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eMule 0.50a MorphXT 12.6

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Binaries: emulev0.44d-MorphXTv5.18-bin.zip
Sources: emulev0.44d-MorphXTv5.18-src.zip


Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.18
FIXED : Kad: Buddy patch to avoid crash by tHeWiZaRdOfDoS [SiRoB]
FIXED : PC: timeout fix focused by tHeWiZaRdOfDoS [SiRoB]
FIXED : WC: timeout fix focused by tHeWiZaRdOfDoS [SiRoB]
ADDED : Patch to Attempt to avoid the tomanyconnection freeze state [SiRoB]
ADDED : Some string localization [FrankyFive]
CHANGED: USC: Minor change to lower even more the number of uploading slot [SiRoB]
REMOVED: Don't add client in uploadinglist not accepted by trytoconnect to avoid failed upload (banned,filtered,etc) [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: USC: Optimized [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.17
FIXED : HOS: Properly desactivated when not welcome [SiRoB]
FIXED : crash in some strange circonstance (div by zero) [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Updated the wecaches.cvs in the package from webcache official site [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.16
FIXED : Removed a check in AcceptNewClient that could block the open of new slot [SiRoB]
FIXED : DownloadClientCtrl: fix that could crash emule with WebCache activated [SiRoB]
FIXED : DownloadClientCtrl: columns preferency [SiRoB]
FIXED : WebCache: timeout fix [SiRoB]
FIXED : GUI: Oscop Fix by apph [SiRoB]
ADDED : Ip Country for ProxyClient [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Advised PowerShare for partfile [SiRoB]
CHANGED: GUI: Better Statistic Graph display [SiRoB]
CHANGED: A4AF: Infos are now fusionned (e.g.: complet source and partstatus are keep) [SiRoB]
CHANGED: HOS: desactivated for imcomplet file not well spreaded [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.15
FIXED : USC: use of only one class make slot open until limit [SiRoB]
FIXED : Small visual bug arround the tiny vertical bar of news downloadclient switch icon [FrankyFive]

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.14
FIXED : Possible crash in mass-rename if filename contains "%"-characters [MightyKnife]
FIXED : Various display bugs. [MightyKnife/SiRoB]
FIXED : Possible "Divide by 0"-crash. [MightyKnife]
FIXED : Renaming existing CRC32 to uppercase only worked for the first 4 characters in Unicode built. [MightyKnife]
FIXED : Improper treatment of sets of empty parameters in preferences.ini. [MightyKnife]
FIXED : Oscop mouse cursor fix by apph [SiRoB]
FIXED : USC: Friend, Powershare and Pay Back First slots are properly added by respecting setting [SiRoB]
FIXED : USC: Small mistake that create some extra slot open while we remove one [SiRoB]
FIXED : Put back completsourcecount fix in ResetFileStatusInfo() to avoid file completsourcecount mix (A4AF) [SiRoB]
FIXED : Renumber slot [SiRoB]
FIXED : Maybe the shared credit violation [SiRoB]
REMOVED: Defeat zero filled part sender (use less now) [SiRoB]
ADDED : Backup of config-folder, update of fakes.dat and update of ipfilter.dat can be scheduled. [MightyKnife]
ADDED : localization of many text [FrankyFive]
CHANGED: ImportParts: you can take temp part file without the need to copy them manualy [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Overhead datarate calcul has been changed to 10'' instead of 40'' [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Parameters and file information will be saved before backing up config-folder, not only on program end. [MightyKnife]
TWEAKED: Better datarate mesurement for low and high speed [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: USC: Smoother opened slot [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.13
FIXED : crash (introduced in previous version) when start resume next occur and 'prefer same category' or 'only in same categry' prefrency is not checked [SiRoB]
FIXED : Wrong display spreadbar disable in the hideos column [SiRoB]
FIXED : 2GB load bug in ImportParts code (Death Knight) [Commander]
CHANGED: Revert back red and green color for QRdiff [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Flag display in serverlist (moved to country column) [Commander]
CHANGED: Include/exclude successful/failed WC-Download sessions in/from download session values [Commander]
CHANGED: TextColor in DownloadClientsList no longer dark-red -> set default color [Commander]
ADDED : failed WC-Downloads (number) and percentage of all WC-Download sessions [Commander]
TWEAKED: USC: Fully splittable upload bandwidth [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.12

