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emulEspaņa v2d:
MoNKi: Copy file stats and info to clipboard.
tag: -MoNKi: Copy File Stats To Clipoard-

MoNKi: Possibility to use random ports
tag: MoNKi: -Random Ports-

MoNKi: UPnP Support (Universal Plug & Play), based on a sample code by Bkausbk
tag: MoNKi: -UPnPNAT Support-

MoNKi: MobileMule v0.7a

MoNKi: Now "Download preview chunck first" menu is disabled on completed files

Announ - MoNKi: Improved NumEdit, used in preferences->connection
- Announ: Improved keyboard input: better decimal point handling.
- MoNKi: Improved paste data from clipboard.
- MoNKi: Round on focus lost.
tag: -OnKillFocus support in CNumEdit-

MoNKi: eWombat: Windows Sockets v2.
tag: eWombat: -WINSOCK2-

MoNKi: Now merging "Downloaded History" saves statistics on the globals stats,
not in session stats.
tag: xrmb: -MergeKnown-

MoNKi: Stats of downloading files saved on xxx.part.met files, this way stats aren't lost
if emule is closed
New tags used:
tag: MoNKi: -MoNKi: Save statistics to part.met-

Announ: Fixed a rounding bug on connection limits sliders
(preferences->connection) working with uploads < 4KB/s

Announ: "Download preview chunck first" disabled by default

MoNKi: Fixed file size limit of 2GB on web/wap server
tag: MoNKi: -Fix: VS2003 -> 2Gb limit in web interface-

MoNKi: Moved some controls on Preferences->Web Interface

MoNKi: itsonlyme: Fixed variables sizes in web/wap interfaces
tag: itsonlyme: -Fix: webserver uint sizes-

MoNKi: rayita: Fixed m_SrcpartFrequency sizing
tag: rayita: -Fix: m_SrcpartFrequency sizing-

MoNKi: Increased sliders width on preferences->connection

MoNKi: Updated Setup Script:
- Updated to NSIS 2.0
- Download of zlib 1.2.1
- Auto generation of zip packages
- LZMA compressison

MoNKi: Updated to eMule 0.30e code. (and to zlib 1.2.1)

MoNKi: Fixed: crash when right clicked on systray.

emulEspaņa v2c:

Announ: eLinks generation for BBCode forums on "Tranfers" and "Search" windows
tag: Announ: -Copy BBCode ed2k links-

MoNKi: Added context menu title on Hypertextctrl
tag: MoNKi: -Context Menu Title in HyperTextCtrl-

MoNKi: Moved "Save log" code on Messages and IRC to Hypertextctrl
tag: MoNKi: -Moved Save Log to HyperTextCtrl-

MoNKi: Updated to eMule 0.30d code.

emulEspaņa v2b:

MoNKi: Setup Wizard Script.

MoNKi: Better color visualization in the search list on non-default color schemes.
Better support of High Contrast Accesibility Mode in search list and shared,
irc, messages windows.
If the High Contrast Accesibility Mode is activated in the Accesibility Options in
the Control Panel, all the colors in the search list are setted to default text color
to easy read for people with vision problems. Instead of colors:
- Italic: Files already downloaded.
- Bold: Files downloading.
Links colors in messages and irc windows are converted too.
tag: MoNKi: -Support for High Contrast Mode-

MoNKi: Select and copy in messages and irc.
Added Accelerator keys: CTRL+C (Copy), CTRL+A/CTRL+E (Select All).
Added contextual menu.
tag: MoNKi: -Sel & Copy in Hypertextctrl-

MoNKi: xrmb: Merge Known Files
tag: xrmb: -MergeKnown-

MoNKi: History of downloaded and known files.
tag: MoNKi: -Downloaded History-

MoNKi: Detect files already downloaded.
tag: MoNKi: -Check already downloaded files-

MoNKi: Web/Wap dirs in src\Webserver and src\wapserver in DEBUG mode.
tag: MoNKi -Web/Wap Debug Dirs-

MoNKi: Chicane: Web Template 0.3c

MoNKi: BadWolf(Ottavio84): Accurate speed measurement fix:
tag: BadWolf(Ottavio84): -Accurate speed measurement fix-

