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eMule 0.46c ReSuRReCTioN 1.4

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New Release: Diclonius-Mod



eMule ReSuRReCTioN 1.4
Added: ClientAnalyzer 1.3 [WiZaRd]
Added: Slotcontrol [Telperion]
Added: [ionix]: high process priority - based on MORPH
Removed: Blinking Tray Icon (due to Ressource errors)
Removed: Ackronic Upload Slotz
Removed: complete AntiLeechClass (ReSu is going with Future ;-))
Removed: SivkaBan
Removed: ShowSharePermissions (this is Nonsense)
Removed: FileBufferTime
Removed: Ackronic2 Page
changed: FileBufferLimit again to tweak page
Changed: Clipstat (added % of failed sessions)[WiZaRd]
Changed: Splash and Clipstat (removed links to my board)
Fixed: Optimizer
Fixed: Hopefully WC Stat [WiZaRd]
Fixed: Auto HL[WiZaRd]
Fixed: Funny Nicks[WiZaRd]

eMule ReSuRReCTioN 1.3
Added: start emule maximized [WiZaRd]
Added: Add to (and remove from) friends in message wnd [spike2]
Re-Added: scheduler
Removed: Ratio CS - because this CS is an only BUG
Removed: Invisible Mode (only for test - if this is reason for ressource error)
Fixed: ( I HOPE LOL) Show Wc stat from morph - checkbox was missing ;-)
Fixed: a little bug in Feedback function
Fixed: IPFilter Update function
Fixed: WC Stat
Updated: Webcache from 1.9a(b3) to 2.0b1 (Webcache by JP, Superlexx, Yonathan)


eMule ResuRReCTioN 1.2.1
Added: show WC stats [Morph]
Added: new Toolbar - BIIIIG thanx to -G6R- again
Added: copy feedback (template by shandra/WiZaRd) [lama/spe64]
Added: show server in transfer wnd [KTS][Mondgott]
Added: Hawkstar ed2k-Link Forum
Updated: WiZaRds Auto HL (2 last iONix ones)
Fixed: A4AF
Fixed: little optical Bug in known clients list
Fixed and changed (I hope lol) Creditsystems
Removed: Anti Upload Ban - (due to it is not fitting Antileech from ionix)
Re-Added IP2Country [KTS]


eMule ReSuRReCTioN 1.2
Fixed: Statistics (Secure Ident)
Fixed: Chunk selection patch[Xman]/big thanx @-G6R- for crashreport (changed against Xtreme 4.5 Code)
Fixed: error in ProcessHello
Fixed: Friendfix [WiZaRd]
Fixed: CheckDiskspacefix [slugfiller]
Fixed: Rating Icons - thanx [WiZaRd]
Fixed: Sorting Prob in Queuelist thanx [WiZaRd]
Fixed: Renaming Prob in sharedfiiles again thanx [WiZaRd]
Fixed: some little optical bugs in treecontrol [lama]
Fixed: Showing sharedparts[big thanx at spe64
Fixed: WebInterface - thanx @WiZaRd

Added: ModID to Statistic [Slugfiller]
Added: Friendlinks [eMulespana]
Added: WHOIS [KTS]
Added: Import Parts[ionix]
Added: CheckDiskSpaceFix [Slugfiller]
Added: SuperRelease [KTS]
Added: Don`t refresh Item if not needed [Morph]
Added: Flood Ask Protection [Dark]
Added: Total upload /Download Column [LSD]
Added: Feedback in code function[lama][WiZaRd]
Added: Sharing Permissions [XMUle]
Added: FakeCheck + IPFilter Update via eD2K [WiZaRd/Aireoreion/emuleplus]
Added: Fake check on Downloadlistctrl and Downloadclientctrl [IONIX]
Added: Slot Focus

Re-Added: Hide Over Share [Morph]
Re-Added: Spreadbar[Morph]
Re-Added: Share only the need [Morph]
Re-Added: Powershare from Morph [Morph]

Removed: Show Countryflags/ShowCLientFlags/ShowQueueFlags from menu Menu
Removed: Power-Release
Removed: WiZaRds Powershare
Removed: unused codes
Removed: Rare/small file column
Removed: Slot Number column
Removed: IP2Country (maybe it`s reason of Runtime error - I will re add this in further version)
Removed: Webinterface & MobileMule

Changed: Antileechclass (now from Ionix 4.33)
Changed: Optimizer (now from iONix)
Changed and fixed: Feedback function [thanx @ WiZaRd]


eMule ReSuRReCTioN 1.1
merged to Ackronic 3.0 Codebase
half updated to Ackronic 3.1 - (only added invisible Mode) Rest would have make some functions impossibble ;-)

