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eMule 0.50a Xtreme 8.1

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eMule Xtreme 5.2.2 - Download
Die neuesten Xtreme-Versionen

: Xtreme MOD
  eMule 0.47a Xtreme 5.2.2 [01.09.2006]

Main Features:
- Maella Bandwidthcontrol, caculates the real Overhead
- NAFC (network adapter feedback control)
- advanced Uploadbandwidththrottler with adjustable slotspeed
- Xtreme Downloadmanager for a clever source-handling
- improved Xtreme-Creditsystem
- Powerrelease with dynamic Hide OS
- IP to country - show country-flags
- Anti-Leercher-Feature
- hundrets of code improvements

based on emule 0.47a
compiled with:
libpng 1.2.7
zlib 1.2.3
crypto 52.1
CxImage version 5.99c

eMule Xtreme 5.2.2

- compiled now with VS2003 SP1
- added additional Ghost-Mod-Checks (Morph)
- added: Avoid Credits Accumulate Fakers (morph)
- added manual file allocation (Xanatos)
- added: you can disable the compression at preferences.ini Xtreme-Section by adding the Line

- Fix for false Corruption-Banning (Xanatos)
- fixed a crash-bug at turkish language-file
- fixed wrong Splitbars at statistic-graphs (BlueSonicBoy)
- fixed bug in sendblockrequest
- fixed minor memleaks (Wizard)
- fixed a bug for hidden columns (Wizard)
- fixed a bug, when there is an exception at file allocation
- fixed a bug in FlushBuffer

- changed some NAFC-code for accounting networkdata when adapter is changed
- changed: process timer code via messages to find unkown errors (Xanatos)

- removed netfinity patch (no more needed)

eMule Xtreme 5.2.1

- workaround to avoid crash on exit at some systems when sockets are closed
- fixed a small issue on uploading just completing files
- changed: the check if you lost the connection to internet is now less sensitive.
Also you can specify at preferences.ini, Xtreme-section: internetdownreactiontime=x
the number of seconds without upload, until Xtreme asumes the internetconnection may be lost. Standard is 2.

eMule Xtreme 5.2

- added: disc access with threading-queue for best IO-performance
- recoded some parts of uploadbandwiththrottler. The throttler isn't anymore the bottleneck but can handle unlimited slotspeed.
- added: show blocking-ratio and upload health
- added option to remove too oftenly blocking sockets
- added: friendslots visualization (Morph)
- added two new internal methods to detect leechers
- added the leecher-detection-reason to clientdetail-window
- added FunnyNick (xrmb/Stulle/Morph/Xman)
- added Sidebanner (thx emule-web.de)
- added auto update ipfilter (own implementation + some coees and ideas from morph)
- added option to log the part-count/size-mismtach
- added option to use narrow font at transferwindow (good if your monitor use low resolution)
- added UPNP-support (new implementation without any additionally library) (by ACAT for Xtreme-Mod)
- added ipfilter kad patch (leuk_he)
- added Safe-Hash-compatibility-patch to write a compatible known.met format (thx David Xanatos)

- changed: reask sources after IP-change v3 now works also with Kad only connection
- changed: NAFC-adapter will be found with Kad only connection
- changed: hashes (known.met) without AICH-Hashset (known2.met) are internal marked now to keep the data integrity
- changed: don't continue sending after banning
- changed: the HighResTimer isn't used anymore in standard-configuration. Only if you write HighresTimer=1 into preferences.ini

- improved: simplified the emsocket::Send()
- improved: ip-to-country optimazion (less CPU & RAM) (thx lolo for ideas and codes)
- code-improvement for HasCollectionExtention-function
- improved: don't update to often statistic-file
- update libpng to 1.2.12
- updated flush-thread (Morph) + few improvements

- fixed show wrong clientdatarate if clientspeed > 400 kb/s
- fixed a small bug that in some circumstances a lowid client could get a uploadslots although it has a low waiting-time
- fixed a crash on close when flush-thread was running
- fixed a bug when you tried to connect to an ipfiltered server (greyed out)
- fixed Unable To Open Completed File After Rename (Sirob)
- fixed two small bugs in downloaded-history (thx welldl)
- fixed a bug in auto-update-priority (thx poutnik)
- fixed: possible crashfix for emules friendhandling (leuk_he)