MoNKi: Wap Server:
-Updated to 30c (code and template).
-Fix: Small bug sending images.
-Fix: Some "Invalid URI" accesing wmlscript.
-Fix: Some characters don't works in the wmlscript.
-Fix: Exploit in WapSocket.cpp
tag: MoNKi: -Fixed exploit in WapSocket-

MoNKi: Updated to eMule 0.30c code.

emulEspaņa v2.01a:

MoNKi: Wap Interface:
- Fixed an important bug which sends very big images.
- Some strings aren't translated
- Changed some parts of code and fixed some bugs
- Wap Template: Added new option to preferences: Transfer Full Chunks
(This update is recommended for Wap Interface's users)

MoNKi: More precission in status bars of Web/Wap interfaces
tag: MoNKi: -More Precission in Web/Wap StatusBar-

MoNKi: Web Interface:
Some chars is server names can cause HTML errors.
tag: MoNKi: -Web: Removed special chars in server names-

emulEspaņa v2a (0.30b):
Announ: Mod name identification
tag: itsonlyme: -modname-

MoNKi: New splash image.

MoNKi: Fixed some bugs in webserver:
- Queue list was not shown.
- Some strings were not replaced.
tag: MoNKi: -Some Web Server Fixes-

MoNKi: Control eMule with keyboard: Now it's possible to move between screens pressing
Cambios en recursos (Modificaciones):
tag: MoNKi: -ToolBar HotKeys-

MoNKi: Wap interface, to control emule from any Wap mobile phone Wap (no java required).
- New template specially design for WAP, WML 1.1 compatible
- With all the functions of webserver, but for web search because we need
to access the computer to get the results.
- Black/white and color mobile phones supported:
- WBMP images send in black/white mobile phones (or without PNG or GIF support).
- PNG o GIF images send in mobile phones that support them (always sends the smaller one).
- Possibility of sending the PNG or GIF in black/white too (enabled by default).
- Double progress bar for color images (like in transfers):
- 1. Green bar for percentage.
- 2. Coloured bar for progress.
- Triple progress bar for black/white images:
- 1. Percentage bar. (Like the green one from transfers)
- 2. Downloaded parts bar. (Like the black areas of the coloured progress bars)
- 3. Available for download parts bar. (Like the blue areas of the coloured progress bars)
- Lineal statistics graphics (like in emule statistics) or lineal/filled
(like in webserver).
- Graphics and progress bar sizes configurable, so that you can addapt them
to your mobile phone screen size.
- Every image is send in the format in which its size is smaller, among the formats
the phone supports. (less money spend in GPRS connections)
- Possibility to disable images transfer (save money in GPRS connections).
- Graphics.
- Progress bars.
- Images from pages not included previous ones.
- X elements per page are shown (5 by default), so that the mobile phone can
load huge lists of archives or servers and besides try to reduce money spend.
We can move between different element pages with links.
- Logs are sent in a reduced way (the last data), so that the mobile
phone can load them, by default the last KB of the log is sent (modifiable).
- All the previous points are modifiable accessing to the prefs from the phone.
- Statistics are shown in a navigation tree in order to access all the data
reducing cost.
- Wapserver access TCP port modifiable.
- Password shared with webserver.
- Requirements: WML 1.1 & WMLScript especification supporting mobile phone, which
I hope most internet capable phones do.
tag: MoNKi: -Wap Server-
Special thanks to Dawuid and nakochagui because of their help in the code and/or
WML template, and to all the betatesters who have spent their money testing.

Announ: version name creation by itsonlyme
tag: itsonlyme: -clientSoft-

Announ: Mod identification support added (SlugFiller)
tag: SlugFiller: -modID-

Announ: Mod identification support removed (Maella)
tag: Maella: -Support for tag ET_MOD_VERSION 0x55-

Announ: updated to the code of emule 0.30b

Announ: intelligent source selection
tag: Announ: -intelligent sources selection-

Announ: eLinks generation for BBCode forums
tag: Announ: -Copy BBCode ed2k links-

emulEspaņa v1d (0.30a):
Announ: improved the memcpy routine depending on the processor (rayita)
tag: MoNKi: -Optimized memcpy for MMX and SSE processors-