Changed: Optimizer
Changed: Quickstart
Changed: AntiLeechClass
Changed: IP2Country
Changed: Diff-QR
Changed: Client%
Changed: DL and UL in color
Changed: Modversion (thanx at Spe64 for help)
Changed: Feedback - (removed ionix and added Morph one - added currend dl speed to feed)
Changed: Drops

Removed: Family Filter
Removed: SNAFU 3
Removed: Super Release
Removed: Hide Over Share
Removed: Spreadbars
Removed: Share only the Need
Removed: MSUQWT and SUQWT
Removed: Emulates
Removed: Powershare from Morph
Removed: Selective Chunk Sharing
Removed: Allow Bandwidth Settings
Removed: Low Id Notifier
Removed: Next EMF Slotmanager
Removed: SLS

Added: Webcache
Added: Powershare [WiZaRd]
Added: Funny Nicks [iONix][Stulle]
Added: Hashing Progress [O˛][WiZaRd]
Added: Blinking Tray Icon On Message Recieve [emulEspaņa]
Added: show Date & Time in Feedback [Mondgott]
Added: Show Loaded Filesize & Percent if File not complete in Share [Mondgott]
Added: Show current downloadspeed in Feedback [lama]
Added: show Resu Icon on Client detect [iONix][RedSmurf]

Fixed: TrayAnzeige (CB)
Fixed: DL-Feedback
Fixed: AntiLeechclass (updated)
Fixed: Ul - Colors
Fixed: wrong tagcount from beta version


eMule ReSuRReCTioN 1.0
Based on Official eMule 46c - First Project of Spe64 and NoSFeLaMa

Removed: wizard [lama]
Removed: scheduler [lama]
Removed: IRC [lama]
Removed: Help [lama]
Added: fix 4 V$ 2003 [NetFinity][lama]
Added: cpu/mem in transfertwnd [$ick$][lama]
Added: modlog [ionix] [spe64]
Added: winsock 2 [wombat] [spe64]
Added: Optimizer [TPT] [spe64]
Added: Quickstart / after IP-Change[WiZaRd] [lama]
Added: Reask sources after IP-Change [Maella/sivka][lama]
Added: Auto HL [WiZaRd] [lama]
Added: ModVersion [WiZaRd] [lama] - thanx @wizzi for tag-count help ;-)
Added: AntiLeechClass [WiZaRd][lama]
Added: Powershare [Morph][spe64]
Added: Hide over Share [Morph][spe64]
Added: selective chunk sharing [Morph] [Spe64]
Added: HideOS/ AntiHideOS [Morph] [Spe64]
Added: IP-Filter [Morph][spe64]
Added: FakeCheck [Morph][Spe64]
Added: IP2Country [Morph] [spe64]
Added: various Creditsystems [Antares][Spe64]
Added: 1 new Creditsystem [cicciobastardo] [Spe64]
Added: Diff-Qr [iONix] [lama]
Added: Multiple Instances [iONix] [lama]
Added: new Toolbar [shadow2004][spe64]
Added: Client % [Xlillo][lama]
Added: ModID [slugfiller] [Spe64]
Added: copy Feedback to clipboard [Gandja/TKB] [spe64]
Added: Fix > IS_IDNEEDED [WiZaRd] [Spe64]
Added: Payback first [VipeR][lama]
Added: Dl-in Colors [ionix][lama]
Added: Sivka Ban [lama]
Added: Fu from QR - UP and Clientlist [Spe64]
Added: Remove Fu from QR - UP and Clientlist [Spe64]
Added: NiceHash [ionix] [lama]
Added: Push small/rare Files [lama]
Added: Anti-Uploader Ban [Stulle][lama]
Added: XMan Chunk Selection [XMan][lama]
Added: Allow Bandwidth Settings in <1KB Incremements by Maella adapted by Xman1 [lama]
Added: NextEMF'-Slotmanager inspired by WiZaRd and Xman1 [lama]
Added: Super-Release [SlugFiller][lama]
Added: Don`t remove static servers [Mighty Knife][spe64]
Changed: Toolbar Optic - [lama]
Added: some new Antileechcode [WiZaRd][spe64]
Added: some columns in DownloadListctrl. [spe64]
Added: Sidebanner [TPT][lama]
Added: Drop System [Tritant/TKB] [Spe64]
Added: TK4 Creditsys [BlueSonicBoy][spe64]
Added: Show Userhash in Serverwindow [Spe64]




Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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