eMule der P2P Filesharing Client dient zum downloaden von Filmen, Movies, Software, Spielen, Games und Erotik. Zum herunterladen braucht eMule eine schnelle Internet Connection Verbindung bzw. Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster


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New Neo Mule 4.0 is ready,
The new version was completely recoded,
The version released here, shouldn’t have any "not allowed" features,
However in the case we missed to remove something from the release,
please inform us which features should also be removed/changed, so we can correct it immediately.
Note, that the manual reask features are limited by time official default values.
They are only usefull, if the settings for used reask time are changed(increased) ; These settings do not harm the official limits.

The Most important features of the Neo Mule 4.0 are:
Neo Source storage system
Neo Argos system
Neo Bandwidth control
LanCast 2.0
Part Import/ Export
Neo Multi temp directories
Neo File backup

eMule NeoMule 4.02 Final
BC: blocking sockets can be downgraded automaticly to trickles
BC: Added increase trickle speed
BC: check slot datarate is obtional
ASM: reworket a bit
PT: Added Release slot limit
RT: addes PS mode to release priority, also mixed mode avalibly (PS only below low limit, above low lomit only normal release till high limit reached)
NST: added setting for XS delay

BC: Completly reworked the slot management, basing on "Xtreme Upload"
BC: Added Open more slots when needed.

BC: Reworked uplaod bandwidth throtheler for data packets, concept basing on "Xtreme Upload" from Xman1
BC: Added obtional double send size to save overhead
BC: USS can now veto against a new slot.

BC: readded auto max uplaod etimation
BC: Reworked uplaod bandwidth throtheler for control packets
BC: Changed Blocked queue is completly recoded and now obtional

BC: Reworked download bandwidth throtheler, fixes some major isues of the old concept
BC: Added multi UDP packet reciving, shoudl solve some old problems

BC: Splited BC in 3 sub segments, Neo UL/DL trotheler demand BC to be included, however with some trivial fixes thay can be also used without BC

BC: fixed Slot problem on high speed conenctions

NBC: Fixed a bug in direct tcp sending
FIX: Fixed major source count bug
XSC: Added source cache own implementation supports force reask and drop, idea by xMan1 xtreme mod

NAFC: fixed a critical bug

ARGOS: Removed Anti XS Punishment, there are some basig failiers in the concept that seems to be unsolvable.
FIX: Fixed a critical A4AF bug that may occure with two neo clients connected together

VOODOO: Fixed some bugs
VOODOO: Added new action tybe VA_BLOCK to block unwanted voodoo nodes
NSA: simplafyed the port integrity analysis
NSA: Fixed critical freeze bug, failsafe for damaged or overlaping tables

VOODOO: Added search forwarding, now you can run the master client without any internet connection and you wil have the main fonctionality granted (for example you can run the master in a higly firewalles network segnemt while posting your slave in your DMZ the slave can be used by many masters)

VOODOO: Added Neo File Preferences Support
VOODOO: Added Neo Downlaod Command Support
NSS: Source list loading can be aborted by esc
VOODOO: Added Extended states (forced/suspended/standby) to download instructions
VOODOO: Added UL/DL priority support
VOODOO: Added A4AF command Support

VOODOO: Fixes a share directive bug
NSS: Now saves the m_nConnectIP for voodoo source exchange
MOD: Added stop download sommand to download clinet list
VOODOO: removed timeout for voodoo sockets.
VOODOO: Added new connection action type "partner" for cros connection
VOODOO: Added cros connection abbilities
VOODOO: Some otimisations
VOODOO: Reworked download/shared list synchronisation, to fit beter to virtual files
VOODOO: Added bidirectional new source exchange.
VOODOO: Added Master to slave source export, for beter functionality with virtual files.
VOODOO: Aded VT_FEATURES tag for obtional voodoo features
VOODOO: added up/doen stats from slaves shown in title bar only, tag formated so mor datas can be added.

OCF: Now force command works also for suspended states (to by pas softlock and/or OCC)

SFL: fixed major tag reading bug

FSI: now dl sorting by states also works for standby and suspended state
NEW: Recoded cserverconnect

FIX: fixed a packet copy problem
HUC: MSH obtimitasion for use with SF-IOM udp cache
XUC: disabled fr normal collecting, causes problems, now used only for manual udp bootstrap
ARGOS: gixed dlp auto update bug

NCAP: fixed major bug


eMule NeoMule 4.01 Final

MSH: added get all for for beter initial bootstrap
ARGOS: removed XS exploid punishment, until the functionality of the feature will be veryfyed

NCAP: fixed a small bug

FIX: some more small bugs
MLD: fixed a bug with the up down buttins in the download window
SE: Now more the one file can be expanded
MOD: Fixed some bugs in the download list menus

SO: Beter handling when internet connection is down
NI: changed server icon
ARGOS: Added obtional plain anti nick thief (the tag does not comtain [ and ])
NDP: Added double panel preferences for web interface preferences
NAFC: fixed first ip chioce faild under some conditions