MERGED : Some merge from emulEspana arround randomport and folder icone [SiRoB]
FIXED : some column sort have been corrected [SiRoB]
FIXED : Download failed since 5.8 (webcache related) [SiRoB]
FIXED : Refresh manual powershare state display [SiRoB]
FIXED : Corrected Start Next paused file (per category) when the global pref one is unchecked [SiRoB]
FIXED : Open Folder on FileContext Menu [Commander]
FIXED : Open correct Folder on SharedFilesList [Commander]
FIXED : ProxyClient handling in new DownloadClientsList and in general [Commander]
REMOVED: Itsonlyme UDPCacheSearch [SiRoB]
CHANGED: USC: Global Upload Limit are now respected [SiRoB]
CHANGED: New Morph Version Check use Official setting now [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Now Country Flag can be displayed in a separated column [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Open Folder on SharedFilesList enabled for PartFiles (TempFolder will be opened) [Commander]
CHANGED: Activated all SNAFU test [SiRoB]
CHANGED: new CycleView icon [Commander]

ADDED : Don't add client in uploadinglist not accepted by trytoconnect to avoid failed upload (banned,filtered,etc) [SiRoB]
ADDED : Intermediate temp var for file datarate to avoid 0kb/s display when GUI refresh the file item [SiRoB]
ADDED : Country column in download window [SiRoB]
ADDED : Fading window on exit (only for XP) [Commander]
ADDED : Ban Ghost mod (ie: mod client that don't provide modID) [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.11
FIXED : HideOS: right HotFix [SiRoB]
FIXED : Webcache: Avanced control are now available again [SiRoB]
CHANGED: SOTN: Enforce to show more than one chunk [SiRoB]
CHANGED: HOS: Enforce to show more than one chunk with selective chunk enable [SiRoB]
ADDED : TBH Transfer Window Buttons from EastShare [SiRoB]
ADDED : DownloadClientsCtrl by SHALAM from EastShare + 1 Fix arround addclient wink.gif [SiRoB]
ADDED : Switch Lists Icons by SHALAM form EastShare [SiRoB]
ADDED : Show Downloading Time by SHALAM form EastShare [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: ImportParts: Use a thread to keep upload and download [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Don't Refresh item if not needed [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.10
FIXED : Fix the spreadbar default state [SiRoB]
FIXED : MassRename: No more crash with the cross closing button [SiRoB]
FIXED : MassRename: Insert text column from clipboard [SiRoB]
REMOVED: Resend FilePartstatus in some circonstance from Pawcio (if you want to share with out interruption just disable SOTN and HideOS) [SiRoB]
CHANGED: localize for translation [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Equal Chance formula now push small file [AndCycle]
ADDED : Webcache localization from pawcio [SiRoB]
NOTE : About Share Only The Need (SOTN) and Hide Over Share (HOS)
- best suited for multiple sharer.
- avoid to spread allready disponible and uploaded chunk.
- allways upload rarest chunk.
- virtual complet file (all chunk disponible) are allways seen by other due to the mecanisme.
- best suited for alone sharer starting to spread a file and wanted to upload all the file first.
- becarefull other couldn't see commplete file in some case. And might abort it.
- might be used, if you planed a share and other know it.
SOTN overhide HOS mecanisme to allways get all chunk available on the network

