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eMule 0.46a Pastagua v6

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eMule v0.44d Pastagua v5.2 [30.01.2005]

** eMule 0.44d 5.2 Pitchoun **
*FIX :Sirob Reask Patch
*FIX :bug "<>" and "No Country" ipcountry in all windows
*CHANGED :Anti Nick Thief V.1 to V.2 (in log)[Wizard]
*CHANGED :Powershare files in sharedfilelist in red (now you've got the choice!!in preferences\Display)[Miles] ---> For Motte
*ADDED :show CPU usage and memory usage on title (enable/disable)
*ADDED :Super Release [adapted from Slugfiller] (If a file in [Super Release is required], the applicant is placed immediately in up by the opening of an additional slot.) ░Thx TKB░
*ADDED :Bold Download-Settings in Preferences [shadow2004]
*ADDED :Chunk Selection Patch by Xman [cyrex2001]
*ADDED :show hardlimit to sourcelist [cyrex2001]---> For Motte
*ADDED :Reconnect on Kad by Pawcio [shadow2004]
*ADDED :Relax on Startup by WiZaRd [shadow2004]
*ADDED :Ban aggressive clients(sivka-ban) enable/disable [cyrex2001]
*ADDED :Timer for ban aggressive clients [cyrex2001]
*ADDED :Counter for ask of aggresive clients [cyrex2001]
*ADDED :Log Banned Clients (enable/disable)
*ADDED :Anti Ghost Mod [SiRoB]

**  eMule 0.44d Pastagua 5.1 **
- removed :"hayMensaje" in systray [ikabot]
- removed :DLsortFix [SlugFiller]
- removed :Obelix Active Connections Control [Stormit]
- removed :Anti-leecher et anti-credit hack control [eFmod]
- Changed :MultiDropsSettings with timer + add: my Icones
(removed:no Drops if there aren┤t min. 200 Sources available)
- changed :Sivka's Hard Limit - Removed Auto and enable - disable and timer [Sivka]
- modif :IP to Country with modif in uploadlistctrl and queuelistctrl
- add :SNAFU V3 by eWombat/Morph [cyrex2001]
- add :Anti-Leecher enable/disable [shadow2004/cyrex2001]
- add :Anti-Bad-Community enable/disable [shadow2004/cyrex2001]
- add :Anti-GPL-Breaker enable/disable [shadow2004/cyrex2001]
- add :Section Leecher, Bad-community and gpl-breaker to statistics [cyrex2001]
- add :Anti Nick Thief [WiZaRd]
- add :Blinking Tray Icon On Message Recieve [emulEspa˝a]
- add :SpamBan [SlugFiller]
- add :DiffQR - AntiFakeRank
- add :Multi Credit System
- add :Payback first

Bin 0.44d-Pastagua-v4
Src 0.44d-Pastagua-v4


** eMule 0.44d Pastagua 4 **
- add : flag in friendlist
- add : DropsSettings (with timer) (V!nyl) and no Drops if there aren┤t min. 200 Sources available (per File)[Based on Tritant]
- add : Enable/Disable Startupsound "personal touch"[Commander]
- add : Away state [enkeyDev]
- add : Extended clean-up II-[Maella]
- add : doubleLucas [SLUGFILLER]
- add : DLsortFix [SlugFiller]
- add : "alert message" in systray [ikabot]



** eMule 0.44d Pastagua 3c **
- removed :Automatic F.Slot
- add : show/List Requested Files[Morph]
- add : remove/add friend  in all windows [Morph/LSD]
- add : remove/add one only friendSlot in all windows [Morph/LSD]
- add : IP to Country
- add : Auto Update IPtoCountry
- Fix : Close button in Chat Window (Thx spanish_man)
- add : reask sources/quickstart after Ip change [Maella]
- add : Obelix Active Connections Control [Stormit]
        (Pawcio's explanation->When number of active connections is near you max sources limit the source exchange ask is
  disabled. It helps to have higher hard limits for file with less impact on the overhead.)
- add : Sivka's Auto Hard Limit, with enable - disable and timer [Sivka]
- add : ONly download complete file/Force Download [shadow]

** eMule 0.44d Pastagua 3b**
- corrected bug -->Automatic F.Slot in case of select a new friend
- correction : bug infos DL in systray
- changed : control slot is now limited between [2 and maxup/2]
- Improved Buffer Size to 7.5 Mo
- add :one queue per file [ bloodymad]
- add :Oxide MSS selection
- add :Slot in Red when PS in queue/upload list
- add : Anti-leecher et anti-credit hack control [eFmod]
- add :Slot Focus enabled/disabled
- add :Banner [Ackronic]

** eMule 0.44d Pastagua 3a **
- Changed : Mod identification --> correction Bug
- add :ICS (Intelligent Chunk Sharing) [enkeyDev]
- add :Tritant slots control between [2 and 12 slots]
- add :Netfinity's Dynamic Block Requests
- add :Button to visit eMulix site [thx Rafix]

eMule 0.44d Pastagua 3
"Based on eMule 0.44d Official"
-Show position in upload list (O▓)
-Feedback FR/UK (Traduction Magic/rafix) with Colors (Miles)
-add lien eMulix in win.server
-uncomplete files in sharedfile list in blue [DkD]
-Mighty Knife:Report hashing files [Morph]
-status UP/Down
- Save Upload Queue WaiT time
-Morph/Pawcio Powershare in Pastagua window
-Share only the need
-Defeat 0-filled Part Senders from Maella
-Quick Start
-push small/rare files
-powershare files in sharedfile list in red
-Download Files Color [DkD] modified --> paused/Stopped in grey -uncompleted in pink
- Mod identification
-DiffQR with color
-versionMods in statistique details [Slugfiller]

eMule 0.44b Pastagua 2
based on [44b]_ZZUL_20040918-2355
- Feedback [TKB]
- Add friend in chat session[KTS]
- DiffQR [Morph add by Andcyrcle]
- Show position in upload list (O▓)
- Save upload queue wait time
- Sparse file
- Download Files Color [DkD]
- Quick Start
- uncomplete files in sharedfile list in blue [DkD]
- powershare files in sharedfile list in red
- MFCK Progress hash [O▓]
- status UP/Down
- push small/rare files
- one queue per file [bloodymad]
- anti-virus

eMule 0.44b Pastagua 1
Base 0.44b_Ackronic_2.1a
- logo Pastagua v.1
- lien vers eM
- Feedback
- Wizard Picture (thx to: derKosta)and my spacial touch... lol
- Show position in upload list (O▓)
- Sparse File
- Add friend in chat session[KTS]
- Add Windows "Pastagua"
- QuickSart v2.1
- DiffQR
- Download Files Color



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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