eMule der P2P Filesharing Client dient zum downloaden von Filmen, Movies, Software, Spielen, Games und Erotik. Zum herunterladen braucht eMule eine schnelle Internet Connection Verbindung bzw. Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster


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06.01.03 | eMulePlus 0.24b 3a
BUGFIX: realtime sorting problem solved [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: problem with A4AF filename tooltip reporting solved [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: renaming of filenames to all lowercase solved [DonGato]
BUGFIX: problem with the removal of .bak files solved [DonGato]
BUGFIX: autosort now works with the new status sort [Cax2]
FEATURE: now preferences load/change is thread safe [Lord KiRon]
FEATURE: now you can disable Part Traffic feature for low end computers or outdated OS [Cax2]

05.01.03 | eMulePlus 0.24b 3
BUGFIX: WebServer: small changes and fixes [kuchin]
BUGFIX: when a file is complete no speed is shown in the speed column [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: solved unsupported operation during start while sharing too much files in Win 9x OS [Lucas]
BUGFIX: some fixes to reduce CPU usage while in system tray [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: speed optimization for lists by disabling the update of non shown items [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: changed some default eMule Plus values [DonGato]
BUGFIX: removed list updates when minimized to save CPU [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: potential memory overun fixed [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: removed some unneeded checks while adding sources [DbT]
BUGFIX: removed Max Sources per file from SLS customization [DonGato]
BUGFIX: solved crash in sockets code (ProcessExtPacket function) [kuchin]
BUGFIX: solved crash when trying to download all A4AF sources for file [kuchin]
BUGFIX: some fixes to VideoLAN movie preview [Poppa]
BUGFIX: corrected a minor glitch while disabling the UDP port box [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: solved a problem that appears while moving columns in the download window [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: support for two clients with same IP and different ports [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: updated an old toolbar button check code [DonGato]
FEATURE: added new icon for Part Traffic preferences [DrSiRiUs]
FEATURE: WebServer: Add/delete servers [Julien]
FEATURE: WebServer: Update server.met from URL [Julien]
FEATURE: WebServer: Web-based search [Julien]
FEATURE: now we catch crashes from DownloadClient/SharedFilesCtrl [kuchin]
FEATURE: now movie extensions are case insensitive to enable preview (AVI=avi) [DonGato]
FEATURE: previewing with VideoLAN client doesn't need free space in the temp directory [DonGato]
FEATURE: now you can preview VideoCD files using VideoLAN client [Poppa]
FEATURE: updated minimize to tray button to be enabled/disabled without closing eMule Plus [zegzav]
FEATURE: you can set the preferred size of the block to be used in Slow Complete (up to 1024KB) [DonGato]
FEATURE: you can enable a slow completion of files so you have a more responsive computer [Lord KiRon]
FEATURE: completion of files now runs on a separated thread [Lord KiRon]
FEATURE: now the name of the A4AF file is shown in the tooltip [DonGato]
FEATURE: updated Status sorting to take in account the sources status in Downloads [Lord KiRon]
FEATURE: updated to xrmb part traffic v3+ code with nice configuration options [DonGato/Cax2]
FEATURE: WebServer: Code reorganized once again, now for templates [kuchin]
FEATURE: WebServer: Sort for shared files [Julien]
FEATURE: WebServer: Upload queue [Julien]
FEATURE: you can emulate an eDonkey or mlDonkey client while connecting to mlDonkey [Maverick]
FEATURE: added mlDonkey to the client statistics [Maverick]
FEATURE: now mlDonkey is correctly recognized [Maverick]
FEATURE: moved the sources download status to the status column [Lord KiRon]
FEATURE: WebServer: case-insensitive sort in pages [kuchin]
FEATURE: WebServer: right alignment for numbers [kuchin]
FEATURE: WebServer: last page update time (local) is shown [kuchin]
FEATURE: WebServer: Logout [kuchin]
FEATURE: WebServer: added users and files in serverlist page [kuchin]
FEATURE: added an option to disable sources exchange requests when a file reachs an amount of sources [DonGato]
FEATURE: added an option to set the active connections value used for statistics graph (restart required) [DonGato]
FEATURE: now we catch crashes from DownloadListCtrl/HyperTextCtrl/ListenSocket/UploadQueue [kuchin]
FEATURE: Russian translation improved [LF_]
FEATURE: not sharing anymore part, met, dll, sys, drv, tmp and log files [pruv3750]

31.12.02 | eMulePlus 0.24b 2
BUGFIX: fixed some resource-errors/leaks in xrmb's upload part traffic [FoRcHa]
BUGFIX: solved the unlimited-upload bug of enkeyDEV accurate speed measure [Ottavio84]
BUGFIX: updated translations [Translators Team]
BUGFIX: temporary and VideoLAN client directories are set to 8.3 [Cax2]
BUGFIX: some internal bugfixes [kuchin]
BUGFIX: updated the crash reporting feature [kuchin]
BUGFIX: patch for .part.met creation nearest to 0 [faust]
BUGFIX: safe Load Gaps [SlugFiller]
BUGFIX: solved non-updating infobox-header when the infobox is minimized [FoRcHa]
BUGFIX: patched xrmb's last column in shared files to show the total upload, if >0 [Cax2]
BUGFIX: in the server list, max users now works as expected [Cax2]
FEATURE: WebServer: password is protected by MD5 algorithm [kuchin]
FEATURE: WebServer: improved header - more information shown [kuchin]
FEATURE: WebServer: start and stop in runtime [kuchin]
FEATURE: WebServer: many tooltip infos in transfer page (not Mozilla) [kuchin]
FEATURE: WebServer: Percent completion shown in transfer page [kuchin]
FEATURE: now you can use Videolan Client for preview [Poppa]
FEATURE: added an option to enable/disable Download Auto Priority [DonGato]
FEATURE: added ed2kfakes and joined all fake checkers in a single popup menu [DonGato]
FEATURE: updated and improved sorting [Cax2]
FEATURE: added Chinese language [wkao]
FEATURE: improved some protocol tags for better eDonkey-eMule communication [DbT]



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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