eMule der P2P Filesharing Client dient zum downloaden von Filmen, Movies, Software, Spielen, Games und Erotik. Zum herunterladen braucht eMule eine schnelle Internet Connection Verbindung bzw. Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster


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eMule 0.47a FRTK EvoStar v5.5

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- eMule 0.46c FRTK - EvoStar v4.5 -
v4.4 16/11/05
* Fully removed regdemo
* [Fixed] some reported crash
* [Fix] Flag are now display in DownloadList
* [Fix] Flag on KadContact (KTS)
* [Fix] Less CPU consum
* [Updated] webcache to Webcache 2.0a beta
* [Change] Eastshare credit" by "Wizard credit"
* Code optimizations (WiZarD, Xman, KTS, ....)
* [Add] netfinity: Fast HEX to string conversion
* [Changed/Fixed]: Blinking Tray icon -> Hay Mesaje [ikabot/spanishman/kts]
* [Added] ACC [Wizard]
* [Added] support for Useragent
* [HOTFIX] in DownloadQueue.cpp

- eMule 0.46c FRTK - EvoStar v4.4 -
v4.4 16/09/05
- really fixed crash in sharedlist (KTS)
- filter clients with failed downloads (Xman)
- fix in reask src
- spreadreask (SlugFiller)
- moved LSD buttons if addtional toolbar is disabled
- code optimization (WiZarD, Sirob, dazzle)
- some fixes (Sirob, Wizard, Xman)
- fix : now show paused file in grey option is correctly saved
- fix : reverted IP on KAD whois
- disable force power share on proxies
- Add : Buffer Upload Data (WiZarD)
- add server rating (WiZarD)
- add some provider in the wizard
- dll spanish lang beta (thx Marcelin)


- eMule 0.46c FRTK - EvoStar v4.3 -
v4.3 08/09/05
- Removed feature manual reask source.


- eMule 0.46c FRTK - EvoStar v4.3 -
v4.3 07/09/05
- don't remove static server (Milobac)
- Queuesize FiX (WiZaRd) --> This will make hardlimit to be kept and at least 200 places as "buffer" in the queue
- Sorting FiX ?? (WiZaRd)
- AntiLeech: UDPFNF-FiX (WiZaRd)
- Fix For New Message Log Entry (avi-3k)
- added Ratio and BillyGates credit system
- BillyGates credit is good for releasers
- added "L:" or "H:" to see in the download details if the client is a LowID and HighID [BG]
- Bars for CPU and MEM usage [Ionix]
- added Auto A4AF [KTS]
- find best sources [Xman]
- code optimization [Xman/Maella]
- Find all sources
- progress bar fix
- removed a bugged bugfix
- MCS (If the file is complete)
- fix unsharing successful hashed files while insufficience disk space occur
- Avi3k: SharedView Ed2kType
- Fix For Tempfile Categorie Display
- fix Wrong Max File Size In Ed2klink.cpp [Avi-3k]
- eMule Lphant (Spike2)
- client percentage (Xrmb)
- small changes

(Big Thanks to Torni ... & at all beta tester...)

- eMule 0.46c FRTK - EvoStar v4.2 -
v4.2 FIX_2 31/07/05
- Removed "bad" functions: Manual SLS/Reask
- Change: Activation Limit -->100
- Change: Saved/Loaded Sources ---> 50

- eMule 0.46c FRTK - EvoStar v4.2 -
v4.2 FIX 30/07/05
- Fixed SlotControl

eMule 0.45b FRTK - EvoStar v4.2
- Based on Next Evolution (removed "bad" funccions)
- add an option to enable/disable slot control
- exit smoothly not active if upload queue is empty
- [0.46c] SetModified FiX for PPgFiles [eF]
- [0.46c] Open Folder FiX [Avi-3k]
- [0.46c] DownloadClientsCtrl Sort-FiXes[Avi-3k]
- [0.46c] Double-FiX for MuleListCtrl [Avi-3k]
- [0.46c] MemSet FiX in ClientCredits [Avi-3k]
- [0.46c] Assertion Errors [SlugFiller]
- fixed version number in order to use DDL lang
- Added eChanblardNext 11.0, 10.2, 10.1 in banned mod just in prevision of future version
- some fixes in Optimizer
- some code change
- minor fixes

- compiled with Zlib 1.2.3



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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