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.9
FIXED : Credit file priority load has been corrected [SiRoB]
FIXED : GUI: Systray icone didn't display the speed bar in some case [Commander]
FIXED : Webserver: Official Web Template can be used now [SiRoB]
FIXED : Powershare: Powershared client in uploadinglist are correctly sorted when other client lose this state [SiRoB]
FIXED : zz Upload system: 'Successful completion of upload' were counted as failed upload [SiRoB]
FIXED : Found the guilty for the nasty crash arround ICS use [SiRoB]
FIXED : zz Upload system: Reworked ResortUploadSlot Fix [SiRoB]
FIXED : zz upload system: send OP_OUTOFPARTREQS when trickle slot removed or removeormovedown occur [SiRoB]
FIXED : HideOS: hotfix [SiRoB]
ADDED : Show permission: default state display in sharedfile window [SiRoB]
ADDED : Import Parts from SR13 [SiRoB]
ADDED : per-File setting for spreadbar history [AndCycle/SiRoB]
ADDED : Put back partial SafeHash code from Slugfiller [SiRoB]
CHANGED: USS: Trickle datarate is now 0.1kB/s for low speed datarate (i.e <6kB/s)[SiRoB]
CHANGED: USC: Try to open new slot smoothly [SiRoB]
CHANGED: New systray icone [SiRoB]
CHANGED: SOTN: Strictly upload the rarest chunk [SiRoB]
CHANGED: zz Upload system: No more uploadinglist prio on score [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Reworked the feed back feature (multi file selection, added extra info) [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Lphant can receive Webcache Infos [SiRoB]

NOTE-1: For win2k user you can have 256 colors systray display by patching your explorer.exe
NOTE-2: About Import Parts
General idea from xmrb's CKnownFile::ImportParts()
Unlike xmrb's version which scans entire file designated for import and then tries
to match each PARTSIZE bytes with all parts of partfile, my version assumes that
in file you're importing all parts stay on same place as they should be in partfile
(for example you're importing damaged version of file to recover some parts from ED2K)
That way it works much faster and almost always it is what expected from this function.

Changelog for eMule 0.44d MorphXT v5.8
MERGED : Code ported to 0.44d Official version [SiRoB]
FIXED : Official -Fix-: Event on the two Chat button [SiRoB]
FIXED : Official -Fix-: Stat were not reseted when stopping or completed file occure [SiRoB]
FIXED : Reworked some zz code to avoid some possible uploadinglist disturb [SiRoB]
FIXED : USC: No-focused class give now the same datarate to every slot [SiRoB]
FIXED : PartFile download statistic are now correctly cached [SiRoB]
FIXED : The use of inteligent chunk selection make some possible crash [SiRoB]
FIXED : SUWQT file is now correctly loaded [SiRoB]
REMOVED: The eMule+ Preferency dialog have been removed temporaly [SIRoB]
REMOVED: Keep Powershare state when client added in uploadinglist has been removed [SiRoB]
REMOVED: Restriction on hideos for partfile have been removed [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Some official icone were changed [SiRoB/Commander]
CHANGED: Moved 'Show Client Percentage' in Morph preferency [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Turning back HideOS available on partfile [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Download and Upload Datarate are now averaged on 15" [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Download and Upload Datarate client are now averaged on 15" [SiRoB]
ADDED : Some missing icone in popup menu [SiRoB/Commander]
ADDED : a Flag on the clientdetail window [Commander/SiRoB]
ADDED : Draw date and time log in default color [SiRoB]
ADDED : Resend FilePartstatus in some circonstance from Pawcio [SiRoB]
ADDED : One Webservice link to get file comments from other user (www.jugle.net) [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: USC: Reviewed to open less slot [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: SOTN: Revelate to a client only the rarest part with the equal min availability [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: SOTN: Allready Requested part in uploadinglist are now taken into account [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Reviewed auto Powershare [SIRoB]
TWEAKED: Changed the way to refresh UploadDatarate (call once in the process) [SiRoB]
NOTE-1: Be carefull the time for average datarate has been lowered. So the graph are a more realistic and reactive. This may disturb you and make you feel that there is some upload trouble.
NOTE-2: For webserver user, please use the new template provided (emule_Chicane_MorphXT.tmpl)

