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eMule 0.49b Sivka v19b1

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v10e8: based on eMule 0.30e (compiled with VS2002)
(source code contents only changed files, for complete SC u need last eMule0.30e official code)


new changes in red!

- merged with v0.30e
- bugfix "time on servers" [by Gnaddelwarz]
- improved HashThief Protection [by xrmb/Athlazan]
- improved 15 min upload immunity [by sivka]
- remove L2HAC: Lowid To Highid Automatic Callback, a simple idea to avoid useless server load [by enkeyDEV(th1)]


- bugfix Destructor for CUDPSocket [by rayita]
- bugfix Error in Array Initialization [by rayita]

- features A4AF: listing all requested files for user from ContextMenu [by sivka]
(in following windows: DownloadWindow, UploadWindow, WaitingListWindow, FriendListWindow, MassageWindow)

- removed Refresh the Client [by FusioN Team]
- removed Anti-/Community Array [by Hunter/sivka]
- updated Save/Load Sources handling (save sources for 6h and load only on start of eMule) [by enkeyDEV(Ottavio84)]

- bugfix Upload ProgressionBar Sort [by BlackRat]
- bugfix Low-ID control the quantity of upload-slots [by sivka]
- improved Accurate datarate Calculation [by EnkeyDEV(Ottavio84)/BadWolf63]
- improved clients with Friend-Slot will be directly added to upload-queue [by sivka]
- improved friends with successful Secure Ident can not be banned [by sivka]
- features One Chunk Sharing - Serial (good for releasing!) [by SlugFiller]
- features Prevent Chunk OverSharing - Hide OSC (0 -> Off) [by SlugFiller]
- features Save/Load Sources handling [by enkeyDEV(Ottavio84)]
(save sources for 6h and load saved sources only on start of eMule)

- bugfix Downloading source list - security [by Maella]
- bugfix Overwrite Already Downloaded Parts And Chunk [by emarc]
- bugfix start automaticly sorting on emule load [by sivka]

- improved "Approximate Number Of Complete Sources" column can be sorted [by sivka/zegzav]
- improved New Icons [by dkaox/Girard747]
- improved Code Improvements [by Ichi]
- improved Couple of Code Improvements [by Maella]
- improved disable HideSources-funktion, not really needed [by sivka]
- improved don't interrupt upload if waiting queue empty or friend-slot [by P.O.W./sivka]
- improved FakeCheck and FakeReport available in webservices [by sivka]
- improved A4AF downgraded to v1.1 [by sivka]

- feature "Sivka - File Defaults" [by sivka]
- feature "Sivka - File(s) Settings" dialog [by sivka]
- feature rewarding only Secure Identified clients [by sivka]
(you can choose if you want to reward only SI client or all clients)
- feature See own credits [by VQB]
- feature L2HAC: Lowid To Highid Automatic Callback, a simple idea to avoid useless server load [by enkeyDEV(th1)]
- feature HashThief Protection [by xrmb/IceCream/Athlazan]
- feature WaitingQueue Overflow [by sivka]
(Valid Sources, Friends, Community User and User requested Release-PRIO files can allways entry the waiting queue)
- features variety Release Priorities for Shared files [by sivka]
- features update friends list on add [by InterCeptor]
- features Defeat 0-filled Part Senders (Idea of xrmb){18.03.03}[by Maella]
- features Support for tag ET_MOD_VERSION 0x55 [by Maella]
- features AntiFake - Bann users, that trying to fake there port [by Vorlost/sivka]
- features allow multiple instances of eMule [by khaos/sivka]
- features auto reconnect on LowID [by Tarod/sivka]
- features Auto-/ Hard Limit per File [by sivka]
- features NNS, FullQRS and HighQRS extended handling [by sivka]
- features Queuesize selectable 1000...10000 [by sivka]
- features UpLoadSlots selectable 2...100 [by sivka]
- features A4AF: listing all requested files from user [by sivka]
- features A4AF: counter for A4AF in sources column [by sivka]
- features A4AF counter, ahead of user nickname [by sivka]
- features show A4AF-filenames in status column [by sivka]



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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