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eMule 0.46c [NetF 0.3a beta13]

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eMule NetF is a Mod that tries to improve file sharing experience without the need for overly complex configuration options.
eMule NetF is targeted for the average user as opposite many other Mods which are dedicated to releasers.

- Dynamic Block Requests (faster and fewer failed downloads)
- Enhanched Automated Upload Throttler
- Detect Hidden Chunks (Anti HideOS, required for ICS)
- Intelligent Chunk Selection (ICS) [enkeyDev]
- Fake High ID prevention (a must for Low ID users)
- Small File Push
- Payback Queue
- Rare Chunks gives more Credits
- Fast Queue Rotation (try keep upload sessions short)
- Improved Download Throttling (for users who limits their downloads)
and some more...

*** eMule NetF 0.3a - beta 13 ***
* Added: show total download time in the remaining column after completed download
* Added: new upload slot limit to approx. max 2 times the NetF calculated minimum upload slot count
(Hopefuly solves some problems with insane number upload slots)
* Added: display of completed blocks within incomplete parts for clients using SCT or Crumbs
* Added: Sub Chunk Transfer (SCT) protocol to exchange partialy completed parts
(Only supported between NetF 0.3a clients for now; hardcoded)
* Added: download of eDonkey Crumbs (remapped internaly to 180kB blocks)
* Added: spread upload slots betwen files
(More active slots, gives less priority)
* Changed: don't check if client need any parts before giving slot as it cause problem with SCT
* Changed: upload bandwidth throttler to repeat sending until no more data is accepted
* Changed: dynamic block requests now attempts to reduce the number of very small block requests
* Changed: "ghost" download from private LAN IPs is now enabled in release builds
(This makes the testing of SCT soo much simpler)
* Changed: blocks within parts are now downloaded in sequence for common parts
* Changed: absolute minimum upload session time reduced to 1 minute
(Gives less advantage to fast downloaders, which could be leechers)
* Changed: flushing of data buffer is now limited to the biggest block sequences, except when forced
* Changed: re-enabled data compression, but made the compression level depending of the current upload rate.
* Fixed: a bug in the optimized CUint128::toHexString function
* Fixed: possible issue with file completion (flush to disk) got delayed
* Fixed: localization for NetF features

*** eMule NetF 0.3a - beta 12 ***
* Added: high precision timer for CTick objects and sleep function
(allows upto 10 times higher upload rates per slot)
* Added: localization support of NetF via .ini files
* Added: checks for clipping zones in CBarShader::Draw and to columns in list ctrls [inspired by SiRoB]
* Changed: disabled data compression to save CPU cycles (also solves some problems with poor upload rates)
* Changed: fake High ID check is not done against servers with private LAN IPs
* Changed: active ratio limiter is now ignoring uploads and downloads to private LAN IPs
* Changed: always try to download atleast 1460 bytes at time, to reduce CPU overhead [inspired by Xman]
* Changed: reduced the CPU usage in CUint128::toHexString function
* Changed: greatly reduced the CPU usage in CUint128::toBinaryString function
* Fixed: a bug in the CBarShader::FillRange optimization
* Merged: with eMule 0.46c
-- Debug build only!
* Added: ghost download from private LAN IPs (to simplify debugging)

*** eMule NetF 0.3a - beta 11 ***
* Added: harder restriction on max upload slot count at low bandwidths
* Added: don't draw hidden rects [SiRoB]
* Added: don't refresh list items when not needed [SiRoB]
* Added: extended ability to recover from failed send and receive socket operations
* Added: dynamic upload buffering, based on datarate
* Added: dynamic ban threshold for CorruptionBlackBox to avoid mass banning
* Changed: minimum time between upload slots is now 1 second when minimum slot count has been met
* Changed: increased gain for the upload speed regulator in upload bandwidth throttler
* Fixed: a crash in IO thread
* Fixed: a possible "memory leak"
* Fixed: several possible race conditions
* Fixed: status of hashed parts were not always set properly (caused no upload of part files)
* Optimized: redundant keys in CBarShader::FillRange are automaticaly removed
* Merged: with eMule 0.46b
-- Included but not listed in beta 10 changelog --
* Changed: minimum upload session time of 5 minutes, except for payback and file switching

