eMule der P2P Filesharing Client dient zum downloaden von Filmen, Movies, Software, Spielen, Games und Erotik. Zum herunterladen braucht eMule eine schnelle Internet Connection Verbindung bzw. Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster


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Some translations are not completed yet. We didn't give enough time to translators so don't bitch them.

19.12.02 | eMulePlus 0.24a 1
BUGFIX: fix for the sources reasking bug (always asking them) [DPR]
BUGFIX: translations updated [Translators Team]
BUGFIX: updated credits [DonGato]
BUGFIX: some missing localizations corrected [DonGato]
BUGFIX: column order restored correctly [cax2]
BUGFIX: crash on exit fixed [FoRcHa]
BUGFIX: log file now don't have repeated lines [FoRcHa]
BUGFIX: when closing a tab in search the corresponding search should be stopped [FoRcHa]
BUGFIX: improved crash prevention for deletion of files with sources being shown [cax2]
BUGFIX: stop listening on TCP port solved [Dnowo]
BUGFIX: now known.met file saving is thread safe [Tarod]
BUGFIX: solved a problem with the implementation of Transfer Full Chunks [Tarod/DonGato]
BUGFIX: solved crash when adding extended ed2k link with sources [i_a]
BUGFIX: fix for stored sources loading in blocks of 40 [Vorlost]
BUGFIX: fixed a few resource leaks [reCDVst]
BUGFIX: user count now correctly shown in Web Server [kuchin]
BUGFIX: userid spoofing fix to try to correct them [MooseTea]
BUGFIX: solved a problem with Update server.met from URL and not using an URL [DonGato]
BUGFIX: thread-safe fix for AddLogLine function [i_a]
BUGFIX: a fix for a crash while saving sources [i_a]
BUGFIX: calculated values for Upload settings now working as intended [DonGato]
BUGFIX: paused downloads remains paused and no sources are added to them [DonGato]
BUGFIX: double download data rate corrected [DonGato]
BUGFIX: some minor fixes to Web Server code and now it's split from main code [kuchin]
FEATURE: new splashscreen [DrSiRiUs]
FEATURE: new icon for friends [DrSiRiUs]
FEATURE: new close graphic for search tabs [DrSiRiUs]
FEATURE: ability to pause/resume/cancel downloads in Web Server [kuchin]
FEATURE: sorting download list by name/size/transferred size/speed in Web Server [kuchin]
FEATURE: Nicer look of preferences page in Web Server [kuchin]
FEATURE: now on OS shutdown eMule try to close safely [Lord KiRon]
FEATURE: now sorting could be configured for realtime [cax2]
FEATURE: new sort for Shared Files [cax2]
FEATURE: password is not shown anymore in the address line [kuchin]
FEATURE: now Auto A4AF setting is stored between sessions [Tarod]
FEATURE: show what client versions are popular at the moment at statistics [xrmb]
FEATURE: see what you and the clients in the download-list are doing together at statistics [xrmb]
FEATURE: totals for downloads and uploads in Web Server [kuchin]
FEATURE: gzip compression option in Web Server [kuchin]
FEATURE: refresh time changing option in Web Server [kuchin]
FEATURE: speed and capacity limits changing option in Web Server [kuchin]
FEATURE: customizable toolbar [reCDVst]
FEATURE: improved preferences dialog [reCDVst]
FEATURE: show confirmed download [xrmb]
FEATURE: difference between other clients missing chunks [xrmb]
FEATURE: connect to specific servers feature in Web Server [kuchin]
FEATURE: show if got Low ID in Web Server [kuchin]
FEATURE: reset log button in Web Server [kuchin]
MERGE: merged official 0.24a code [DonGato]

Known Bugs
- Statistics window cause a crash on Windows9x/ME OS
- Some GUI leaks still in (could crash the client)
- Stored sources customizations not working as intended

Meaning of new Icons
- Transfering or receiving hashset from client
- On Queue or asking client
- Connecting to client
- No needed parts, asked for another file or unable to connect because of a Low ID
- Normal eDonkey, mlDonkey or early eMule client
- Client which is able to understand the extended eMule protocol
- Client with a high credit value (eDonkey/mlDonkey/early eMule)
- Client with a high credit value (eMule)
- eMule Plus/Tarod client
- eMule Plus/Tarod client with a high credit value
- Normal eDonkey, mlDonkey or early eMule client banned
- Client which is able to understand the extended eMule protocol banned
- The client is a Friend

Things missing from our MOD (present in 0.23b official code):
- Automatic setting of MaxConPer5Sec (maybe later we add that but as a suggestion)
- Automatic sorting (we like better our method, even without being real-time now)
- Friend Slots (we don't like them)
- No button in transfers to switch Uploads/Queue (we have another method)
- No statistics colors configuration (maybe in a future version)

WARNINGS (for using version 3 and up if you are a version 2 user)
- please remove the lines DownloadColumnWidths, DownloadColumnHidden and DownloadColumnOrder from PREFERENCES.INI
- please remove the files .stsrc from your temp directory before running eMule Plus




Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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