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- Dec 21st, 2003 -
Unk: Fixed a bug with rechecking firewall.
Unk: You can bootstrap into kad even if your not connected.

- Dec 18th, 2003 -
bluecow: Improved reading of UL/DL priorities read from known.met and part.met files to avoid usage of unknown values.
bluecow: Fixed mem leak and possible stall in server UDP socket related to failed DNS queries.
Unk: Adjusted disconnect timeout for Kad.
Unk: IRC: Small tweak to add friend.
Ornis: Fix of auto resume next file of same category

- Dec 17th, 2003 -
bluecow: Optimized processing of keyword publish list.
bluecow: Removed multiple part file source lists for more performance.
Unk: Search requests now send up to 300 results
Unk: Keywords now publish in Clusters of 150 files making use of the keyword publish list.

- Dec 13th, 2003 -
bluecow: Added more memory and C++ object check code for debug builds.
bluecow: Fixed wrong usage of some internal lists [rayita]
bluecow: Improved updating of GUI for donwload queue [rayita]
bluecow: Removed automatically resuming of files with state Insufficient diskspace.
bluecow: Addeded manually resuming of files with state Insufficient diskspace.

- Dec 10th, 2003 -
bluecow: Improved sending of OP_CANCELTRANSFER.

- Dec 8th, 2003 -
bluecow: Reworked includes of entire source branch.
bluecow: Added showing of server attributes to MyInfo panel.
bluecow: Fixed very rare occuring bug with decompressing of high compressable blocks.
bluecow: Improved error handling for decompressing corrupted blocks.
bluecow: Upgraded to zlib 1.2.1

- Nov 27th, 2003 -
bluecow: Added Drag&Drop support for Windows Shell URLs and more IE URL formats. This means you can drag&drop eD2K-URLs which are stored as Windows Shell URLs (like the entries in IE Favorites folder) into the eMule window. Works for eD2K-file-, server- and serverlist-links.
bluecow: Couple of code optimizations for processing the sources lists.

- Nov 25th, 2003 -
bluecow: Added Drag&Drop support for ANSI Text and HTML Text clipboard data formats. This means you can drag&drop eD2K-URLs from Internet Explorer Windows into eMule window. HTML fragments means: everything which is currently selected within the HTML page and which is allowed to contain more than just one eD2K-URL. Works for eD2K-file-, server- and serverlist-links.

- Nov 24th, 2003 -
bluecow: Fixed crash bug when file date of local files was out of range.
bluecow: Fixed performance issue with log files which got too large.
bluecow: Log files which are larger than 1MB are renamed to a filename with the start of the log and the current log file is restarted. Max. log file size can be specified in preferences.ini section "eMule" keyword "MaxLogFileSize=<bytes>".

- Nov 23th, 2003 -
bluecow: Fixed context menu support in IRC and Message window.
bluecow: All listview context menus are positioned correctly when invoked with keyboard interface.
bluecow: Statistics graphs are not deleted if according property page was opened and closed without changing values.

- Nov 22th, 2003 -
bluecow: Added support for selectable text, copy to clipboard, save log to disk and rotating log for IRC Chat windows.
bluecow: Fixed handling of windows shutdown message (WM_QUERYENDSESSION).
bluecow: Added support for external performance logging with NT Performance Monitor compatible log files.
bluecow: Changed socket creation code for non-proxy connections to reduce system resource usage.

- Nov 21th, 2003 -
bluecow: Fixed performance problem with rotating log which could create very high CPU usage in some cases.
bluecow: Fixed mem leaks in UDP sockets [rayita]
bluecow: Added support for selectable text, copy to clipboard, save log to disk and rotating log for Message windows.

- Nov 20th, 2003 -
bluecow: Fixed window resizing problem related to customizable toolbar and system color/theme change.
bluecow: Main windows are maximized correctly (depending on toolbar style/height) at startup.
bluecow: Fixed string format buffer overflow with status command line argument [KuSh].
bluecow: Fixed several problems with skinnable icons which were not updated on the fly.
bluecow: Added background colors (skinnable) for IRC channel window and nick window.
bluecow: Removed closeable tab control for IRC windows.
bluecow: Added close command to context menus of IRC/Message windows.
bluecow: Added tripple click feature to search term edit control.

