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eMule 0.50a Magic Angel v4.0

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 eMule v.50a Magic Angel v4.0

compiled with VS2005(with SP1 & updates) & Windows SDK 7.0

13.2.2001 >>>>>> 4.0 QuickPatch 1
FIXED: Fixed the Upload/Download List background issue again with "clean" method. [YumeYao]
FIXED: Some adjustments on controls are made in option dialog for consistency and tidiness. [YumeYao]
REMOVED: Disarded netfinity's patches upon BarShader.cpp [YumeYao]

12.2.2011 >>>>>> 4.0

TODO: There is still much to be done because many features borrowed in Magic Angel have been updated.
However this version is released for a quick start and they'll be added in following versions
MERGED: Merged to emule 0.50a (MorphXT 12.6). [YumeYao]
ADDED: Auto-complete list for Nodes.dat from URL. [YumeYao]
(when the text box is focused, press "Down Arrow" Key to get the list)
ADDED: H.264 and 3vid FourCC Codes to the MediaInfo Detection [X-Ray]
ADDED: Changed Network Info(right-bottom on Servers page) Layout. [YumeYao]
Always Show Client info(Nickname, TCP & UDP Port), User hash string still needs "show full" option.
WebServer and WapServer won't show if they are not enabled.
IMPROVED: Changed Preview option on file context menu display logic. [YumeYao]
If Preview Available -- Always show "Preview" on root menu if only one player specified
-- Otherwise "preview" and "preview with" depends on "Display Preview With menu in root context menu" option,
they will be in root menu or preview sub-menu together
If Not Available -- If "Show more controls" on -- Same as before except that "Downloading needed parts for previewing" always show
If "Show more controls" off -- display "Downloading needed parts for previewing" on root menu with "preview" removed(was grayed before).
CHANGED: "Download parts needed for preview first" Display in Context Menu. [YumeYao]
It will show as checked and disabled(grayed) if the global option is checked.
CHANGED: AntiLeech.dll update check link to SDC. [YumeYao]
(https://specialdlp.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/specialdlp/tags/x86/all-verycd/antiLeech.dll.new) [YumeYao]
IMPROVED: Make Source Reask Log able to be translated. [YumeYao]
ADDED: Simplified Chinese Language updated. [YumeYao]
REMOVED: Removed Option Dialog Banner(I don't like it =v=) [YumeYao]
FIXED: Fix the issue that background color between "Obtained Parts" and "Chunk Detail" in uploading list window is non-transparent(Filled with the background of the progress bars). [YumeYao]
(Quick and dirty way, better to find the cause and fix against it.)



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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