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eMule v0.46c StulleMule v2.2    - 13.12.2005 -
based on eMule 0.46c MorphXT 7.6 compiled with vs2003 and Netfinity's fix

This version still contains all EastShare v10.6 changes as it did before but since
most changes while merging are from the MorphXT this is rather a mod based on
MorphXT than a mod based on Eastshare

Added: Display star in tray when completed files in download list [Stulle]
Added: Slot limit by # of slots (60-256) [Stulle]
Added: Leecher name checks (uses detect algorithms instead of list check) [Xman]
Added: Community check [Xman]
Added: Spammer Ban [Xman]
Added: Anti-XS-Exploit [Xman/idea by WiZaRd]

Updated: Bad Mod/ Name list [Xman]

Changed: Friend display superiour to PS display in Queue and Upload list [Stulle]
Changed: Slot limit now uses 5 mins average speed (fixes former bug, too!) [Stulle]

Fixed: Connection display in MSN [Stulle]
Fixed: Crash on shutdown in TBH: MM [leuk_he]
Fixed: Upload Priority Sorting (hopefully) [Stulle]
Fixed: Pay Back First for clients without SUI [Stulle]


eMule v0.46c StulleMule v2.1:    - 08.11.2005 -
based on eMule 0.46c EastShare v10.6 compiled with vs2003 and Netfinity's fix
merged to MorphXT 7.4

Added: a small easteregg (don't tell anyone where you found it!) [Stulle]
remark: The way to activate this easteregg will change every release!
Added: Slot Limit (Max Slots = Avg UL/3kbps) [Stulle]
Added: modified Fine CS [Stulle/CiccioBastardo]

Updated: the MSN features to v2 (shows KAD, Server, # of Src, ratio and speed) [Stulle]

Changed: Min Queue Size to 1000 [Stulle]
Changed: tweaked Friend Score Assurance by Pretender a bit [Stulle]

Fixed: Lower Prio sorting [Stulle]
Fixed: Source Graph calculation (stupid me) [Stulle]

Removed: Allow Bandwidth Settings in <1KB Incremements [Maella] (in 2.0, too)
Removed: modfied Fine CS [Pretender/CiccioBastardo]
Removed: CreditSystems enabled check in GetScore (always on, anyways!)
Removed: Friend boost [EastShare]

Fine CS:
+ Fine CS won't kick unless the modifier of the client is equal or below the default
modifier of your current credit systems.
+ When Fine CS kicks in all clients that had a reduce modifier because of the data
calculation in the CS itself will start the Fine CS calculation with a 1 modifier


eMule v0.46c StulleMule v2.0:   - 17.10.2005 -
based on eMule 0.46c EastShare v10.6 compiled with vs2003 and Netfinity's fix
merged to MorphXT 7.4

This release is dedicated to Mav744, my glorious tester, helper and supporter!

Added: Dropped sources stats for session [Stulle]
Added: TBH Mini-Mule (when active it replaces the original MM) [iONiX/ TPT]
Added: Push-small-files (boost can be configured manually) [Sivka/Stulle]
Added: Ban clients sending empty nicks (impossible without changings) [WiZaRd]
Added: PayBackFirst min value (5 MB) and max value (255 MB) [Stulle]
Added: Source Graph [Stulle]
+Note: Graph won't resize on change download bandwith limit or hardlimit values
Added: Average Queue Ranking [Xman]
Added: Pay Back First for clients without SUI [Stulle]
Added: StulleMule Icon [Stulle/ eMule-web.de ( thx) ]
Added: Switch off PS limitation (>200 complete src) for complete files [Stulle]
+Note: Add "PsLimitation=0" under [StulleMule] in your preferences.ini to switch off
Added: Average Download Speed [Stulle]

Updated: Anti-Nick-Thief v2.0 to v2.3 (Till 2.2 by WiZaRd) [Stulle]

Changed: # of dropped sources (per file) won't be set to 0 on pause/ stop/ complete [Stulle]
Changed: MANY things arround TBH Mini-Mule [Stulle/leuke_he]
Changed: Push-small-files column in QueueWnd displays if boost or not [Stulle]
Changed: several things in and arround Anti-Nick-Thief [Stulle]
Changed: All anti-leecher parts can be de-/activated manually [Stulle]
Changed: Sivka-Ban messages displayed in Morph Log
Changed: Merged Morph AntiModFaker with AntiModFaker 2.1 by WiZaRd [Stulle]
Changed: Don't allow pushed clients to get Spread Credits Slot [Stulle]
Changed: Splashbanner/ Sidebanner [emule-web.de (thx) ]
Changed: Punish WC clients not using port 80 by 0.8 instead of push them by 1.2 [Stulle]
Changed: Updated ReAsk Sources After IP Change (RASIC) to v2 [Xman/ Stulle]
Changed: Max ReAsk time to 55min (+/-2 min due to Spread Requests) [Stulle]
+Note: If you set the ReAsk time too high you might loose your queue rank when
the sources aren't requested immediatly.
Changed: Use official hardlimit system in SivkaFileSettings dialog instead of sivka's [Stulle]
Changed: MANY optimizations in StulleMule code [Stulle]
Changed: Optimized Anti Uploader Ban [Stulle]
Changed: Anti Uploader Ban only for Leecher bans [Stulle]
+Note: There's no sense in giving clients banned by official systems a chance!
Changed: Optimized Spread Credits Slot [Stulle]
Changed: Resorted the TestLeecher funtion (might save some CPU load!) [Stulle]
Changed: Updated Leecherlist [Stulle]
Changed: Optimized FunnyNick Tag code [Stulle/Aireoreion]
Changed: Roll back 7.3 code arround the PS limitation according to file src for complete files [Stulle]

Fixed: NULL-pointer Bug Anti-Uploader-Ban [Stulle/WiZaRd]
Fixed: Sivka-Ban (didn't check it on implementing) [Stulle]
Fixed: Don't Ask This IP List/ Unknown Exceptions Bug [Stulle]

Removed: Push-small-files [Tarod/ eF-Mod]
Removed: Show exact max UL queue size in TransferWnd [Stulle] --> no further need
Removed: some not needed icons
Removed: Hide ZZ Ratio Activation [Stulle] --> actually it's not needed



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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