WC: updated
BC: added obtional auto MSS
WAM: updated
NBC: changed conection management factor to float for beter customisability
OCC: fixed critical bun in cunstomisation setting
NCAP: added limit factor setting
SSD: fixed a bug shared sub directories in combination with the share tree
NSC: add new stared files automaticly to the right owner category

NRT: added relativ upload priority for categories
NCAP: added dynamic auto priorityies basing on global source amount

RC4: fixed critical bug
Chenged CheckMenu to SetMenuBitmap with the negativ image, looks better
SS: Resume specs obtional only for static ip sources (better acuracy)
NBCs: extended scheduler for neo BC
SC: added susupend download (means disable source search)
AU: added obtional runtime update

Added Safe nick, use cstring for nick, just in case
LC: fixed lan bandwidth speed setting bug

ARGOS: Added a DLP (Dynamic Leecher Protection), idea by Xman (Xtrem mod)

MOD: added nice hash from ionix
SS: Obtional exclude stored (old) file status from file dieplay
SS: Dual Linked Table Gravity by factor for beter precision

SS: obtional storage bootstrap to reduce unned server/kad overhead
FSI: added full status sopport for standby files
MCM: Fixed a trivial bug

ARGOS: added spam detection
ARGOS: Anti XS exploid from XMan/Wizard
ARGOS: Check hello packets (order, bad tags, extra bytes)
ARGOS: Now some settings can be used even when argos is disabled
ARGOS: changed some details in data structures
ARGOS: added argos ban statistic
ARGOS: added argos info list column
ARGOS: improved fake client software detection

Shareaza download import

NB: Fixed neo backup for source files
SS: Now you can import/export sources for more the one file
MTD/PIX: now only one file operation at a time alowed
VOODOO: Voodoo files can now completly virtual
VOODOO: Master can now update shaves known file list

VOODOO: Added auto reconect on connection lost
VOODOO: Added show master in voodoo list
SS: Reworked port integrity check, random port sources are now usable
SS: fixed some ip table handling bugs
SS: Changed Max Midle Discrepance is now spliten into two values for up and down discrepance
SS: changed 2 tables grants at least type 1 quality
SS: Added Unpredicted propability for unknown sources with only one ip table
SS: Added new propability tybe "enhanced" costomisable ith a factor
SS: changed propability type settings now instad of (auto;normal) now (normal;high;auto;enhanced)
SS: Added setting for linked propability
SS: Added negativ propability (propability of unavalibility)
SS: Added propability magnifyer for recently seen sources
SS: Fixed a bug that undet certain condition may caused feask of mor sources that seted in th elimit
SS: Reworked the inteligend reask manager
ARGOS: Added anti Cue/Bin hack idea from Maella (Close Backdoor)
ARGOS: fixed a bug that may lat a banned cleint into upload
PTM: ptm now works without NXI so its anonym mode conform
MAC: fixed some minor bugs
SEF: fixed some bugs
NSK: GetSourceCount()->GetActiveSourceCount() to now susupended sources won't affect the source searches
NSC: fixed a reload bug
ML: fixed missing set max mod log file size/format
MTD: fixed major bug in default dir selection
NST: fixed a bug that blocks manual XS when global disabled
BC: reworked Connection Management, now customicable with additional factor
OCC: customizable
WAM: Addd Web Interface Account Management from ionix
WCS: Added Web Interface Cookie Settings from ionix
RT: fixed bug in QueueListCtrl in priority display
PP: fixed some bugs
NCS: Fixed some major bugs
BC: reworked slot management

eMule NeoMule 4.0 Final

Custom priority for main procas and bw trothelers
Socket buffer configuration for sending and reciving and added IPPROTO_TCP
Manual A4AF menu

argos GetIP() -> GetConnectIP() close possible security hole
Drop client list moved to partfiles
dont log unknown NXI tags
Improven lan upload to 3 MB/s for voodo even to 5 MB/s on part importing

shared file page cat support
some IPS bugs
lancast adapter selection on runtime activation
SA bug on empty ip tables
bug in manual add source dialog
UL speed calculation buf for minimule and online sign
global CEMsocket buffer, size was wrong
cat selection bug

eMule NeoMule 4.0 RC9

argos ant small change
Separated limits for source cleanup
CD: Reworked the IP Zone handling
SA: Tabe selection
SA: Reworked OFf time handling
SS: Fixed on the fly leanup

some monor bugs in prefs pages
LC: auto adapter choice bug
CD: Fixed shutdown bug
STI: fixed interference with IM

eMule NeoMule 4.0 RC8
PTM - [PrivatTransferManagement] - dont count download from friend slots to session ratio
pinger info to network dialog

PIX: reworked threading for part import
IPS: SHow last needed repaced with show at leas soem needed, and obtimized some parts
RT: added obtional low Limit to release priority
SE: Reworked sort extensions, infinite multi soft, improved disable auto sort, and added alternate sort for transfer ans shared list
NXI: multi line some info and reworked privat ul flag