- 7. November 2003 -
Ornis: Abspeichern von Chats (IRC/Messages) , übers Kontextmenü (Req. Celvyn)

- Nov 5th, 2003 -
bluecow: Fixed rare occuring problem with staled server source request related to invalid part.met file contents.
bluecow: More safety in part.met file reading.
bluecow: Fixed problem with too frequently occuring server connection attempts with very short server lists.

- Nov 2nd, 2003 -
bluecow: Fixed minor issue with queued local server source requests after new server connect.
bluecow: Fixed sorting of buffered part file blocks to achive less HD stress.
bluecow: Fixed memory leaks and flushing of buffered data to HD of paused files when file was canceled.
bluecow: Files which could not be completed because of not enough free disk space can be resumed manually to try another file completion process.
bluecow: Fixed bug in check min. free disk space which could cause endless low disk space notifications.
bluecow: Improved check min. free disk space for better handling NTFS compressed/sparse files.
bluecow: Fixed a bug where an NTFS compressed file could not be created because there was not enough free disk space to hold the uncompressed file.

Unk: Several bugs noted in the forum. Tried to check most of them.
* Sources to a Paused or Stopped file will be removed once an hour to remove old sources..
* We no longer send sources to Paused or Stopped files.
* A better check of valid sources to Part files for source exchange.
* Source exchanges for complete files now sends sources with obtained parts first.
Unk: Removed some redundent For Loops to save CPU in the DownloadQueue..

- Oct 30th, 2003 -
bluecow: Added grouping of local server source reasks packets into one TCP frame
bluecow: Fixed bug with check diskspace
bluecow: Fixed problem with lost read-only settings in preferences.ini after version change
bluecow: Fixed server TCP overhead statistics
bluecow: Fixed HTTP download dialog string resources

- Oct 29th, 2003 -
Unk: Fixed a non thread safe area that moved Kad Contacts in the list.
Unk: Fixed a area that would stop Kad sources from being added.
Unk: Added zz upload throttler.

- Oct 23th, 2003 -
bluecow: Fixed multi threading problem with a completing file which was concurrently uploaded.

- Oct 22th, 2003 -
bluecow: Fixed bug in webserver which can cause memory corruption [MoNKi]

- Oct 21th, 2003 -
bluecow: Changed creation of Kademlia threads for proper RTL initialization.
bluecow: Fixed some glitches in shared directories control; added keyboard interface; added volume labels

- Oct 19th, 2003 -
bluecow: Fixed bug with friends where a client without an IP or hash could be added as a friend.
bluecow: Fixed bug with ed2k URL registry key where path contains special characters.
bluecow: Fixed system and tray context menu items for connecting/disconnect to/from both networks.
bluecow: Added new MyInfo control; shortcuts for Ctrl+C=copy selected text; Ctrl+A=select all text

- Oct 16th, 2003 -
bluecow: Fixed GDI resource leaks in video preview dialog.
bluecow: Added more functions for icon customizing (see documentation in Template.eMuleSkin.ini file)

- Oct 15th, 2003 -
bluecow: Added more icons for Kademlia windows [this and other eye candy icons were made all by Daan]
bluecow: Fixed bug in friend list/control.
bluecow: Added sorting to friend list control.
bluecow: Fixed more context menus (search listview, queue list, client list,...)

- Oct 14th, 2003 -
bluecow: Fixed shutdown freezing bug
bluecow: Fixed bug with View Shared Files command
bluecow: Fixed glitches in Kademlia listviews
bluecow: Added icons for Kademlia listviews
bluecow: Fixed toolbar strings for customizing dialog
bluecow: Fixed context menu for friend listview
bluecow: Added keyboard shortcuts for friend listview (Del=Remove friend, Ins=Add Friend)
bluecow: Fixed context menu for shared files listview
bluecow: Added icon/color customization for all main listviews/treeviews
bluecow: Reduced GDI resource usage for all image lists
Unk: Fixed a bug introduced when changing how we published.
Unk: Adjusted the Server and Kademlia window a little.

- Oct 13th, 2003 -
Unk: Publishing of sources is now seperate from publishing keywords. This allows better control.
Unk: We now rotate the sources to a key better making sure the freshest sources are always first.
Unk: We also only index up to 50 sources per file since we only send a max of 50 sources to save memory.

- Oct 12th, 2003 -
Ornis: Webinterface: better connection separation of both networks
Ornis: Webinterface: displaying statistics fixed



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