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eMule 0.47a Sion 1.3

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Compiled with Netf patch for compatibility -xpsp2
Sion mod Based on some Neomule and Zz code.

eMule 0.47a Sion v0.9 By Loulach

[ADD] -ISP travetsal to bypass ISP trotheling/blocking. [Xanatos]
Multi Port communication
XOR packet encrpytion on session key base
SUI PK encrpytion for key exchange
Diffie-Hellman key aggreament for session key aggrement on new first connection

[UPDATED] -HideOs to InteligentPartSharing from neomule, This include HideOs and ShareOnlyTheNeed.

[ADD] -SpreadBar NeoPartTraffic style with reset on right click.
[ADD] -ShowSharePermission separate for each file separatly "Visible", "Hidden", "Friend only" status.
[ADD] - Backup/restore system files with panel control
[ADD] - Reask Sources System Manual And Timed, Reask: FQ, NNP.
*can be configured for each file seperatly with fileconfiguration.
[ADD] - SpreadReask Sources.

[IMPROVED] -Drop Source system
*can be configured for each file seperatly with fileconfiguration.
*added also Manual drop source

[ADD] -[Slidebar] séparate categories preference "Normal" and "Advanced" preferences List with Set-Up Pages from Plus Mod.
[ADD] -[FileConfiguration]: Some settings can be set for each file seperatly will be saved in Part.met.sion and in knownprefs.met
* Right click on a file in both download and shared windows to open File Configuration menu

[UPDATED] -ARGOS- Antileech system to the latest version from neomule, Don't miss to Update Leechers database (also included in zip)
ARGOS CHANGELOG détails from Neomule Changelog):
-dlp is now a core internal part of the detector engine, and has a bigger flexibility.
-by default I'll provide a dlp.dll that can handle the antileech.dll of the xtreme,
-Add hash to detector to lechers.dat, not used currently but in case may be useful.
-Added missing tests to processmuleinfopacket.
-emcrypt clients are now detected as faked client.
-Readded anti xs fastask/exploid, should take care of all official bugs and don’t cause false positivs.
-Added anti file faker idea by wizard, but own more secure implementation working for tcp and udp.
-Added anti udp aggression idea by sivka, own simplified implementation.

[ADD] -Show comments Extended comments V2 ("SLUGFILLER"):
* Added option to indicate which files you set comments for in the Shared Files tab and in Transfers tab with icons.
* Recieved comments are now stored in a comment list for each file, instead of being stored in a single comment per user. As a result, a user can now send a comment for more than one file, and when the user disconnects the comments remain.
* Recieved comments can be viewed in the Shared Files tab, and are indicated with an icon.
* Comments and ratings for downloading files can be edited directly from the Transfers tab.
* New protocol extension allows downloading users to send comments to their sources, so users can now recieve comments for files they have complete.
* Comments saved in a files "comments.met" for view old files comments

[ADD] -Requested Files clients [itsonlyme] showed in client details windows
You can also right-click a user in any list and select to view a list of all the files the user is a source of in a dialog

[ADD] Modeless dialogs("SLUGFILLER"):
* Multiple dialogs in eMule are now modeless, meaning you can open a dialog, and continue working with eMule behind the dialog with the dialog still open, instead of having to first close the dialog, then work with eMule.
* The client details dialog is modeless. You can open one dialog per client. Trying to open the client details twice for the same client will bring the previously opened dialog to the front.
* All three file details dialogs, for downloads, search results, and shared files, are modeless. You can open one dialog per file. Trying to open the file details twice for the same file will bring the previously opened dialog to the front. If a file is removed, its dialog will automatically close.
* The preferences dialog is now modeless. Clicking on preferences while the preferences dialog is already opened will bring it to the front.
* The dialog for browsing the shared files as other users would see them is modeless. Trying to re-open it while it's already open will bring it to the front.

[ADD] -Show ModVersion stats on TreeStat

[CHANGE] -Quickstart and reask on ip/id change moved in Network preferences pannel
[FIXED] -Minor bug in Credits System.
[FIXED] -Minor bug Session Average Upload/Slot don't appear in tree stats.
[FIXED] -Minor bug in Tweak upload queue.
[FIXED] -Minor bug in Upload system.
- And many Other BugFix

eMule 0.47a Sion v0.7a By Loulach

[CHANGED] -HIDEOS: dynamic hide overshares need "Powershared" status to be active.
[ADD] -[ReloadSharedOnMissing] - If shared file not found, the shared list reloaded.
[FIXED] -Priority powershared
[FIXED] -Drop FQ sources active status not saved.
[FIXED] -minor bug on SmallFilePush.

