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eMule 0.50a MorphXT 12.6

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Binaries: eMule-0.47c-MorphXT-v9.6-bin.rar

German Morph Support

Changelog for eMule 0.47c MorphXT v9.6

ADD: Startup wizard, Show less controls: custimize toolbar and columns to show some less. Useful for beginners.
FIX: load of multiuser web interface preferences in [webserver] section.
FIX: mass rename:Unicode issue .
FIX: Upnp: hang on close of upnp.
CHANGED: massrename: resizeable dialog.
CHANGED: Run as service. method "started" reported earlier.
CHANGED: Run as service. Disabled some optimizations to fix 100% load issue.
CHANGED: workarround failing to startup under wine.
CHANGED: icon & tray icon.
CHANGED: upnp "my info" displayed.
CHANGED: upload splitting class: review code.
CHANGED: ZZratio is active display in connection options.
CHANGES: iMaxFilesPerTcpFrame in local server request tuned.


Changelog for eMule 0.47c MorphXT v9.5

ADD: Servers ->obfuscated connection to server required preference.
    -Only obfuscated connections to servers are made.
    -fake/spy servers do no support obfuscation 8-)
    Note: you may have to increase server retries if you enable this option and
    enable serverlist from servers again....
ADD: startup wizard, New obfuscation required option to servers added.
ADD: Startup wizard, show more controls and option to start import after wizard.
REMOVE: Startup wizard, Set auto up/down file priority (default still is enabled..)
ADD: Preferences groups (ePlus/Sirob)
CHANGED: Complete pending hashing at shutdown like official to prevent rehash.
ADDED : USC: limiting of opening slots with exponential delay based on the number of new connecting slot.
ADDED : USC: Don't allow new slot to be opened if number of half connection reached the limit.
CHANGED: USC: Reviewed to allow high latency remote client to download at a higher speed.

FIX: Default for advanced preference MEDIAINFO_RIFF/ID3LIB (avi/mp3) detection was unchecked, should be enabled.


Changelog for eMule 0.47c MorphXT v9.4

CHANGED:DBR: tuned for finishing downloads faster.
CHANGED:Advanced preferences. Fix wrong values during reading.
CHANGED:Advanced preferences. Add UseUserSortedServerList preference.
CHANGED:Run As service, startup service detection.
CHANDED:Vista/X64/win2003 detection to lower number of half open connenctions.
CHANGED:Upload: smooth socket buffer when remote client is fast.
CHANGED:Avoid GUI glitches due to Static Tray Icon
UPDATE :Simplified chinese tranlation [pennyliu123]


Changelog for eMule 0.47c MorphXT v9.3

ADD: Always show as trayicon option.
ADD: Http links in ed2k links like linkcreator (MoNKi)
ADD: Friendnote. Noting area for adding notes about friendlist. (CB mod)
    -Will be automatically saved and reloaded at each start-up.
ADD: Static IP Filter (Stulle)
    remark: save "ipfilter_static.dat" in config dir
ADD: run as NT service v1. [leuk_he]
    -No need to login into XP.
    -keeps running after logging out/ switching users
    -new command line options:
    "emule install" --> install as as ervice
    "emule uninstall" --> uninsntall as a service.
    -make sure all settings are correct before installing as a service.
    -links as passed to webservice.
    -See Preferences->Webserver->NTservice tab
    remark: Not meant to save cpu/memory.
ADD: Context menu on chat context. (wizard codesnippet)
ADD: Lost preferences. Most official preferences that got an prefereces.ini setting but no gui are
    Added in preferences->extented->Advanced preferneces.
CHANGED:USC: better slotfocus.
CHANGED:More upload speed for webcache requester. (no 100ms delay)
CHANGED:And also DBR reviewed for high bandwidth transfer.
CHANGED:Flush thread, improved.
CHANGED:Better requested block queuing
CHANGED:Sr-13 import, Also use AICH hash when required.
FIX: Upnp: using same port for tcp & udp now possible.
CHANGED:uPnP moved most logging to verbose level.
FIX: sr-13 import: Chrash on cancel during running import.
FIX: Chrash on low diskspace resume.
ADDED: Official fix arround CreatePackedPackets (missed overhead filerequest value for file >4GB)
    24 instead of 28


Changelog for eMule 0.47c MorphXT v9.2


3 nov-2006
CHanged: USC review:
Powersharing 100% is working again.
Changed: (minor) Friendslot logging with funnynick more consistent.
Changed: (minor) Copy comment, not username, on file details (pacobell)



Changelog for eMule 0.47c MorphXT v9.1


CHANGED:USC review upload splitting class code.
CHANGED:Slotlimiter/3 relaxed a bit.
CHANGED:Preferences for adding users in multiuser webserver reviewed. [leuk_he]
-userData is now written to Webserver.ini. Conversion happens automatic.
CHANGED:uPnP reverted to 8.10 intel library for better compatibility.
ADDED: Send user agent as firefox for http downloads when obfucscation enabled.
ADDED: Morph update: Weekly update ip filter & fakes.
FIXED: import & sr13 import now work again.
FIXED: Loosing spam prefs in messages preferences when security tab opened.


Changelog for eMule 0.47c MorphXT v9.0

-- 1 oct 2006
Merged to emule 0.47c
CHANGED: USC, reviewed upload code.
CHANGED: source-cache modified.
FIX: an official bug in source-exchange (Xanatos)
CHANGED: Do not recommend ICF firewall opener on sp2 installation.
CHANGED: upnp: Do not require restart for enabling upnp.
CHANGED: upnp, relax xml parsing
ADDED: Downloaded History (Monki/Xman)
ADDED: Code Improvement for ShowFilesCount(Xman)
ADDED: SharedView Ed2kType (Avi3k)



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