Faild to safe Save Preferences in Extended II Panel (to fix the rehash bug enter AdjustNTFSDaylightFileTime=1 into your preferences.ini)
an old bug in prefs tree SetItemSize
Crash when double click on search result when auto cat associate was disabled
Fixed some crash bugs in collections related to modeles dialogs
Seen last complete bug related to A4AF sources
Ip Country collumn in downlaoding client list
bug in browser cleint page file details
EGS bug


eMule NeoMule 4.0 RC7

ARGOS: Credit Compensation, obtional compensation of the punishment by some king credit system
STI - [StaticTray] - Static Tray Icon, the icon is shown permanently
Obtional Socket Rebind on ID change, should help in some cases, off by default
Secund Extended Preferences page feom hebMule

VOODOO: file ID associacion now failes on mismaching file size, previusly there was onyl a log warning

A4af flag bug in File preferences page
Frong entries in ASF Combo
Country flag was missing by loaded sources
Temp file index association for voodo files
IP2C: transfer window country comllumn
cat association for new downloads
FakeCheck group position in filename page


eMule NeoMule 4.0 RC6
FC - Fake check
IP2C - Ip to Country
ASF - Advanced Server Filter Av3k, with aditional obtions: don't remove static servers and don'T add servers automaticly
AU - Automaitc update motph, also for leechers.dat
MAC - Motph cats and morph a4af
SSTORAGE: added obtion to disable saving of the list during rontime
SSTORAGE: added total restore obtion it bypas the Activation imit for sources that was
IP column in kad contackt list
BC: Systray menu now have support for the Neo BC
SAX - Support for Server AUX Port
MTD: Categories now habe obtional field for default temp directory
EFT - ed2kFileType support

BC: Own Adapter stream limit for NAFC
readed the copy ed2k link menu point
reworked some argos parts
ARGOS: Signature file now uses md5
ARGOS: SIgnature file can contain more more then one authentification claster, every claster can be signed by more then one signature
seen las then an hour ago, to compensate short shutdowns of the clinet
Obtimized source counters
Reorganized the tree in sharedfiles for beter shared categorys and MTD functioonality

bog in manual voodoo disconnect
VOODOO: Set client adress
VOODOO: synchrinose gap list in caso of geting already writen datas
SS text for saving credits
deadlock bug in EMSocket, DirectSendingTCP
BC: Collection slot for bc

eMule NeoMule 4.0 RC5

ARGOS: Obtional case sensitiv Detector types
ARGOS: Asymetric signature protection for the Leechers.dat stored in Leechers.sig
ARGOS: File Info for leechers.dat; autor; version; release date
ARGOS: dont ban friends/com
SStorage: Runtim edatabase cleanup
SStorage: Fast database cleanup, remove sources when not need
SStorage: IP table Cleanup
VOODOO: Prevent double connections

ARGOS: Leecher classyfication now 5 types...
SStorage: Reduced the storage time to reduce CPU/MEM usage
VOODOO: Reduced Upload buffer time to prevent data coruption (not very propably but in case)
Manual Source Add dialog nuw accepts host names

Some small GUI bugs
SStorage: IPZone reconsideration bug
SStorage: Source Link bug that caused Software datas to be droped on the first association
Small NXI bug
Some Socket Rebind bugs
CDeadSourceList::IsDeadSource(...) prevent adding empty hash's (in debug build this caused asserts)
Small EGS bug
BC: Direct TCP Sending bug (IsSending())

eMule NeoMule 4.0 RC4

Auto recheck KAD firewallen state (IoNiX)
Morph Community
Sources are now sorted by Propability and IPTime while storing to file

Force us of neo ration for clients in Voodoo mode
Additional time limit for udp reask

BC problemc by high CPU usage
Voodo Enabling/disablung at runntime
Manual UDP reask
Manny small and big bugs in the Voodoo

eMule NeoMule 4.0 RC3

VOODOO - [UniversalPartFileInterface] With this feature you can link clients so that only one client have the real files, the rest is using his files via network. This feature can be also used for Bittorent support you only need an adapted Bittorent client.

Lan socket handling rewriten
Source list now support lich walkin
Part import rehash removed
Removed the Neo Ration version, the users dont like it

Error in loading IP Tables
Error in seen file lsit
Collection create dialog caused crash, and enabled modeles
Lan IP overhrad was counted as internet Overhead
Official Bug in KnownFileList taht caused known files to be unshared after downlaod was completed (CKnownFileList::SafeAddKFile)


eMule NeoMule 4.0 RC2

LF - [ListFind] A text search for all lists

Runtime backup moved to own thread.
IPS, mor flexible limits
Mor flexible uplaod slot limits
Source Analiser, added fail safe procedure for MaxMidle Discrepance
Client Database, Fixed Merge procedure for unknown tag list
Neo BC, now using instantan values for speed in statusbar/title

Argos, Anti Nick Thief and intern set leecher Type
IPS/PartTraffic, in some rare cases thay may ocured divide by 0
Extra info sends packet without being enabled
False error message when moving temp file
Port Change



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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