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eMule 0.46c IoNiX 4.4

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eMule Ionix - tested by PC Praxis


[compiled with VS 2003]

eMule iONiX 4.4:
[compiled with VS 2003]
merged: Webcache 2.0 Beta 1 * [Aireoreion]
added: Xman Code Improvement: FillSolidRect [Aireoreion] (iONiX 4.33)
added: SearchCatch (Slugfiller) [Aireoreion]
added: sourceFrom (Slugfiller) [Aireoreion]
added: cacheUDPsearchResults (itsonlyme) [Aireoreion]
added: Xman better passive source finding [Aireoreion]
added: check completed sources which want to download their "complete" file (Xman) [Aireoreion]
added: Some TCP/UDPReask changes (Xtreme) [Aireoreion]
added: NAFC (basic coding by maella) [WiZaRd/Aireoreion] - TAG: NAFC (case-sensitive)
added: 2 new CreditSystems (one by Wizard) [Aireoreion]
added: Preview Music Files (IceCream/Morph) [Aireoreion]
added: option to set the max client datarate in the prefs [Aireoreion] - TAG: Max ClientUploadrate
added: option to set the userlevel in the adv. webinterface [Aireoreion]
added: show own ip in WebServerface Box [WiZaRd]
added: more strings can be replaced by the language-dlls [Aireoreion]
changed: iONiX Prefs structure [Aireorein]
changed: webcachetrustlevel from 30 to 15 [Aireoreion]
changed: Webinterface: If an user is restricted to see all cats show the allowed files in uploading list [Aireoreion]
changed: iONiX adv. Webinterface is now optional [Aireoreion]
changed: Don't show message info when it is filtered [Aireoreion]
changed: Don't ban friends that have a friendslot [Aireoreion]
changed: Global deadlist check is now optional (default: off), because it deleted too many good sources [Aireoreion]
fixed: Download next paused file (thx to KingSlater) [Aireoreion]
fixed: resource leak in TransferWnd [Xman]
fixed: SplashScreen [Aireoreion/Wizard]
fixed?: Download- & Uploadrate in Transferwindow and Titlebar ** [Aireoreion]
fixed: showing Webcache on FileDetailsDialog [Aireoreion]
fixed: CPU-Usage in Minimule (thx to Stulle - idea by Wizard) [Aireoreion]
fixed: Sorting issue in TransferWnd (Slugfiller) [Aireoreion]
fixed: Update display info when changing AutoHL manuelly [Aireoreion]
fixed: F1 Bug in Webcachesettings [Aireoreion]
fixed: memleak in Kademliawindow when using IP2Country [WiZaRd]
modified: Never use AutoHL (file specific) when not enabled in Prefs [Aireoreion]
modified: send full emule string when using CHTTPDownloadDlg requests (CHTTPDownloadDlg 1.06) [Aireoreion]
modified: Antivirus: now the filename is coverd by quotation marks [Aireoreion]
removed: Unneeded Codeparts [Aireoreion]
removed: Unneeded Icons [Aireoreion]
removed: Unneeded Sysinfo in Minimule (is already init) [Aireoreion]

* fixes and changes - no more corrupted parts :D
** changed opcode



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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