Changelog for eMule 0.44b MorphXT v5.7
FIXED : The AutoSetResumeOrder have been corrected to work properly in all case [SiRoB]
FIXED : zz Upload System have been reviewed to properly remove WebCache Socket from standardOrderList [SiRoB]
FIXED : WebCache Fix arround the test of valide blockrequest range [SiRoB]
FIXED : Legend Graph are now correctly drawn in case of wide caractere language use [SiRoB]
FIXED : ResortUploadSlot Fix in some case socket event can disturb the uploadinglist [SiRoB]
FIXED : The first and last chunk download should be ok now [SiRoB]

CHANGED: Now we allways use the most recent credit.met file if it's corrupted use backup one [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Rewritten some code [SiRoB]
CHANGED: zz Trickle slot now set @1kB/s to avoid some possible timeout [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Right Align Upload speed column [SiRoB]

ADDED : New option in Download Morph preferency to use or not the Intelligent Chunk Selection (ICS) for next block request [SiRoB]

TWEAKED: Display the new version when we manualy update a file in morph preferency [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Improve credit.met loading [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Avoid call SavePartFile when UpdateAutoUpPriority() is called, just call when m_bAutoUpPriority trigger false to true [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Lowering opened trickel slot [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44b MorphXT v5.6
FIXED : Fixed Upload Splitting Class Powershare and Friend slot don't override datarate limit anymore [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44b MorphXT v5.5
FIXED : Fixed Upload Splitting Class [SiRoB]
FIXED : First sorting when adding PS PBF FS slot in uploading list is now correcly done (bugFix arround zz code insertslot()) [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44b MorphXT v5.4
MERGED : Mobile Mule 0.9a [SiRoB]
FIXED : Fixed Upload Splitting Class [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Morph version check is done at each start [SiRoB]
ADDED : Manuel Morph version checker in the top left corner popup [SiRoB]
NOTE: About WebCache from the official thread
Quick Start:

You need to configure eMule so it uses your ISPs' proxy server, go to Preferences->Webcache and hit the autodetect button (you will need to connect to a server first). If autodetection fails, you will need to enter your proxys' address and port manually. If you don't know your proxys' address, you can try typing your ISPs' name and the word 'proxy' in google and see if that gets you anything. If this too doesn't work, you'll have to call your ISPs' customer support and ask them.

For cached download to occur you must have another client using your proxy and downloading the same file as you are. There's usualy a test file for new webcache releases, the current one is ed2k://|file|webcachemule.1.1.beta.testfile|1078989657|E9057ADC38054AFA24816E86BB08D270|/ but this post may become outdated, so look through the posts refering to the latest version.

When downloading through a proxy you should see a 'Transferring Via Proxy' in your status column, this means that you are downloading from another client via your proxy server. If you see a client called 'HTTP Proxy @ xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' with a strange icon on your download list, that means you are downloading a cached block from your proxy server.

Changelog for eMule 0.44b MorphXT v5.3
FIXED : Fixed Upload Splitting Class [SiRoB]

CHANGED: Package include an updated Websever with StatTree and loginfailed Template from emule+ [Commander/SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44b MorphXT v5.2
MERGED : Merged WebCache 1.2f and fixed 2 issue [Commander/SiRoB]

FIXED : Source Load Saver have been corrected [SiRoB]
FIXED : Patch taken from other ListCtrl to avoid crash in the FriendListCtrl (at shutdown some item were not valide) [SiRoB]
FIXED : Proper PowerShare display in Queuelistctrl (related to unsecure client) [SiRoB]
FIXED : RSS news reader (XML Parsing) [SiRoB]
FIXED : Put back in waitingqueue when too many upload slot occur [SiRoB]

CHANGED: Intelligent Chunk Selection now use the advanced per file setting for the preview first and last chunk [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Intelligent Chunk Selection adapted to work with WebCache [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Web server now display a statistic tree taken from emule+ [Commander]

ADDED : "Using phpBB URL-Tags style" checkbox in FileDetail for ed2kFileLink creation [AndCycle]
ADDED : Options to Enable/Disable PowerShare internal File Priority [AndCycle]
ADDED : Upload Splitting Class in morph preferency [SiRoB]
ADDED : Don't Refresh item if not needed (DownloadListCtrl, uploadListCtrl, QueueListCtrl, ClientListCtrl) [SiRoB]
ADDED : Version checker [SiRoB]

