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eMule 0.46b LSD-22b (Pi)

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eMule 44b LSD-18e (Iota4)
eMule 44b LSD-18e Iota4 Release
- November 17th, 2004 -
- eMule 44b LSD-18g (Iota) -
18.1043 17/11/04
-Re-Added A4AF_TO_THIS, A4AF_TO_OTHER. (dont work)
-Re-Added Japanese DLL.
-Can Rename/Clean all selection in sharefiles.
-GetLogDir (44d)
-SparsePartFiles (NTFS) (44d)
-Sliders Ticks (44d)
-"WebTimeoutMins" in preferences.ini default 5minutes.(44d)
-Negative Cats (44d)
-fast drop in seconds (0-60) in tweaks.
-Added fake warning when try dl fake from searchlist.
-some mini fixes.

eMule 44b LSD-18f (Theta4)
eMule 44b LSD-18f Theta 4 Release
- November 12th, 2004 -
- eMule 44b LSD-18f (Theta) -
18.1040 12/11/04
-Fix in downloadlist column category dont display correct country_names.
-Added option for debuglog MiscEvents in PPGTweaks.
-Added Reask Single Client in downloadlist.
-2 users,Same userhash debuglog displays more info.
-Report Crash Bug in CChatSelector::SendMessage.
-ClientDetailDialog sometimes filenames too long not correct displayed.
-Auto-Drop QRank
-Individual Tweaks QRank (Time,Rank)
-Individual Tweaks now saved in .ini style.
-WebCache Fixes (SiRoB) (jpkoester1) (spanish man)
-New webcaches.csv
-Added Defeat 0-filled Part Senders from Maella (IceCream)
-Added khaos::accurate Time/Size remain DLlist.
-Added SLUGFILLER mergeKnown, for TAHO, .met file control (EastShare)
-PPgTweaks New Look.
(REMOVED)- Reask Sources after IP (Maella)
-Fix Complete files v2.1
-Added Quick Start (Tritant)
-Added Custom Color for Downloads, bold downloads must be on.(LSD)
-Added CreditSystem EastShare/lovelace/Official/Ratio RT.10a/Pawcio (EastShare)
-Fix CStatisticsTree::ExportHTML unicode->Ansi in eMule Version. (LSD)
-Fix Crash in CChatSelector::SendMessage.
-Fix CreditSystem.
-Reload Src on Save (button)
-Fix Crash in Contextmenu (Uploadlist/Queuelist)
-When Drop QRank also Drops Hybrids with NoQrank.
-Correct The Lengend Oscopectrl Display. (SiRoB)
-New Fast Drop System for Drop FULLQ, QRANK, NNS, near drops&ban automatic when connect. (very good for Big Source Files) (BETA)
-Some Fixes form 44c.
*fix id3lib.
*msg alarm when try dl incomplet file form search. (incomplet files with 20 or more src get warning msg) (50->20)
* some UNICODE fixes.
*some METADATA fixes.
*other mini fixes.
*Improved dll langs from 44c.

