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eMule Plus 1.2e

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eMule Plus 1e
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: Mirror
eMule Plus 1e
Download from SourceForge
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eMule Plus 1e
Download from SourceForge
: Mirror

28.04.03 | eMulePlus 1e

FEATURE: caching for webserver images is enabled [kuchin]
FEATURE: when opening the search window make the Name field active automatically [Ultras]
FEATURE: when closing search tabs set focus to the next tab instead of first one [Ultras]
FEATURE: UDP search status is shown in statistic [kuchin]
FEATURE: added a way to defeat 0-filled part senders [BadWolf63]
CHANGE: upgraded sockets and some other things to official 0.28a [kuchin]
CHANGE: webserver templates improved [DonGato/kuchin]
CHANGE: webserver upgraded from official 0.28a [kuchin]
CHANGE: secured variables protection method changed [kuchin]
CHANGE: improved TRY/CATCH code [kuchin]
CHANGE: removed broken DonkeyDoktor support [DonGato]
BUGFIX: search: skip results with 0 sources, 0 filesize, empty filename + more try/catch [kuchin]
BUGFIX: fixed a bug with not being able to set some folders as output folder [Lord KiRion]
BUGFIX: fixed few COM/Shell related memory leaks [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: fixed crashes/problems related to 0 size files [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: 0-byte file crash [Ultras]
BUGFIX: changing priority for completed files is no longer available [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: fixed a crash when you add a file that already exists in shared files or queue through the ED2K Link feature in the Search window [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: fixed a bug with some variable not initialized that was causing crashes on exit [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: "Remove this result" and "Remove All" are now disabled in Search context window when there are no searches [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: crash when using A4AF [kuchin]
BUGFIX: emule closed without creating dump file [kuchin]
BUGFIX: cancel http download dialog (from official) [kuchin]
BUGFIX: changing column order in Shared Files can mess things [JooeyRamone]
BUGFIX: emule stuck for number of seconds [kuchin]
BUGFIX: reask sources when reconnected to server after disconnect [kuchin]
BUGFIX: more try/catch according to crash dumps [kuchin]
BUGFIX: compressed blocks caused problems [TwoBottleMod]
BUGFIX: fixed problem while showing tooltips for uploading files (GUI/Web Server) [DonGato]
BUGFIX: another check to prevent crash on exit, does not deal with real problem (the real reason is still unknown) but prevents crash [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: size of compressed packet check by emarc [obaldin]
BUGFIX: isonlan uses alot less cpu [moosetea]
BUGFIX: more crash on exit [TwoBottleMod]

08.04.03 | eMulePlus 1d
FEATURE: Added Basque Language [EC/erein]
BUGFIX: freeze when previewing mpegs smaller than 2 parts [moosetea]
BUGFIX: more try/catch in client UDP code [kuchin]
BUGFIX: toolbar buttons are sqashed together when first one is removed [reCDVst]
BUGFIX: vulnerability to DoS attacks through chat [reCDVst]
BUGFIX: shared files count doesn't update after adding more shared directories [reCDVst]
BUGFIX: log: found X known shared files, hashing Y new files now. Y incorrect when reloading while hashing [reCDVst]
BUGFIX: shared files are not updated when a file is deleted [reCDVst]
BUGFIX: double hashing when incoming directory set shared [reCDVst]
BUGFIX: freeze on start [Cax2]
BUGFIX: small fixes [kuchin]
BUGFIX: fix for LanCast detection [BavarianSnail]
BUGFIX: corrected check of connected server on doubleclick (now using IP instead of name) [DonGato]
CHANGE: you can create links for any known file now [DonGato]
CHANGE: last seen complete and last downloaded are displayed under locale settings [moosetea]
CHANGE: more information added to Server filtering debug message [BavarianSnail]
CHANGE: incorporated tool bar into a rebar control (IE style) [pooz]

eMulePlus 1d is based on eMule 26d underlying code.



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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