*** eMule NetF 0.3a - beta 10 ***
* Added: separate IO thread for uploading slots
(solves problem with unresponsive GUI when upload is high and harddisk is slow)
* Added: new message queue class for communication between threads
* Changed: upload bandwidth throttler now uses dynamic thresholds for requesting more slots
* Changed: time between when upload slots, are given, is now also based on
* Changed: minimum number of upload slots are based on current used bandwidth for unlimited upload
* Fixed: code in upload bandwidth throttler caused sometimes control packets not to be sent

*** eMule NetF 0.3a - beta 9 ***
* Changed: buffers are not flushed (written to disk) in the packet processing loop anymore
* Fixed: a merging error in ListenSocket.cpp
* Fixed: cross linking checks in CReqSocket class
* Fixed: CClientFileStatus class cleanup code for upload slots
* Removed: notification of last OP-code sent/received when closing a socket
* Other: recompiled with modified wspiapi.h to make code run on Windows 2000 clients

*** eMule NetF 0.3a - beta 8 ***
* Added: don't give upload slots to clients in progress to ask for a file [inspired by Xman]
* Added: don't change state, if downloading, when file request is done
* Added: don't ask sources that is already in process of being asked (safe guard)
* Added: don't attempt to connect to ask sources when there is less than 30 seconds of download left
* Added: delayed file requests after connecting until secure identity has been sent
* Added: delayed OP_ACCEPTUPLOADREQ when after connection is made to allow client to make a file request first
* Added: a fix for a bug with adding sources from servers [found by tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
* Added: some fixes for badly linked sockets [Maella]
* Added: send empty part request packet as a keep alive when downloading if nothing was sent for 30 seconds
* Added: resend OP_ACCEPTUPLOADREQ (and no more) on OP_STARTUPLOADREQ in upload state [inspired by Xman]
* Added: resend part requests on OP_ACCEPTUPLOADREQ in download state [inspired by Xman]
* Added: clear received packets when closing socket to prevent processing packets without sockets
(Would otherwise result in a fatal crash)
* Added: send OP_CANCELTRANSFER to all sources in download state when the file is completed
(Is nicer to the sources, when delayed 'No Needed Parts' is in effect)
* Added: new Swedish UPC-Chello subscriptions (incl. symetric subscriptons)
* Changed: compressed packets can never exceed 10kB
* Changed: socket timeout for upload slots are multiplied by 4
* Changed: socket timeout for idle slots has been set back to normal
* Fixed: a fatal coding error in ListenSocket.cpp (some code would never had executed)
* Fixed: a minor bug in CPartFile::MOD_DropStalledDownloads()
* Fixed: far to many upload slots when USS tries to set too high datarates
* Fixed: payback when there was nothing to payback
* Merged: with eMule 0.46a
-- Included but not listed in beta 7 changelog --
* Fixed: upload slot count was sometimes a bit small
* Removed: blocking upload to client while downloading from the same
* Removed: boosting of insufficiently uploaded files

*** eMule NetF 0.3a - beta 7 ***
* Changed: 12.5% of the network overhead is now ignored in upload bandwidth calculation
* Changed: friend upload is not included, when calculating max allowed download ratio, anymore
* Fixed: corruption stats when saved by AICH
* Fixed: the issue with the width of download columns not being remembered when restarting eMule NetF
* Fixed: a bug causing files with corruption in the last part to never complete
* Fixed: a memory leak with receive buffers, for Kad packets, never being free'd
* Fixed: a bug preventing UDP reasks to occur in some instances

*** eMule NetF 0.3a - beta 6 ***
* Fixed: a bug in 'Upload bandwidth Throttler', preventing correct throttling at lower datarates

