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eMule 0.46c [NetF 0.3a beta13]

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Features in NetF 0.2f

In the text below the word 'chunk' is used in several places and is a 9.3MB piece that eMule divides files into. This piece is also known as a 'part'.

Dynamic Block Requests:
[Not configurable]
When eMule receives a download slot from a source it reserves a part of the file to download from that specific source. Normally this reservation is 540kB large and limits the number of sources that you can be downloading from simultaneously as when all parts not yet complete has been reserved for download, there is no more space to allow any additional downloads.

NetF tries to resolve this by reducing the size of the reservations in a way to allow a maximum number sources to download from while retaining the low overhead of the larger request sizes as far as possible.

Drop Stuck Downloads:
[Not configurable]
Sometimes when eMule downloads from a source, the source forgots to send any data. The download will eventually timeout but during that time there is a risk that eMule will lose other potential sources due to the download reservations. If there is a risk to lose a good source, NetF will kick these stuck downloads in order to give space for better sources. Kicking will only be done at the moment for downloads that has not yet received any data.

Enhanched Upload Throttler:
[Not configurable]
To reduce the number of uploads stuck by the 0kB/s download bug, NetF uploads at nearly infinite rate for the first 3kB of an upload session. Furtermore, NetF delays termination of upload sessions in order to ensure other slots have got up to full speed so that no bandwidth is wasted.

Enhanched Upload Management:
This feature allows you to chose to avoid opening more slots if bandwidth is already filled.
- Max slots
This can be used either to tell eMule not to try open unneccesary slots when this number has been reached or to raise the builtin limit of 250 simultaneous upload slots.
- Min datarate
This can be used either to tell eMule not to try open unneccesary slots when average upload slot datarate is below this number.
- Slot creation interval
This can be used to slowdown the popping up of new upload slots. A value of 0 means normal operation.

Detect Hidden Chunks (Anti HideOS):
Some eMule Mods hide chunks they have for disposal in order to promote other more rare chunks. This helps a releaser to ensure all chunks of a file is uploaded as fast as possible. Unfortunatly it has a bad effect on spreading as when common chunks are hidden they become rare, and so all chunks will be considered rare by eMule. If all chunks are equally rare, eMule will not be able to make a good choice of which chunks to download. In order to solve this, NetF has implemented a method that keeps a log of chunks that has been visible but suddenly got invisible. Those chunks are considered hidden. NetF will consider those chunks available when calculating the chunk availability. Also if the source is a partial source, NetF will not care that the chunks is not visible when chosing one for download.

Intelligent Chunk Selection (ICS):
[Not configurable]
ICS enabled clients can tell each other which parts they are currently downloading in order to prevent them from downloading the same parts and increase the probability that they will be able to share downloaded parts with each other. In extent to this the way parts are selected is slightly different from the official client.

Fake High ID prevention:
[Not configurable]
Some ed2k servers fail to verify that your TCP port is open when connecting to them and gives you a HighID even thought you are behind a firewall. When this happens your download and upload will suffer as all incomming connection attempts will fail. When eMule is in LowID, it knows that incomming connections is not possible and will use servers to relay those. This feature will detect if HighID is received when being behind a firewall, and will in such case drop the server anhd try another. It's possible that this feature may fail if there is another client or server behind the same firewall.

Small File Push:
Normally a client who wants to download a 50kB large file has to wait equally long as one that wants a 5MB file. With 'Small File Push' you can tell NetF to reduce the waiting time for smaller files.
- None
No reduction of waiting time as in the official eMule client.
- Reduced
This will make small files getting slots faster but without stealing to much focus from the large files.
- Full
This gives full reduction so the average datarate will be the same for all files independant of size.

Payback Queue:
For every 3rd slot given there will be one Payback/Random slot. If there is on or more clients on the waiting queue, a slot will be given to the client that has the highest positive difference between uploaded and downloaded data amount. We could say that these are clients we are in debt to. If there is no such clients NetF will select a client at random from the queue and start uploading to that. Payback can and will only work when downloads are less than uploads.

Rare Chunks gives more Credits:
Whenever NetF downloads a rare chunk it will add a little bit more credits to the clients it downloading from.

Fast Queue Rotation:
In order to keep upload queues at reasonable waiting times, NetF reduces the length of upload sessions to common files and also cuts upload sessions that go outside the bounds of a chunk. This also helps rare files.

Improved Download Throttling:
[Not configurable]
When eMule is configured to limit the bandwidth for downloads there is a problem, that when download rate exceed about half the limit, new downloads will be stuck at a 10B/s datarate. NetF has implemented a workaround that tries to force all slots to download at the same speed, with a small boost for rare chunks.

Session Ratio Limit:
[Not configurable]
NetF has a built in function that prevents downloaded amount during a session to exceed 3 times the uploaded amount of data. This is an unfortunate feature needed to prevent people to only download from the network without giving anything back. When the ratio control kicks in, a speedy mule icon with a red cross over it will show in the status bar. The ratio control will be activated when download is at 2.5 times the upload and will slow down the download speed gradually.



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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