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eMule 0.46c IoNiX 4.4

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[compiled with VS 2003]

eMule iONiX 4.33:
[compiled with VS 2003]
added: Xman Code Improvement for choosing to use compression [Aireoreion]
added: support for different colors in the ModLog [Aireoreion]
added: ionixguide support in Preferences dialogs added by iONiX [Aireoreion]
added: FunnyNick hotswap support (Morph/Stulle/Aireoreion) [Aireoreion]
added Enable ListSearch (use Ctrl+F) [WiZaRd]
added: possibility to enabled/disable ban selectively [WiZaRd]
removed: antileech.pub
changed: Public key for Leecherlist validation is now hardcoded + support for multiple public keys [WiZaRd]
fixed: crash when downloading fakeslist via ed2k [Aireoreion]
fixed: possible crash with multisort [Aireoreion]
fixed: possible crash with Automatic shared files updater [WiZaRd]
fixed: possible crash with Friends (Xman) [Aireoreion]
fixed: crash using F1 in Preferences dialogs added by iONiX [Aireoreion]
fixed: not saving RegEx and Care4All (Categories) [Aireoreion]
modified: compression rate now decreases with higher upload speed (netfinity) -> higher uploadspeed possible [Aireoreion] (iONiX 4.32)
optimizied: iONiX Source [WiZaRd]

eMule iONiX 4.32:
[compiled with VS 2003]
added: some forgotton codeparts in MultiSort [WiZaRd]
added: rightclick options for AutoHL/Hardlimit per file [WiZaRd]
added: saving of Hardlimit per file* [WiZaRd]
added: cFos check [Aireoreion/WiZaRd]
added: WiZaRd PowerShare** [WiZaRd] - Tag: WiZaRd::PowerShare
added: FunnyNick (Morph/Stulle) [Aireoreion]
added: Hashing progress indication by OČ [WiZaRd] + extension for AICH [WiZaRd] - Tag: WiZaRd::Hashing Progress [OČ]
added: if started for the first time/update, iONiX will create a "clean" pref on save***** [WiZaRd] - Tag: WiZaRd::Fresh Pref
added: Serverside rating support in search ******[Aireoreion/WiZaRd]
re-added: option for additional toolbar in TransferWnd [Aireoreion]
added: second additinal toolbar in TransferWnd [Aireoreion]
added: external antileech.dat file containing leecher info, protected by 1024Bit RSA key [WiZaRd] ********
added: option to disable DropDown Buttons in TransferWnd [Aireoreion]
added: FakeCheck + IPFilter Update via eD2K (idea by emuleplus) [WiZaRd/Aireoreion] - Tag: WiZaRd::eD2K Updates
removed: TPT: Friend Slot [WiZaRd]
removed: Morph PowerShare [WiZaRd]
removed: various unneeded codeparts [WiZaRd]
removed: sivka filesettings [WiZaRd]
removed: WebCache link to sourceforge requested by Superlexx [WiZaRd]
changed: bad mod list **** [WiZaRd]
changed: upload buffer now adapts to uploadspeed*** [WiZaRd] - Tag: WiZaRd::Caching
changed: anti-modfaker returned to v2.1 because of difficulties with orig code [WiZaRd]
changed: a lot of default pref settings for newbie users [WiZaRd]
changed: queuesize fix******* [WiZaRd]
fixed: saving of dirchecker setting [WiZaRd]
fixed: added missing hardlimit check in passive src finding [WiZaRd]
fixed: progressbar switch now works correctly [WiZaRd/Aireoreion]
fixed: saving/loading of invisiblemode key [WiZaRd]
fixed: possible crash with Automatic shared files updater [WiZaRd/Aireoreion]
fixed: Good and Fair Rating icons were switched [Aireoreion]
fixed: Too many uploads slot with Minimize Uploadslots activated and no upload limit [Aireoreion]
fixed: Prefs: ICMP and editboxes not disabled when ConChecker is disabled [Aireoreion]
fixed: No pre-selected cat in Webinterface [Aireoreion]
fixed: Fakecheck Reset [Aireoreion]
modified: eMule Priority Settings [Aireoreion] - Tag: [ionix]: high process priority - based on MORPH
modified: SplashScreen [Aireoreion] (new image by bobo {idea by Wizard})
update: CreditsThread [Aireoreion]
added: French language support [Firnus]
update: de_DE.dll [Aireoreion]
update: it_IT.dll [FrankyFive]
update: es_ES_T.dll [Maraglio]

