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eMule 0.49a Silversurfer 2.5

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eMule 0.49a Silversurfer v2.5

- merged to eMule 0.49a Final (dlarge)
- merged to emf Mod 0.7a final (dlarge)

- added new Logo, Sidebanner & MenuXP Background (Hateman) thanks to eMuleFuture.de
- added new SlotControl (ef/dlarge)
- added more CreditSystems (stulle/dlarge)
- added Code Optimations for "GetCurrentIdentState" (Sirob)
- added Crash Fix for Tasbar Notifier (Xman)
- added little Changes in MenuXP from eMuleFuture Mod (WiZaRd)
- added forgotten Codeparts in Smart Upload Control (dlarge)
- added Display Updates in "OnPartHashed" (MorphXT)
- added Dynamic Upload with USS/SUC/DynUpAutoSwitching (MorphXT)
- added Add next connect theft (netfinity)
- added Credits Reset Exploit Prevention (netfinity)
- added Extra safety check (Maella)
- added USS Settings in Scheduler (MorphXT)
- added more Message Filters (dlarge/Jva)
- added more Internet Connections in Wizard (dlarge)
- added New SysTray Design with Dynupload Settings (MorphXT)
- added ModIcon.dll

- small changes for show ModVersion in Title (dlarge)
- small changes for default Settings (dlarge)
- small changes in Menu XP (dlarge)
- changed WebLink to Support Board (dlarge)
- changed DownloadLinks for ipfilter/nodes.dat (dlarge)
- changed PartImport/Export from MorphXT to Xanatos Implentation (dlarge) thanks to Hateman
- changed KaddAddOns and removed not needed Parts (dlarge)
- changed AutoHardLimit to default "off" (dlarge)
- changed Colours for better too see in Silver Surfer Stats (dlarge)
- changed FixConnectionCollision for Looplogs in VerboseLog (netfinity)
- changed QueueProgressBar is deactivated if "Infinity Queue" is enabled (dlarge) thanks to stulle
- changed many Icons (dlarge)
- many Codechanges and Optimations for better Performence (dlarge)

- updated CxImage to 6.0 [dlarge]
- updated libpng to 1.2.27 [dlarge]
- updated lh require obfuscated server connection from MorphXT 11.0
- updated germ.dll (dlarge)
- updated ita.dll (dlarge) big thanks to Raid from www.darkforge.it
- updated antileech.dll (Jva/WiZaRd/stulle/dlarge)
- updated tagging for all Features (dlarge)
- updated DynamicBlockRequested (netfinity)

- fixed Crash Bug in MenuXP (dlarge)
- fixed Crash Bug in PPG (dlarge)
- fixed Bug in Smart Upload Control (dlarge)
- fixed Bug in UploadControl with many failed Sessions (dlarge)
- fixed small Bug in Transferwnd for show "banned sources"? (dlarge)
- fixed small Bug in Downloadlistctrl (dlarge)
- fixed Bug in Downloadlistctrl for wrong Seperator (dlarge)
- fixed Alignment for Toolbar (dlarge)

- removed CorruptionsBlackBoxFix (not needed in 0.49a) (dlarge)
- removed unused Seperators and Pages (dlarge)
- removed unused Codetags (dlarge)
- removed PNCheck + FriendlistUpdate (dlarge)
- removed Web Browser (dlarge)
- removed EmuleFuture SlotControl (dlarge)
- removed eMuleFuture Wizard (dlarge)
- removed Help complete (dlarge)



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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