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21.02.03 | eMulePlus 1

FEATURE: enable sorting on upload progress in queue and upload windows [obaldin]
FEATURE: first steps in fighting "credits theft" [obaldin]
FEATURE: updated translations [Translators team]
FEATURE: our own eMule version checking script [kuchin]
FEATURE: new nice icons for search methods [Cax2]
FEATURE: new set of icons for systray menu [DrSiRiUs]
FEATURE: new icon for preferences (Proxy) [DrSiRiUs]
FEATURE: changed friends icons [DonGato]
FEATURE: updated get chunks for preview for OGM as well [DonGato]
FEATURE: changed the way languages are managed in the source [EC]
FEATURE: now client icons are built on runtime, reducing development burden [Maverick/DonGato]
FEATURE: aqua progress bars! enabled by moving the 3d bar style selector to the left [Cax2]
FEATURE: added file type search to Filedonkey search [Cax2]
FEATURE: added jigle parameters to search code [Cax2]
FEATURE: WebServer: Added templates version check [kuchin]
FEATURE: added xrmb's Smart Open [DonGato]
FEATURE: WebServer: debug log and statistics [kuchin]
FEATURE: new, improved graphical system tray menu [FoRcHa]
FEATURE: changed up & down display in the statusbar (now shows overhead all the time) [Cax2]
FEATURE: updated the way clients in upload & queue windows are displayed [Cax2]
FEATURE: show the number of parts in upload and queue windows [obaldin]
FEATURE: added support to show ALL clients and ALL clients version in statistics (both NT and Win98) [Lord KiRon]
FEATURE: support for more than one hybrid version (like eMule and eDonkey) in Statistics [Lord KiRon]
FEATURE: now last time the downloading file had any progress is shhown in the tooltip and the files that did not see any progress for a week will be highlighted in red [obaldin]
FEATURE: reask for file by Ottavio84 [obaldin]
FEATURE: log/chat/irc font size now adjustable [Cax2]
FEATURE: now debug messages are written to the logfile when enabled [DonGato]
FEATURE: when file is complete, doubleclick opens it [Cax2]
FEATURE: minor CPU optimizations throughout... [Maella/Cax2]
FEATURE: proxy support (disabled until sockets rewriting) [Maverick]
FEATURE: display own UL/DL Ratio in downloadlist [Maverick]
FEATURE: display yellow plus icons when client itself has UL/DL rating > 1 at the remote client in DL queue [Maverick]
FEATURE: display mlDonkey Icons in UL and DL queue [Maverick]
FEATURE: display SmallFile and RareFile Ratio in InfoList [Maverick]
FEATURE: display own UL/DL rating in InfoList [Maverick]
FEATURE: display own UL/DL rating in ClientInfo [Maverick]
FEATURE: preventing two ore more files to complete at the same time [Lord KiRon]
CHANGE: rewrited statistics tree and added full export to WebServer [kuchin]
CHANGE: applied Maella's upload optimizations [obaldin]
CHANGE: removed message when generating ed2k link from a download [DonGato]
CHANGE: minor graphic improvements in the search screen, screen simplified (removed rarely used 'extension' search box) [Cax2]
CHANGE: disabled proxy settings in preferences until it works [DonGato]
CHANGE: simplified the movie preview without losing the feature [DonGato]
CHANGE: removed 'Get First/Last movie chunks' because it was outdated by new features [DonGato]
CHANGE: automatic save of known files was put into a different thread at low priority, should reduce CPU load, may produce new sync bugs too [Lord KiRon]
CHANGE: in ClientInfo dialog the "Currently downloading" is shown only if the client ir really downloading at this time, otherwise (in queue) "Waiting to download" is shown [Lord KiRon]
CHANGE: now overhead in status bar can be turned on & off [Cax2]
CHANGE: new Search window style with a better position of controls [DonGato]
CHANGE: full reorganization of client statistics [Lord KiRon]
CHANGE: control panel settings, various improvements [Cax2]
CHANGE: the comment entered by user himself now show during "Show all comments" too [Lord KiRon]
CHANGE: WebServer: settings stored [kuchin]
CHANGE: no missing templates warning if Webserver is disabled [obaldin]
CHANGE: recognize .26's downloader's parts protocol and our own system is temporarily disabled [obaldin]
CHANGE: Every variable in preferences has it's own lock [kuchin]
CHANGE: short path for temp directory not needed anymore [Cax2]
CHANGE: Removed option 'ask on exit', feature always on [Cax2]
CHANGE: Upload Throttle enabled by default and option removed [DonGato]
CHANGE: ICH enabled by default and option removed [DonGato]
CHANGE: mlDonkey behavior now could be enabled or disabled only [DonGato]
CHANGE: Max Connections per 5 Seconds now can be set up to 200 with NT kernel [DonGato]
CHANGE: no more 'punishment' based on 'bot' or low ID [Cax2]
CHANGE: eDonkey is now emulated to anyone except eMule. I had to adapt this since mlDonkey changed their system [Maverick]
CHANGE: do not allow community leeching with only 1 community per user allowed. Name must be in brackets 'username [MyCommunity]' [Maverick]

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Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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