eMule 0.47a Sion v0.7 By Loulach

[ADD] -SUQWT Save Upload Queue Wait Time from moonlight
[ADD] -HIDEOS: dynamic hide overshares from [Xtrem mod]
- only avaiable for complete files:
- dynamic hide overshares: start with hideos=1, after 2/3 of the chunks are hidden, hideos will be increased
[ADD] -SFP Small File Push from [CB MOD]
-for files smaller than 1 chunk (~9.28MB)
-You can enable/Disable SFP in right click context menu on shared file
-SFP files collored BLUE when enabled
[ADD] AKF – [AllknownFiles] a list of all known files can be displayed in the shared files list. Idea from xrmb
[ADD] -Collored Queue Ranking
[ADD] -Infinite Queue
[ADD] -Random Queue
[ADD] -One Queue per file
[ADD] -Queue Overflow Settings (Release, Rare, Friends, Standard)
[ADD] -Collored server list from [TK4]
[ADD] -Always filter IP Filtered Servers! from [TK4]
[ADD] -MultiSort (Slugfiller)
[ADD] -Collored Flags in Cat Tab
[ADD] -columns IP Client in upload list
[ADD] -columns Files Sizes in upload list
[ADD] -columns UL/DL in upload list
[ADD] -columns Queue rank in Queue list
[ADD] -Improved Spam notifier messages filter
-with reset button in security option pannel
[UPDATED] -Reask After IP/ID Change
[FIX] -Bug (minor) on Upload Priority
[FIX] -Quickstart
[CHANGED] -URL for Argos Update (Clic reset on update panel)
[FIX] -Spreadbars causing bug with know.met
[REMOVED] -Draw Spreadbars in shared dir
[REMOVED] -Share Only The Need


eMule 0.47a Sion v0.5b (BugFix) By Loulach

[FIX] -Major Bug in Upload.
[REMOVED] -Possibility to remove SlotFocus.


eMule 0.47a Sion v0.5a (BugFix) By Loulach

Compiled with Netf patch for compatibility -xpsp2
This version use Less memory, less cpu usage and stability improved too.
Due to some change in Upload Rules Feedback is welcome :p) : (Please Dont fight about that rules still only for test atm)
[CHANGE] [FOR TESTING ATM ] -Minor change in SlotFocus Rules. [Loulach] (Change only visible in high Upload Bandwidth).
[CHANGE] [FOR TESTING ATM] -Rules When not Using SlotFocus. [Loulach] (Change only visible in high Upload Bandwidth).
[CHANGE] -IP adress by default for IPFILTER. [Loulach] (Click reset in update panel for the new one).
[CHANGE] -Changed SourceSaver For files with -25 sources to -50 sources and Reload Time Changed 10mn to 30mn.[Loulach]
[FIX] -BugFix in sourceSaver [Loulach].
[FIX] -Lot of Bug fix and some mem leak. [Loulach]
[REMOVED] -SUQWT Causing some trouble in clear wait state and need to be improved before added again. [Loulach]


eMule 0.47a Sion v0.5

Recommended a clean install for this release.
[ADD] -Drop Source System. NoNeedParts, FullQueue, HighQueueVal (With timing intervals)
[ADD] -SUQWTv2 system by Moonlight .
[ADD] -SourceSaver For files with >25 sources (Only save clients with part needed) From khaos
[ADD] -Panel Update/AutoUpdate for Leecher and Ipfilter Files [Loulach]
[ADD] -You can now Enable / Disable SLOTFOCUS in right click on Upload Windows [Viper]
When you disabled Slotfocus the datarate slot number according with official emule and cant be changed.
[ADD] -Side Banner Sion in preferences window [Loulach]
[ADD] -New SplashScreen Sion [Loulach]
[ADD] -Panel for Xtended Options of Scion Mod. [loulach]
[FIX] -Kademlia issue Pointed here: http://forum.emule-project.net/index.php?showtopic=99316
[FIX] -My own bad code Issue with improved firewal ICF [loulach]
[CHANGE] -Icons in Toolbar


eMule 0.47a Sion v0.4

-[ADD] -ARGOS- Antileech system From "David Xanatos" NeoMule
Dont miss to Add the DLP and Leechers Files in Config dir (include in zip).
New colums -Argos- in upload, download, knowsClients and inqueue list
New windows -Argos- in Client details window
This is a big Antileech system take care at options do you use...
-[ADD] Reask on ID and IP Change [NeoMule] Minor Change by me for new Kademlia client Reask
-[ADD] Reworked the core and Treecontrols to include some part of [NeoMule]
-[ADD] Arcade Icons on new tree UPnP and RIC option [Loulach]
-[FIX] Recoded all the part of UPnP Option page.
-[FIX] Dont save Priority on shared file after restart, Pointed by BlowHound
-[FIX] "minor" Icon on UPnP NAT Tree false [Loulach]
-[FIX] "minor" Load and save Mod preferences in bad section in preference ini


eMule 0.47a Sion v0.3

Updated code from 0.47a
-[ADD] UPnP NAT Support
-[ADD] ICS Improved Firewall Support
-[ADD] Random Port
-[OPT] Some GUI Optimization


eMule 0.47a Sion v0.2Beta

-Updated code from 0.47aBeta2
-[ADD] New priority range in shared files . From 1 to 10 with linear weight.
 With autopriority in normal mode and powareshare too.
-[ADD] New columns in Downloading Clients list to see the Mod string
-[ADD] ModLog
-[CHANGE] Soft Source Limit can be show and used when Advanced mode control is off
-[FIX] the amout client transfer can be showed again in "Completed" column (Fixed in 0.47a rel)


eMule 0.47a Sion v0.1Beta

Based on emule 0.47a beta1
[ADD] :(Zzul 20060106-1740)stuff like :
(Some part of code reworked to agree with v0.47 and 4gb+ files too)
-Zz Chunk Chooser
-Zz Transferratiobalance
-Zz Slotfocus
-Zz Powershare
-Zz Friendslots
-Zz Lowidfairness
-Zz Showversion
"More info on Zzul stuff at :




Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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