* be careful when using QuickStart - it will reset the HL to your chosen value - that's NOT a bug!
** a simple yet effective PS
*** this might help uploaders with high upload speeds
**** we also added NeoMule to the bad mod list as we think the good version is used to promote the bad version
and it has bad features - no discussion about that, the ban will stay -
***** your old preferences.ini (if there was one) will be renamed to preferences.old
****** if you add a rating to a sharedfile it will be send to the server. the server will calculate the average rating which will be displayed in the search results (Serverversion must >= 17.6)
******* queuesoftlimit will now be calculated, instead the hardlimit, if you set it to 5000 it will stay there
******** you can update the antileecher.dat using http://emuleionix.airu.de/antileech.zip


eMule iONiX 4.31
[added: Advanced webserver interface account management (inspired by eChanblard) [WiZaRd/Aireoreion] - Tag: Advanced WebInterface Account Management
added: two cookie-based settings in webserver login (requires Javascript and Cookies enabled) [Aireoreion] - Tag: Cookie settings
added: View filter in Shared Files by ED2k-Search-Type (Avi3k/Slugfiller) [Aireoreion] - Tag: Avi3k: SharedView Ed2kType
re-added: Support for non-iONiX language files [Aireoreion]
fixed: Update SharedFilesList when changing Powershare in the Settings [Aireoreion]
fixed: Apply-Button remains inactive when clicking on "restore last main window" (thx LD86) [Aireoreion]
fixed: ConChecker (fully working now) [WiZaRd]
fixed: Secure Identification Bug in 4.3 (getting banned by other iONiX User) [WiZaRd]
fixed?: Download- & Uploadrate in Transferwindow and Titlebar [WiZaRd/Aireoreion]
fixed: Banned Client Counter (Xman) [Aireoreion]
fixed: Middle button click in TransferWindow (Slugfiller) [Aireoreion] - Tag: SLUGFILLER: middleButtonFix
fixed: Saving items of the default category not in the default incoming folder (thx FoRcE-MST) [Aireoreion]
fixed: wrong strings shown with non-iONiX language files (thx eryen) [Aireoreion]
fixed: Not all files are shown in shared files using "all files" on Incomplete Files filter [WiZaRd]
modified: Spreadbars (Slugfiller) [Aireoreion]
modified: changed default URL for Fakes to fakes.zip (was fakes.dat) [Aireoreion]


eMule iONiX 4.3:
merged to eMule 0.46c [Aireoreion/WiZaRd]

added: automatic kademlia firewalled check [WiZaRd] - Tag: WiZaRd::Recheck Firewalled
added: UDP-FNF Antileech Protect [WiZaRd]
added: SplitterBar in TransferWindow from eMule 0.46a [Aireoreion]
added: Automatic shared files updater [Monki]
added MultiSort (Slugfiller) [Aireoreion/WiZaRd]
added: Some small optimizations [WiZaRd]
fixed: Wrong Parameter in the Prefs [Aireoreion]
fixed: Crash when setting HideOS/Powershare [Aireoreion]
fixed: Updating problems using iONiX Tweaks V [Aireoreion]
modified: if webcache is disabled no WC info is sent - you'll appear as "vanilla" eMule [WiZaRd]
modified: SplashScreen [Aireoreion] (new image by bobo)
modified: Always activate TranferFullChunks [WiZaRd/Aireoreion]
update: zlib to v1.2.3 [Aireoreion]
update: CreditsThread [Aireoreion]
removed: Webcache credit bonus [WiZaRd/Aireoreion]

Tag: //>>> WiZaRd - Anti-Leecher
Ususally a client will swap from his reqfile if he cancels/completes a dl which is the situation we can get an UDP-FNF by requesting that file. However, if we still have that client in our queue requesting that file he either could not swap (?) or he is a leecher pretending to not have that file. In any case, we can drop him from our queues (safely, I guess...) which will safe some possible failed upload sessions plus prevent being leeched.


eMule iONiX 4.22:
fixed: NiceMove [WiZaRd]
fixed: Webcache Infos in ClientDialog [Aireoreion]
modified: Disable Spooky if Kad is disconnected [WiZaRd]
Some more small fixes


eMule iONiX 4.21:
added: option to disable ProgressBars [WiZaRd/Aireoreion]
fixed: WS2_32.dll error [Netfinity]
fixed: Connection problems [Aireoreion/WiZaRd]
optimizied: AntiNickThief [Stulle/WiZaRd]


eMule iONiX 4.2:
merged to eMule 0.46a [Aireoreion/WiZaRd]

added: ProgressBars [WiZaRd]
added: possibility to Restore last main window [WiZaRd/Aireoreion]
added: NiceHash for Moving complete files process [WiZaRd]
added: Don't kill source if it's the only one complet source,
it's a friend, a proxy or not ed2kclient (Morph) [Aireoreion]
added: WebCache v2 - includes massive changes in some files by WiZaRd! [WiZaRd]
added: Emugle Websearch [Aireoreion]
fixed: some forgotten Optimizer-tags [WiZaRd]
fixed: Download Files in Bold (CPU-Bug) [WiZaRd/Aireoreion]
fixed: CorruptionBytes in Stats (netfinity) [WiZaRd/Aireoreion]
fixed: Missing ModString in KnownClientsList [Aireoreion]
fixed: TransferRate in Tray [WiZaRd]
fixed: Edit Server and My Info complication [Aireoreion]
fixed: Quickstart infoline in Modlog [Aireoreion]
fixed: Upload datarate display [WiZaRd]
removed: WebCache v1 [Aireoreion/WiZaRd]



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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