*** eMule NetF 0.3a - beta 5 ***
* Added: a trickle slot to improve bandwidth utilization when having a small number of slots
* Added: partial support for eDonkey crumb maps (these should never be received, but just in case)
* Added: network overhead is now included in upload bandwidth calculation
* Changed: session ratio for download throttling now excludes friend upload
* Changed: most sockets are now thread safe and queues received packets for processing by the main thread
* Changed: CEMSocket::GetNeededBytes now uses shorter times and always suggest atleast 512 bytes when possible
* Changed: reworked code for checking if new slots should be added (does not obey eMule NetF preferences anymore)
* Fixed: endless reasking of client when 'No Needed Parts' and partmaps couldn't be obtained
* Fixed: disconnecting clients (restored partially to original code)
* Fixed: a timer in download throttler was not properly initialized
* Fixed: calculation and display of upload datarates
* Removed: a forgotten tweak to prevent simultaneous upload and download to same client

*** eMule NetF 0.3a - beta 4 ***
* Added: new bandwidth calculation class
* Added: adapt USS up/down slowness depending on if upload throttler requires more slots
* Added: don't give upload slots to clients not needing them (no needed parts)
* Fixed: Upload Speed Sense was broken in beta 3
* Fixed: an arithmetic bug in the new byte count and data rate classes.
* Fixed: upload slot count limiting (still not 100% working thought)
-- Included but not listed in beta 3 changelog --
* Added: re-evaluate upload slot if client downloads an other file than slot was given for


*** eMule NetF 0.3a - beta 3 ***
* Added: instant reask via UDP, on reception of a UDP reask from client
* Added: payback now also works per session
* Added: spread source reasks to avoid collisions and bandwidth peaks
* Added: clients keep their waiting time when finishing a payback slot
* Added: new classes for time, byte count and data rates to support building safer algorithms
* Added: allow sources to be added in passive mode even if they are on the "dead source" list
* Changed: upload bandwidth throttler to use longer dynamic sleep periods
* Changed: tweaked "dead sources" handling
* Changed: payback is now activated from the first byte received
* Fixed: crashes on exiting! (missing check when deleting CClientFileStatus records)
* and a lot of other minor things...

*** eMule NetF 0.3a - beta 2 ***

* Added: don't send file requests when in download state
* Added: don't request upload slots when already in downloading state
* Fixed: a copy-paste introduced bug in part selection routine
* Fixed: string for anonymous Mods did also show for non-eMule clients
* Merged: with eMule 0.45b
-- Included but not listed in beta 1 changelog --
* Added: view anonymous Mods and Mod string thiefs
* Added: raise priority for files uploaded less than their file size
* Added: show parts hidden by remote client in upload list window
* Removed: raised upload priority for files with high download priority

*** eMule NetF 0.3a - beta 1 ***
* Added: limited dropping of slow downloads on part completion
* Added: delayed NNP to allow part to complete in case of corruption
(Holds a source for 10 seconds before going NNP)
* Added: instant upload slots for files below 10kB
* Added: P2P worm detection on opening eMule
* Added: view parts for A4AF sources in red'ish color
* Added: ask sources for A4AF files before asking the file for download
(Allow collecting status of A4AF sources with little additional overhead)
* Added: remember filename, comment, part status and more for A4AF sources
(Allows for better part selection and reduced overhead in future versions)
* Added: don't send 'Incomplete Parts' packets for complete files
* Changed: fast queue rotation now uses 1080 kB as the minimum upload limit
* Fixed? "Too Many Connnections" bug [SiRoB]
* Fixed: a possible crash with Kad buddies [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
* Fixed: PeerCache timeouts [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
* Fixed: accept an OP_HELLO as an answer when expecting OP_HELLOANS
(Solves an issue when a source connect to us at the same time we try to connect to it)
* Fixed: some issues with the ed2k protocol caused exceptions to be thrown
* Fixed: replaced ICS part priority list with a simpler and apparently more reliable solution
* Fixed: 'last seen complete' now gives the time when all parts was last displayed complete
* Removed: display of slots given in the log



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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