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eMule 0.46c [NetF 0.3a beta13]

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*** eMule NetF 0.2f ***
* Added: reason for 'Successful / Failed Upload Sessions' in statistics
* Added: don't throw exceptions anymore on OP_REQUESTFILENAME when extended data is missing
* Improved: distribution of download slots over parts
* Changed: minor changes to CEMSocket::GetNeededBytes in hope to get less upload timouts
* Fixed: improper termination of dropped download slots
* Fixed: serious protocol bug in OP_HELLO messages
(Revorked the way emule/client tags are added to messages)
* Removed: assembler optimized hashing routines (un-merged)

- Known bug! Average download time shows strange values.

*** eMule NetF 0.2e ***
* Added: dropping of download slots that appears to not receive anything in a NNP situation
* Added: dynamic timouts of upload slots based on datarate if common file
(More stable upload and saturated clients get higher datarate per slot)
* Added: prevent new download slots to request packets if there is less than 20 seconds of download left
* Added: prevent slow download slots (<1kB/s) to request packets if they can't complete fast enough
* Added: prevent source requests to fill all sockets
* Fixed: catch exceptions in upload timeout check routine
* Fixed: some timeouts showed as disconnects in statistics
* Fixed: minor changes in CPartFile::GetNextEmptyBlockInPart()
* Optimized: dynamic block requests to calculate block sizes better
* Merged: with eMule 0.44d

*** eMule NetF 0.2d ***
* Added: avoid too many sources assigned to one part (~4 sources per part)
* Added: dynamic block requests based on datarate, number of sources and data size left to download
* Added: reason for 'Successful / Failed Download Sessions' in statistics
* Added: show Mod strings next to eMule version in Downloads window
* Added: show Mod strings in client statistics [Slugfiller]
* Added: lower priority for saturated clients (double waiting time!)
* Added: timout (5 minutes) for 'Delayed Upload Slot Termination'
* Changed: increased allowed download with 3kB/s and made ramping steeper in sessio ratio control
* Fixed: loophole in payback slot allowed a bad client to download forever (reported by leexgx)
* Fixed: yellow icons when no credits bug in 'On Queue' list
* Fixed: minor issues like timers and random generators
* Removed: when less than one 9.3MB left to download blocks are requested in sets of 180kB instead of 540kB
* Removed: viewing of remote client IP addresses

*** eMule NetF 0.2c ***
- Preferred number of upload slots can be configured (will still open more if really needed)
- Better average upload even with less slots
- Faster file completion and download of mp3s (upto 3 times if enough sources)
- Possibility to turn off some ("anoying"!?) eMule NetF features
- Fixed some bugs with chunk selection
- No need for separate dll's anymore
- Possible to set the priority with which eMule NetF will run

*** eMule NetF 0.2b ***
* Anti HideOS. See (colored in cyan) chunks that a source tries to hide.
(Needed for ICS to operate properly)
* Upload limits are now imposed when a chunk has more than 20 sources.
(The length of the upload sessions are a direct function of the number of sources)
* Bugfix for Upload Bandwidth Throttler [ani]
* New option to see time when download was added in the downloads list. (Allows sorting by date)
* Small tweak to ICS. Only select a new chunk for a source when the previous one is completed.
* Tweaked ICS to hopefully ease
* Some tweaks to the credit system was lost in the merge with 0.44b and has now been restored.
* The problem, with the session ratio limit icon, seems to be gone.

*** eMule NetF 0.2a ***
* Merged with eMule 0.44b (Absolute value for complete sources, lost due to merge problems)
* Removed upload slot count limiting code (gave unstable upload ratios)
* Throttling is not used for unlimited sockets anymore
* Download throttler behaves like 0.1a again but with some enhanchements
* Removed code to boost download of files with few sources (caused some problems)
* Rearranged code to make future merges easier
* Fake High ID prevention
(High ID's from servers are treated as bad connections until an incomming packet has been received)

- Known bug! Session ratio limit icon fail to show.


*** eMule NetF 0.1c ***
* Shouldn't open as many upload slots anymore
* Small icon by up/down shows when session ratio limit is activated
* Only upload a quarter of a chunk when having more than 50 sources (to give rare parts a chance)
* Turning off, transfer full chunks doesn't have any effect anymore (atleast shouldn't)
* Small tweaks to 'Client Details' window
* Fake HighID detection, doesnt't do anything about it thought
* Disabled back on queue for disconnected sockets, due to stability problems
* Small File Push'ing can now be configured via preferences GUI
* Normal & High download priority takes precedance over upload priority for part file (was already in 0.1a)

*** eMule NetF 0.1b ***
* Increased timout for data blocks, while downloading (pointed out by cmgrr)
* Added ICS (Intelligent Chunk Selection) [enkeyDev]
* Uploads does not time out any more if there is no clients in the waiting queue
* If a socket is disconnected while uploading, client is added back to the waiting queue
* Update download bandwidth throttler
- Throttling always active, even when using unrestricted download rate
- Give a bit more to the files with least active sources
* Absolute value for complete sources, when searching Kademlia [Viruzz]
* Non-linear small file pushing (was actually already in eMule NetF 0.1a)
* Removed 20 minutes check for clients who download to slow (obsolete! shouldn't have got into eMule NetF 0.1a)

*** eMule NetF 0.1a ***

* New download bandwidth throttler code (fixes 0.0 kB/s downloads. for limited downloads only!)
- Rare parts get priority
- Parts close to completion get priority
- Always tries to download at a minimum rate based on amount of slots and download limit settings
* Session ratio control (prevent download to become more than 3 times the upload)
* Limit upload session to part boundaries (code partially from --stormit-- Mod)
* Queue bonus for incomplete upload sessions
* Payback queue (upto 33% of bandwidth is used to give data back to people downloaded from)
This feature is disabled when download exceed 90% of upload for the session.
* Less credits to clients who ask often
* Uploaders of rare parts (note! not files, but parts) get more credits
* Small changes in credit system to make credit shaping harder



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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