TWEAKED: Hide Over Share display info now show all value in the column [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: The auto powershare mecanisme have been changed to wait some complet source info before triggering [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: IP2Country have been improved (some tweak from emule+) and binairy search methode have been implemented [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Don't draw hidden columns (DownloadListCtrl, uploadListCtrl, QueueListCtrl, ClientListCtrl) [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Don't draw hidden rect (DownloadListCtrl, uploadListCtrl, QueueListCtrl, ClientListCtrl) [SiRoB]
TWEAKED: Some Code Optimization to reduce CPU load when client on queue is growing [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44b MorphXT v5.1

FIXED : HideOS Display Info in SharedFile [SiRoB]
FIXED : Ed2k Friend link past crash when they have wrong format [SiRoB]
FIXED : Columns in SharedFile where not displayed correctly when first column is hidden [SiRoB]
FIXED : AppVersion stored correctly in preferences.ini (for onlinesig) [SiRoB]
FIXED : The WapServer search works now (Special thanks to MoNKi) [Commander]
FIXED : Manual Backup causing crash have been solved [SiRoB]

CHANGED: Don't remove custumization folder when we start emule [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Removed controversal MODSTRING detection [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Show ProgressQueueBar disable by default in preferency [SiRoB]

Changelog for eMule 0.44b MorphXT v5.0

MERGED : Code merged to 0.44a [SiRoB]
MERGED : Code merged to 0.44b [SiRoB]
MERGED : UNICODE related [AndCycle/Commander/SiRoB]

FIXED  : Resource ID's several times [SiRoB]
FIXED  : Minor gui display bug arround the category priority [SiRoB]
FIXED  : Definitly fixed the Resume Next in the category context menu, this is not anymore a globaly Resume Next but a per-category resume [SiRoB]
FIXED  : Temporary banned client by ip detected by the zerofilled feature are well done (resort ip binary array) [SiRoB]
FIXED  : Localized / hardcoded IDS's [Commander]
FIXED  : fix known.met, rehashing known file problem [AndCycle]

CHANGED: Removed the "..." and changed the tree in Morph preferency to [+] [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Make one menu for CRC32 related function [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Anti-Leecher Mecanisme by adding the reason of detection in log [SiRoB]
CHANGED: Percentage aspect on download progress bar [SiRoB]
CHANGED: You can use HideOS only if you are the complete source [SiRoB]

ADDED  : Recalculate CRC32. Can be used to force eMule to generate the CRC32 of a file again - i.e. to check the correctness of a file after moving it to another hard disc. [MightyKnife]
ADDED  : CRC32 Localize [SiRoB]
ADDED  : ClientQueueProgressBar to TransferWnd [Commander/SiRoB] (Idea by Roman2k)
ADDED  : Blinking Tray On Message Recieve from emulEspaņa [Commander]
ADDED  : ed2k FriendLink support from emulEspaņa (adapted) (ed2k://|friend|Username|Userhash|/ and ed2k://|friendlist|Url of emfriends.met|/) [Commander]
ADDED  : WapServer from emulEspaņa (adapted) [SiRoB/Commander]
ADDED  : Customized IncomingDir icon from emulEspaņa [Commander]
ADDED  : Preferency dialog use eMule Plus Group system [SiRoB]
ADDED  : Intelligent Chunk Selection from stormit & pawcio by enkeyDEV [AndCycle]
ADDED  : Option to stop removing trickle client from uploading [AndCycle]
ADDED  : Adding UPNP,RandomPort,Inproved ICF from emulEspaņa [SiRoB]
ADDED  : Itsonlyme -modname- [SiRoB]
ADDED  : Adding partial SNAFU code from eWombat [SiRoB]

TODO  : DynDNS [Commander] (Next Release)
TODO  : CPU Usage and progressbar [Commander] (Next Release)



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