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eMule 0.49b Sivka v19b1

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v12e8: based on eMule 0.42e (compiled with VS2002)
(source code contents only changed files, for complete SC u need last eMule0.42e official code)


Download Sivka MoD:
Binaries: eMule0.42e-sivka.v12e8-bin.rar
Sources: eMule0.42e-sivka.v12e8-src-update.rar

Help for Sivka Mod: http://sivka.eMule-Web.de
Sivka-Board-Thread: eMule0.42e-sivka.v12e8 {13.04.04}

new changes in red!

- removed Ban/Delete Not Needed Clients [by sivka]
- rollback ban-time from 2:00h...4:00h to 2:00h...2:20h [by sivka]
- removed Global Source Reask Timer - to find under column of FileName [by sivka]
- recoded UpLoadSlots and "DataRate per Client" now easy to understand and to use [by sivka]

- bugfix bool CKnownFileList::Init() MEM-leak [by bzubzu]
- bugfix uint8 CPartFile::LoadPartFile() MEM-leak [by SlugFiller]

- improved Friend Slot go not lost and work only for session [by ZZ]

- feature ReAsk sources on IP change [by Maella/sivka]
(you can this enable or disable under "sivka - settings")

- feature Source Reask Timer you can set your fovorite value 29...55 mins [by sivka]
(for HighID users recomended 50...55mins and for LowID users 29mins)
- feature Last Asked Time and counter [by sivka]
(under HL column you can see last asked time and counter how often was this client asked)
- feature Dont reask removed clients for 2:00...4:00h [by sivka]
(the users, they are from dl-file removed, will be added to "dont reask list",
but "dont reask users" can allways ask you and you will be allways answer as usual,
counter for how mutch users are in "dont asking list" you can find on SRC column.)

- remove penalize of the old emule clients

- bugfix VQB LowID Slot Patch
- bugfix show original MOD-string (casesensitive) [by sivka]
- bugfix CClientList::DeleteAll() crash on exit [by sivka]
- bugfix CDownloadQueue::MoveCat() fixed endless-loop [by sivka]
- bugfix SOCKET Control - now can you enable/disable UNLIMITED DL-bandwidth without DL-break-in [by sivka]
- bugfix Upload ProgressionBar Sort [by BlackRat]
- bugfix Overwrite Already Downloaded Parts And Chunk [by emarc]

- improved some small code improvements by Ichi, by Maella, by sivka ...
- improved completely recoded ul/dl - bandwidth control accuracy [based on BadWolf63/EnkeyDEV(Ottavio84) idea]
- improved now is MEDIA(Video/Audio) info in commentar-window visible [by sivka]
- improved "Show all Stats" under known clients [by sivka]
- improved Client Version in ClientDetailDialog
- improved CDownloadQueue::RemoveSource() [by sivka]
- improved on manual swapping all a4af to this file, hardlimit will be update [by sivka]
- improved version check for "file settings" on load [by sivka]
- improved 15 min upload immunity [by sivka]
- improved Low-ID control the quantity of upload-slots [by sivka]
- improved clients with Friend-Slot will be directly added to upload-queue [by sivka]
- improved friends with successful Secure Ident can not be banned [by sivka]
- improved "Approximate Number Of Complete Sources" column can be sorted [by sivka/zegzav]
- improved New Icons [by dkaox/Girard747]
- improved disable HideSources-funktion, not really needed [by sivka]
- improved don't interrupt upload if waiting queue empty or friend-slot [by P.O.W./sivka]
- improved FakeCheck and FakeReport available in webservices [by sivka]

- feature Release BONUS the same as PowerShare [by sivka]
- feature Global Hard Limit Counter - to find under column of HardLimit [by sivka]
- feature Global Valid Sources Counter - to find under column of HardLimit [by sivka]
- feature Global DL Sources Counter - to find under column of Sources [by sivka]
- feature Manual Raise/Reduce HardLimit at 5% [by sivka]
- feature One Chunk Sharing - One Chunk Visible [by SlugFiller]
- feature Prevent Chunk OverSharing - Hide OSC (0 -> Off) [by SlugFiller]
- feature HashThief Protection [by xrmb/IceCream/Athlazan]
- feature warning HashThief User [by sivka]
- feature show downloading time per client under "Remaining" column [by sivka]
- feature REASK SERVER 4 SOURCES from 13 to 14...60 min [by sivka]
- feature Code Improvement for GetScoreRatio() - new algorithmus now works with transfer difference of 1GB [by sivka]
- feature See own credits [by VQB]
- feature added counter for error,banned and unknown client to hardlimit column [by sivka]
- feature manual SAVE/LOAD SOURCES [by sivka]
- feature Auto Save/Load Sources handling [by enkeyDEV(Ottavio84)]
(save 36 sources for 6h and load saved sources only on start of eMule)
- feature possiblity to STOP downloading from client [by sivka]
- feature eMoogle.de (web search) to search methods [by sivka]
- feature Push Small Files: files with 0 < X < 9,28MB will be pushed by factor 64 [by sivka]
- feature Pseudo Friend Slot for LowID clients [by sivka]
(in following windows: DownloadWindow, UploadWindow, WaitingListWindow, FriendListWindow, MassageWindow)
- feature "Sivka - File Defaults" [by sivka]
- feature "Sivka - File(s) Settings" dialog [by sivka]
- feature rewarding only Secure Identified clients [by sivka]
(you can choose if you want to reward only SI client or all clients)
- feature WaitingQueue Overflow [by sivka]
(Valid Sources, Friends, Community User and User requested Release-PRIO files can allways entry the waiting queue)
- feature update friends list on add [by InterCeptor]
- feature Defeat 0-filled Part Senders (Idea of xrmb){18.03.03}[by Maella]
- feature Support for tag ET_MOD_VERSION 0x55 [by Maella]
- feature AntiFake - Bann users, that trying to fake there port [by Vorlost/sivka]
- feature auto reconnect on LowID [by Tarod/sivka]
- feature Auto-/ Hard Limit per File [by sivka]
- feature NNS, FullQRS and HighQRS extended handling [by sivka]
- feature Queuesize selectable 1000...10000 [by sivka]
- feature A4AF-handling v1.2 (02.02.04) [by sivka]
- feature A4AF: counter for A4AF in sources column [by sivka]
- feature A4AF counter, ahead of user nickname [by sivka]
- feature show A4AF-filenames in status column [by sivka]
- feature A4AF: listing all requested files for user from ContextMenu [by sivka]
- feature R4AF(Request for Another File) - listing all requested files from user [by sivka]



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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