule doesn't start because of another already running (in the same port),
the eMule already running is shown.
tag: Announ: -Launching another eMule instance restores the eMule Window-

Announ / MoNKi: Webcache support (by Webcache mod)
tag: Webcache: -Webcache-

MoNKi: Added option to add HTTP sources in the FileLinks dialog (just like in LinkCreator).
tag: MoNKi: -HTTP Sources in eLinks-

MoNKi: Fixed resize of File Links dialog.
tag: MoNKi: -Fixed ED2dLinkDlg Resize-

MoNKi: BBCode links: Better support for phpbb boards and brackets in names.
tag: Announ: -Copy BBCode ed2k links-
Announ: -Friend eLinks-

MoNKi: Added Unicode & Common Controls dll's to the setup

MoNKi: New UPnP implementation, using libupnp (http://upnp.sourceforge.net/):
- Support for all windows versions (9x/NT/2k/XP)
- Support for "dynamic" port mappings (if the router supports it). A dynamic port mapping is removed
is removed by the router if the port mapping isn't updated in a specified time.
- Removed option "Try with random external ports". You can use random TCP/UDP ports instead.
tag: MoNKi: -UPnPNAT Support-

MoNKi: Added option "Open incoming folder" to the tray icon menu
tag: MoNKi: -Open incoming folder on systray-

MoNKi: Added icons to ours menus.

MoNKi: Replaced "Copy links" menus on Downloaded History with the new "File Link" dialog
tag: MoNKi: -Downloaded History-

MoNKi: Removed "Sel & Copy" code on HyperTextCtrl. Now this code isn't needed because
new text control is used on chat/irc.
MoNKi: -Sel & Copy in Hypertextctrl-
MoNKi: -Context Menu Title in HyperTextCtrl-
MoNKi: -Moved Save Log to HyperTextCtrl-

MoNKi: Updated to libpng 1.2.8

MoNKi: You can swap random/fixed ports or change random ports range if emule is running.
Only if no connections have started.
A "Safe Restart" time can be specified: If you restart eMule in this time the last random ports
will be used (900 seconds Max).
tag: MoNKi: -Random Ports-

MoNKi: Modified. Invisible mode char is saved on preferences.ini as a char and not as
a int (better unicode support).
etiqueta: MoNKi: -invisible mode-

MoNKi: Fixed bad initialization of WinSocks v2.
tag: eWombat: -WINSOCK2-

MoNKi: Custom incoming folder icon is not removed if the icon is not the emule's forder icon.
Option to disable incoming folder icon in prefs.
tag: MoNKi: -Custom incoming folder icon-

MoNKi: Added BBCode elinks to FileLink window.
tag: Announ: -Copy BBCode ed2k links-

MoNKi: Blinking tray icon is now compatible with skins.
tag: MoNKi: -Blinking tray icon on message received-

MoNKi: WapServer:
- Fixed searchs
- Updated to UNICODE [MoNKi/MorphXT]

MoNKi: [MorphXT]: Fixed crash on bad formed friends elinks.

MoNKi: Skin selector improvements:
- Sort by skin name.
- Default skin is always shown at first position.
- Skin in use is shown in bold.
- Added option "Get more skins..." to the right click menu, linking to http://www.kademliaskins.net.
tag: MoNKi: -Skin Selector-

MoNKi: Fixed crash in "Media Info" window.

MoNKi: Updated to eMule 0.45b / UNICODE

emulEspaņa v3b (0.43b):

MoNKi: Fixed setup script. Now creates the multipleinstances shortcut correctly

MoNKi: Fixed a bug when saving .part.met files which caused errors when loading
the downloading files
tag: Announ: -per file option for downloading preview parts-

Announ: Option to allow multiple instances of eMule removed (it's already supported
in the offical, unless they try to open the same port)
tag: khaos: -allow multiple instances-

emulEspaņa v3a (0.43b):

MoNKi: zz: Patch to USS that allows a better operation with determined some ISP's (ONO, for example)
tag: zz: -curHost to lastDestinationAddress for faked lastCommonHost-

MoNKi: Now incoming folder has a personalized icon
tag: MoNKi: -Custom incoming folder icon-

MoNKi: The system tray icon blinks when receiving a message
tag: MoNKi: -Blinking tray icon on message received-

MoNKi: A start TTL between 1 and 20 can be specified for USS
(1 is the official per default value)
tag: MoNKi: -USS initial TTL-

Announ: "Give credits to secured clients only" option removed
tag: Announ: -give secured credits only-

Announ, MoNKi:
- Floating point numbers stored in "preferences.ini" and "statistics.ini"
use '.' instead of the regional decimal separator (better compatibility with
configuration files from other eMules)
- The panel "My info" now shows numbers using the system format.
tag: MoNKi & Announ: -interface thread must be localized-

MoNKi: Image formats support increased in the resources when using CEnBitmap.
(Neccessary to load the mod skin)
tag: MoNKi: -Improved image formats support on EnBitmap-

Announ: Added creation and support of friend eLinks (based upon userhash)
friend eLink: ed2k://|friend|<nick>|<userhash>|/
friend list: ed2k://|friendlist|<URL of emfriends.met>|/
tag: Announ: -Friend eLinks-

MoNKi: New "start" and "about..." images. The version number has been removed.
tag: MoNKi: -emulEspaņa splash screen-

MoNKi: Windows firewall support improved:
- Support for multiple instances of emule.
- Better integration with the UPnP code.
- Added the "Server UDP" port mapping.
- Asks for autoconfiguration when it first detect the firewall.
tag: MoNKi: -Improved ICS-Firewall support-

MoNKi: Invisible mode: Now the window can be hidden pressing the key combo.
(Before, the key combo just restored the window)
tag: MoNKi: -invisible mode-

MoNKi: Skins previewer
tag: MoNKi: -Skin Selector-

MoNKi: Password textboxes support added in TreeOptionsCtrl
tag: MoNKi: -Pass Edit on TreeOptionsCtrl-

MoNKi: Wap server:
- Ported a 0.43b
- Kad support added.
- GIF images compression using LZW algorithm.
- Fixed exploit when using DecodeBase16
tag: MoNKi: -Wap Server-

MoNKi: Slidebars in the search window removed

MoNKi: New skin for the toolbar
tag: MoNKi: -emulEspaņa Skin-

Announ: Parameter to allow multiple instances of emule modified to "ignoreinstances",
like official. The registry entry "IgnoreInstances" is ignored, the mod
obbeys to what the user specified in emulEspana preferences.
tag: khaos: -allow multiple instances-

MoNKi: Random ports: The intention is not using the same UDP & TCP ports
tag: MoNKi: -Random Ports-

MoNKi: Added complete sources count to "Copy File Stats To Clipoard"
tag: -MoNKi: Copy File Stats To Clipoard-

MoNKi: Possibility of disabling skins on lists if High Contrast mode is enabled
tag: MoNKi: -Support for High Contrast Mode-

Announ: the option "Try to download first and last chunks first", which is
independant per file, is saved between sessions (in the xxx.part.met)
New tag used: 0xA0 <uint32>
tag: Announ: -per file option for downloading preview parts-

MoNKi: Now transparent skins works on windows 2000
tag: MoNKi: -Toolbar Transparency On Win2k-

MoNKi: Updated to CxImage 5.99a

Announ / MoNKi: Updated to eMule 0.43b code.




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