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eMule 0.49a Silversurfer 2.5

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eMule 0.48a Silversurfer v2.4

- merged to emf Mod 0.7 (Betastatus):

- added Extended 2 Page with Hidden Prefs (dlarge/Xanatos)
- added Relative Chunk Display (dlarge/Xanatos)
- added Lock to Tray (dlarge/Xanatos)
- added Show Sidebanner on-off (dlarge)
- added Kad Path Fix (Leuk_he)
- added SharedFilter (WiZard)
- added Stats Fix (BlueSonicBoy)
- added Memleak Fix for Tooltip (stulle)
- added Fix Filtered Block Request (Xman)
- added prevent floating point underum (Xman)
- added sharedfilesplitterbar Fix (Xman)
- added Uploading Problem Client (Xman)
- added Crashbug around AICH-Syncthread on Shutdown (Xman)
- added PaddingLength to Extended preferences (Xman)
- added KadInterfaceImprovement (Xanatos)
- added Extended UdpCache (Xanatos)
- added prevent duplicate downloads (xrmb)
- added Code Improvement show filename immediately (Xman)
- added Modeless Dialogs (Xanatos need from X-Ray)
- added New File Detail Dialog (Xanatos need from X-Ray)
- added Manual Client Management (Xanatos need from X-Ray)
- added Req Files (Xanatos need from X-Ray)
- added Release Bonus (Sivka/Stulle taken from X-Ray)
- added more Icons (Stulle/dlarge)
- added Optimation for OnlineSig (TK4 Mod)
- added filter out unreachable LowID-sources (Xman)
- added 80% for Non SUI Clients (Xman)
- added Don't draw hidden Rect in Serverlist (MorphXT)
- added OS Fix - show correct Vista Version on SpecialStat (pP)
- added links for server.met and nodes.dat (Stulle)

- readded Speedgraph (Xanatos/JvA)
- readded DropStalledDownloads (netfinity)
- readded Delayed NNP (netfinity)
- readded PartCompletionSpeedUp (netfinity)
- readded Redesigned SharedFilesWindow (TK4Mod taken from X-Ray)

- updated Design Settings to ScarAngel 2.5 (Stulle)
- updated Fakealyzer (NetFWarp 0.3a 11)
- updated Virus Scanner with Comodo AntiVirus Support (TK4Mod 2.1d)
- updated to Argos from X-Ray (JvA)
- updated ImportParts (MorphXT)
- updated "SpecialStat"code with more Settings (dlarge)
- updated ger.dll (dlarge)

- fixed Bug in Smart Category Control and updated to ScarAngel 2.5 (Stulle)
- fixed Resume mode combobox in Categorie dialog (Stulle)
- fixed Bug in Argos around listensocket (dlarge)
- fixed Bug for Fix Connection Collision (dlarge)
- fixed Bug in sockets.cpp around socket deletion (netfinity)
- fixed Crashbug around Filehashing (dlarge
- fixed bug in Client UDP Socket (dlarge)
- fixed Bugs for Asserts in debug Mode (dlarge)
- fixed Bug for deactivated ASFU (dlarge)
- fixed Bug in Special Stat for corrupt Codetags (dlarge)

- changed ini. settings for all Silversurfer Features (dlarge)
- changed SysInfo Code with all changes from WiZarDs (WiZarD taken from emf 0.7)
- changed Toolbarstyle (ef Mod/dlarge))
- changed Design Settings and put in Tweaks 3 (dlarge)
- changed SideBanner to JPG (dlarge)
- changed small things in MenuXP (dlarge)
- changed Tagging of many features (dlarge)

- removed IRQ (dlarge)
- removed Help (dlarge)
- removed unused Codes,PPgs and Icons (dlarge)
- removed Tabs Prefpage (dlarge)
- removed emf server.met link (dlarge)


eMule 0.48a Silversurfer v2.3

- merged to eMule 0.48a eMuleFuture 0.5

- added Argos Anti Leecher System (Xanatos)
- added Compat Client Stats (Stulle)
- added Virus Scanner (BlueSonicBoy)
- added Workaround for Uploadclients (thanks to JvA)
- added Official Bug when dis/enabling Queuelist/Clientslist (Xman)
- added Official Bug when checking for empty userhash (ilmira)
- added Code Fix for Disable Known File List (Xman)
- added CorruptionsBlackBox Fix (Xanatos)
- added Fix Obfucated server only connect on first startup, Always send cryptping. (MorphXT)
- added Static Tray Icon (Stulle)
- added Completed in Tray (MorphXT)
- added Switch for Automatic SharedFilesUpdater

- added own antileech.dll (removed very old Mods & added new hard Leecher Mods)

- changed Colour in Prefs for Download Meter in Tray Icon (see better under Vista Style)

- readded Features from EMF Mod (PowerShare,Session Ratio,MultiFU)
- readded SafeHash
- readded Smart Category Control (SCC)

- updated Design Settings to v2 [Stulle/MaxUpload]
- updated manuell Dropping and put "Dont Ask This IPs" after Drop for No GPL Violations (dlarge)
- updatet Source Cache (Xman)

- fixed Small Bug in SharedfileWindow (dlarge)

- removed Client Analyzer (sorry but this is to Soft)
- removed Redesigned SharedFilesWindow (for Design Settings)

changelog 2.3 Beta 1:
- merged to 0.48a Final
- added FakeAnalyzer (netfinity)
- added Use listening port for outbound connections (netfinity)
- changed ip2country & Fade out on Exit for Vista Implementation (dlarge)
- fixed Bug in Mass Rename (dlarge)
- fixed Bug for Invisible Mode (dlarge)
- readded Webrowser (EMF)
- readded Session Ratio (EMF)
- readded Power Share (EMF)
- removed UPNP (EMF) not used in 0.48a
- removed Fakecheck
- removed Smart Category Control for the Time (not worked correctly)
- removed SafeHash for the Time (not worked correctly)
- updated Ger.dll



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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