Announ: Mods usage statistics (SlugFiller)
tag: SlugFiller: -modID-

MoNKi: Localizing in CNumEdit improved
tag: MoNKi: -i18n support in CNumEdit-

MoNKi: Show (aproximately) the number of complete sources for each file in "Shared" window (Zegzav)
tag: zegzav: -completesrc-

MoNKi: Reconnect if LowID (SlugFiller)
tag: SlugFiller: -lowIdRetry-

MoNKi: new element added to the Shared menu: "Copy ed2k link to clipboard (HTML, source)"
tag: MoNKi: -Copy HTML source ed2k link-

Announ: fixed the option "download preview parts first"
tag: Announ: -per file option for downloading preview parts-

emulEspaņa v1c (0.30a):
Announ: updated to the code of emule 0.30a

MoNKi: Fixed: Interface thread wasn't localized
tag: MoNKi & Announ: -interface thread must be localized-

MoNKi: Optimized memcpy function for processors that support MMX or SSE
(Only used if block size is greater than 512 or random size, and only
if processor support MMX or SSE)
tag: MoNKi: -Optimized memcpy for MMX and SSE processors-

MoNKi: Changed Splash and About images for a customized ones.

MoNKi: Better support for localizing in CNumEdit (used in
-Allow Bandwidth Settings in <1KB Incremements-)
tag: MoNKi: -i18n support in CNumEdit-

MoNKi: Now data can be pasted on CNumEdit (conection speed and limits)
tag: MoNKi: -OnPaste support in CNumEdit-

MoNKi: Decimals in conection capabilities (Maella)
tag: Maella: -Allow Bandwidth Settings in <1KB Incremements-
Other changes:
emule.rc: IDS_PW_MINREC -> "minimum recommended\t%i" -> "minimum recommended\t%.1f"
(also updated in spanish language)

MoNKi: fixed a bug which prevented ini.GetFloat work correctly if language hadn't
been specified before
tag: MoNKi: -FIX: ini.GetFloat needs Language-

MoNKi: Invisible mode (no icon on notify area)
tag: MoNKi: -invisible mode-

Announ - MoNKi: emulEspaņa icon in preferences
tag: Announ: -emulEspaņa property page-
files: emule.rc resourceMod.h PreferencesDlg.cpp

Announ: removed improved algorithm for choosing the part to download. A new one
has been included in official emule.

emulEspaņa v1b (0.29c):
Announ: updated to the code of emule 0.29c.

Announ: Removed secured eMule icons (included in emule 0.29c).

Announ: fixed improved algorithm for choosing the part to download (several bugfixes).
tag: Announ: -improved GetNextRequestBlock algorithm-
files: Partfile.cpp

emulEspaņa v1a (0.29b):
Announ: Support for mod identification
tag: Maella: -Support for tag ET_MOD_VERSION 0x55-
files: BaseClient.cpp opcodes.h updownclient.h ClientDetailDialog.cpp
ClientListCtrl.cpp DownloadListCtrl.cpp

Announ: Allowing multiple instances. It also loads eMule if the commandline argument
"-more" is received.
tag: khaos: -allow multiple instances-
files: emule.cpp preferences.h PPgEmulespana.h PPgEmulespana.cpp resources.h
emule.rc preferences.cpp

Announ: emulEspaņa settings property page
tag: Announ: -emulEspaņa property page-
files: PPgEmulespana.h PPgEmulespana.cpp PreferencesDlg.h PreferencesDlg.cpp

Announ: Tray icon tooltip format
tag: Announ: -tray icon tooltip format-
files: emuleDlg.cpp

Announ: Secured eMule icons
tag: IceCream: -Secured eMule Icons-
files: ClientListCtrl.cpp DownloadListCtrl.cpp QueueListCtrl.cpp UploadListCtrl.cpp

Announ: give credits only to secured clients
tag: Announ: -give secured credits only-
files: Preferences.h Preferences.cpp PPgEmulespana.cpp ClientCredits.cpp

Announ: download parts for previewing is a per-file option (disabled by default)
tag: Announ: -per file option for downloading preview parts-
files: PartFile.h Partfile.cpp DownloadListCtrl.cpp opcodes.h resources.h

Announ: improved algorithm to choose the best part to download from each client
tag: Announ: -improved GetNextRequestBlock algorithm-
files: Partfile.cpp



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