eMule 44b LSD-18e (Zeta7)
eMule 44b LSD-18e Zeta7 Release
- November 9th, 2004 -
- eMule 44b LSD-18e (Zeta) -
18.1037 09/11/04
-Uploadlist/Queuelist/Downloadlist/ContextMenu/friendslot sometimes hangs. (from crash report)
-fix ipfilter udp.
-fix HideIPCountryColumn in queuelist/uploadlist.
-downgraded crypto.lib 52.1 to 51. (invalid users in some cases)
-statisticsdlg.cpp WEBCACHE -> WebCache (DL)
-Fix Friendlist/showdetail sometimes crash.
-Added ShowActiveDownloadsBold. (Checkbox) (pref/display)
-Added FakeCheck, FakeReport, Auto-updating (zip). (MORPH) (downloadlist/searchlist)
-Added IPFilter Auto-updating (zip). (MORPH)
-Added IP2Country Auto-updating (zip). (MORPH) (Eastshare)
-Added IP2Country ServerList.
-Added Previewable IsMusic.
-Added Remote Queue Status (Yun.SF3) (uploadlist/queuelist)
- Added Only download complete files v2.1 (shadow)
-Added LSD preferences.ini are in [LSD] section.
-Added in DList Fakes Paint in Red. (LSD)
(REMOVED)-Added in DList Incomplete File Sources Paint in Red. (LSD)
-Added FakeFiles in Download are Red. (LSD)
-Added FakeFiles in Search are Orange. (LSD)
-Added Individual XS. (LSD)
-Added LiveUpdate settings are stored in liveupdate.ini (LSD)
-Changed "Webcache Release" works in partfiles and with with unstopped downloads.
-Fix OnlineSign Unicode->Ansi.
-Added Individual Tweaks Downloads (Drop, Drop-Time, BanOnDrop, Request XS) (LSD)
-Added Individual Tweaks Uploads (Max Upload Size, Max Upload Time, Send XS) (LSD) (not finished)
-Added Reask sources after IP change (Dynamic ISP) (Maella) (idea Xman)
-Added Complete Sources (CS) in ClientDetailDlg.
-Fix Update Ban Count. (when Drop-Ban).
-Fix Correct Display Reask.
-Added Select Pro cess Priority. [TPT]
-Added Drop by Rank QR>iRank (LSD)
-Added Reset All Individual Downloads Button in LSD Tweaks.
-Added Reset All Individual Uploads Button in LSD Tweaks.
-Last Fixes.
-Last Build.


eMule 44b LSD-18d (Epsilon4)
eMule 44b LSD-18d Epsilon4 Release

- November 2nd, 2004 -
- eMule 44b LSD-18d (Epsilon) -
18.1028 02/11/04
-Updated libpng to version 1.2.7 (final)
-Updated CxImage version 5.99a.
-Added [Ip2Country] - Author: Superlexx/TPT (Phoenix)
-Updated to Pawcio 5.15f
-Misc Translation fixes.
-General mini fixes.
-Added [showSharePermissions] - Author: xMule_MOD (Phoenix)
-Added Sivka: AutoHL from Pawcio 5.15f
-Added [Cpu-Optimizer] - Author: eMuleplus/TPT (Phoenix)
-memcpy/memeset for FPU,MMX,MMX2(Athlon,Duron),SSE(PIII/PIV)
-Moving to UNICODE version.
-Added Webcache Column in UploadList.
-Added some Webcache localized strings.
-Corrected crashreport for send to LSD mail.

MaxSoft and MaxUDP are based in MaxHardperfile
MaxSourcesLimitSoft = 90% MaxHard
MaxSourcesUDP= 75% MaxHard
LSD Soft/UDP tweaks are Max Allowed but based in Individual Hard

-for enable/disable flags edit this in preferences.ini by default on (1)
-[showSharePermissions] -(permissions for browsing shared files individual)

eMule 44b LSD-18d (Delta3)
eMule 44b LSD-18d Delta3 Release

- October 22th, 2004 -
- eMule 44b LSD-18c (Delta3) -
18.1025 22/10/04
-Moving to Pawcio 5.15 (Added WebCache 1.2e, Obelix Active Connection, BC-NoTTL) (sivka HL not included)
-Fix Obelix Active Connection, in some cases asks for new XS when no need.
-Fix Lang Translations.
-Removed Kick from Queue.
-spanish man crash report at shutdown CFriendListCtrl.
-Fix Dll Compatible with Pawcio 5.15 (bin).
-Changed Default DL Chunks to ICS.
-Added Tooltip on Pawcio: CQV Buttons.
-Can switch between 2 Remove System, BC -Reserve Mode- / LSD -Fast Remove- (def)
-Fix Tooltips CQV Buttons.
-Fix Translations.
-PowerShare Files dl max 60minutes.
-Fix WC-Release (localize).
-Fix "Successful WC-DL/WC-Requests" stats.
-New webcaches.csv (webcache 1.2f).< BR>-Updating to webcache 1.2f.




Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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