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eMule 0.46a NewMagicSeb 1.1

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eMule 0.45b MagiCSeB 3b :
Ported to 0.45b

eMule 0.45a MagiCSeB 3a :
- Ported to 0.45a (Base : Magic Lite 2)
- Fixed a bug in copy feedback : Now you can make multiple feedbacks
- Updated anti leech

eMule 0.44d MagiCSeB 2d
* REMOVED some code in uploadqueue.cpp that cause lot of execeptions.
* ADDED A *trial* Slot focus
* ADDED Mass Rename function from Morph
* FIXED some things that crash the mule in debug compilation

eMule 0.44d MagiCSeB 2c
* Feedback FR (Magix/Rafix)
* PORT to 0.44d
* FiX Menu in Shared Files (Magic/Miles)

eMule 0.44d MagiCSeB 2b
* FiX An exception in ListenSocket
* FiX Powershare now works correctly.

eMule 0.44d MagiCSeB 2a
* PORT to 0.44c
* REMOVE Power Release
* ADD Netfinity's Dynamic Block Requests
* FiX a bug in Extended Settings menu.

[0.44b] MagiCSeB 1e:
* REMOVED ZZ features (Powershare/Slot Focus)
* REMOVED Ban on fast reask
* ADDED New Anti Leech features from Morph
* ADDED Morph/Pawcio Powershare
* ADDED Power Release (LSD/Jeremiah)
* IMPROVED Copy Feedback (Jeremiah) : now show Uploaded amount too
* ADDED Copy Feedback in Shared Files
* FiXED Tag/Mod Ident (Jeremiah)


[0.44b] MagiCSeB 1d:
* ADDED Intellinget Chunk Selection
* RE-ADDED Copy Feedbacks -Fanfu & others- Request

[0.44b] MagiCSeB 1c:
* PORTED to 0.44b
* FIXED Remove Friend & Etstablish Friend slot function in Upload Control
* New splash screen by Fanfu

[0.44b] MagiCSeB 1b:
- ADDED Community Visualisation (MightyKnife)
- ADDED Disable Slot Focus (Jeremiah)
- FIXED Download Column Sort
- ADDED In Upload Que control the abilities to remove friend and establish friend slot (LSD)


[0.44b] MagiCSeB 1a:
- MERGED to 0.44a
- REOMVED Powershare from Morph/Pawcio
- ADDED ZZ Powershare
- ADDED ZZ Slot Focus
- ADDED Sivka's Ban on fast reask (In Notify Preferences)


[0.43b] MagiCSeB:
* ADDED SHow position in upload list [OČ]
Beta3 Fix:
* REMOVED netfinity Download throttler Optimisation
* ADDED DOWNLOAD TIME OUT SET to 300 (Netfinity)
* FIXED a bug that crash the mule randomly
* ADDED Download throttler Optimisation by Netfinity
* ADDED ET_MOD_VERSION Identification : MagiCSeb-MoD
* ADDED Copy Feedback from Morph
* FIXED Download in blue
* ADDED Anti Leecher from Morph
* ADDED QRDiff from ItsOnlyMe
* Based on 0.43b official
* ADDED HideOS/Spreadbars
* ADDED Share only the need
* ADDED Defeat 0 filled part senders
* ADDED Powershare (Morph Based)
* ADDED Community (Morph Based)




Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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