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28.12.02 | eMulePlus 0.24b 1b
BUGFIX: changed EXCEPTION log text because official team request [DonGato]

28.12.02 | eMulePlus 0.24b 1a
BUGFIX: solved problem with ratio and score calculation [DonGato]
BUGFIX: shared files part traffic column now correctly named [DonGato]

27.12.02 | eMulePlus 0.24b 1
BUGFIX: solved crashes with the Web Server sorting [kuchin]
BUGFIX: solved problems with the info box in Transfer window [FoRcHa]
BUGFIX: updated French language [ZeeDD]
BUGFIX: added Danish language [Janes Bong]
BUGFIX: timed save sources now working again (saved every 20 minutes) [skynetman]
BUGFIX: fixed Servers window buttons for non-western languages [EC]
BUGFIX: fixed a problem with the Statistics window when using non-western languages [EC]
BUGFIX: exceptions handling and reporting to log instead of crashing ,-) [kuchin]
(meanwhile KnownFile, KnownFileList, and PartFile had been processed)
BUGFIX: WebServer: working well in IE/Mozilla/Phoenix/Opera [kuchin]
FEATURE: added sorting order for Servers window [kuchin]
FEATURE: show detailed upload traffic [xrmb]
FEATURE: now you can save new statistics tree position [FoRcHa]
FEATURE: updated original VQB code for full chunk transfer [Tarod]
FEATURE: added again DonkeyDoctor support [DonGato]
FEATURE: enabled dump saving on crash [kuchin]
FEATURE: WebServer: special characters in strings are displayed correctly [Julien]
FEATURE: WebServer: Shared files display [Julien]
FEATURE: WebServer: ed2k link in files list [Julien]
FEATURE: WebServer: reset serverinfo [kuchin]
FEATURE: WebServer: servers list sortable [kuchin]
FEATURE: WebServer: reversed sort enabled [kuchin]
MERGE: merged official 0.24b code [DonGato]

24.12.02 | eMulePlus 0.24a 2a
BUGFIX: fixed a crash on start on Win9x/Me OS [DonGato]
BUGFIX: fixed a problem with the toolbar when using non-western languages [EC]

23.12.02 | eMulePlus 0.24a 2
BUGFIX: fixed some nullpointers in the Dowload List Control code [Cax2]
BUGFIX: fixed some memory leaks [FoRcHa]
BUGFIX: fixed even more resource leaks & resource errors [FoRcHa]
BUGFIX: changed some parts of the gui-code to reduce flickering and to get rid of some minor glitches [FoRcHa]
BUGFIX: re-added the old statistics-tree for win9x users (should fix the statistics-crash for them) [FoRcHa]
BUGFIX: solved some crashes with sources [Cax2]
BUGFIX: solved some problems with the server list [Cax2]
BUGFIX: better recovery after crash/computer shutdown [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: solved problem with transfer full chunks of 9Mb [DonGato]
BUGFIX: solved graphic glitches with Servers window [FoRcHa]
BUGFIX: second fix for not seeing yourself as a source [Lord KiRon]
BUGFIX: previewing of .avi and .AVI files as well [SeeWen]
BUGFIX: accurate speed measurement routines [enkeyDEV]
BUGFIX: closing a search tab cancel all searches solved [DonGato]
FEATURE: added some entries to the infobox (the one on the bottom of the transfer-window) [FoRcHa]
FEATURE: status and size of transfer window lists are saved for next sessions [FoRcHa]
FEATURE: now single file functions in download context menu are only enabled when one file selected [Cax2]
FEATURE: reorganization of enable/disable checkboxes to update the status of the attached controls [DonGato]
FEATURE: merged the auto sorting code from 0.24a [Cax2]
FEATURE: now auto-remove unneeded sources is enabled by default for files reaching sources limit [DonGato]
FEATURE: selection for displaying details or starting a chat when doubleclick on client [DonGato]
FEATURE: now you can set the server connection try timeout between 5 and 60 seconds [DonGato]
FEATURE: Donkey FakeCheck [SeeWen]
FEATURE: better identification of codecs [SeeWen]
FEATURE: now you can clear the Serverinfo text [FoRcHa]
FEATURE: changed graphic identification for Friends [DonGato]
FEATURE: now quantity of sources restored each 30 seconds can be configured [DonGato]



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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