- many more small fixes and improvements

- updated language-files: chinese (welldl), polish(colder), french (firnus), italian (frankie4), spanish (unomas)
- new language added: turkish (alpin)

blocking-ratio and upload health:
after turning on this option in Xtreme I you will see some new values at the transferwindow. The first value inside the uploadtoolbar is your upload-health. This value should always be 100% if not, please review your upload-settings. The second value is the 20sec-avg-blocking-count of all sockets.
At your uploadslots you'll also find a new value, the 20-sec-avg-blocking-ratio. This is the ratio how oftenly the socket blocked our try to send at the last 20 sec. E.g. 95% would mean: only 5% of our sending-tries was successful.

option to remove blocking sockets:
works only if you enabled the option to open more sockets if needed. Now if your uploadslots grow three slots over the minimum-slots Xtreme looks if there is a slot uploading >3 minutes and has a high blocking-ratio. This slot will be removed.
Please use this option with caution!

auto-update-ipfilter works like this:
- after you enabled the option... the next restart of the client the ipfilter will be downloaded and the date of this version will be stored
- on next restart of you clients the ipfilter will be checked in the same interval as versions-check (you can set it at general settings). If it is time to do a check Xtreme will connect to the URL you specified at security-settings. After connection is established Xtreme checks if the version on server is newer than your installed version. If so, your ipfilter will be updated.

eMule Xtreme 5.1.2

- fixed a bug in socket-queuing (my stupidy)
- fixed crash when we canceled a file and Flush thread runing (SiRoB)
- fix: possible crashfix on close when sockets are killed (official bug)
- fix: emule fortget to publish known files to server (official bug)

eMule Xtreme 5.1.1

- added proper cleaning of temporary handle-maps
+ because official emule doesn't delete this maps emule eats more and more CPU after longer runingtime
- added variable compression. (idea netfinity)
+ If your upload is > 80 kb/s emule switch to lower compression = less CPU for high-speed uploaders
- added: show filename to IPFiltered-messages if possible
- added new Kad-Patch by unknown1
- added: filter outgoing server connections (bluesonicboy)

- fixed a small bug in Auto-Downlaodpriority
- Fix Connection Collision (Sirob)
- fixed unicode problem around some error messages
- fixed: objects in oscopecontrol are safed and restored via handle = proper GUI-coding
- few fixes to statistic-graph (bluesonicBoy)

- improved socket queuing
- improved: taking a connected socket on filereask
- updated flushthread (Sirob)


eMule Xtreme 5.1

This version includes really many patches and improvements for less CPU load and memory consumption.
because most changes are internal, they aren't listed here.
By the way, this is the first chinese translated official mod ;-)

- added: Extened credit- table-arragement (less memory)
- added: Anti-Nick-Changer, bans permamently nick-changers (e.g. Ketamine)
- added: new slpash-screen arrangement (inspired by KTS)
- added: don't overwrite bak files if last sessions crashed (idea blomy)
- added: show complete up/down in queuelist
- added: slugfiller safehash modified by Sirob
- added: ReadBlockFromFileThread by Sirob + Improvements for Xtreme-Full-Chunk
- added: Flush Thread (Sirob)
- added: readded patch(slightly modified) from previous version for redownloading already downloaded files.
- added: chinese translation (welldl)

- changed: grant credits only > 1.65 MB uploaded
- changed: failed tcp-connection (statistik) now also count the cennected but not responding clients
- changed: increased reasktime for non UDP-clients to give them a chance to first connect
- changed: increased the time until a socket will be deleted (maybe this helps against some crashes)*
* you will see more open sockets at statistic
- changed: don't add passive sources with wrong filesize
- changed: show IP of denied reqeusted share files
- changed some message strings

- improved: few Improvements to IP to country
- improved: Init-Hashtable optimization
- improved: some code-optimaztions at Xtreme-Creditsystem (less memory)
- Some Code Improvements by Sirob, eklmn, avi-3k and Wizard
- and many more imrovements

- fixed: in sharefilelist the AddsearchtoCancelled-Menu didn't appear
- fixed file rating string Aenarion[ITA]
- fixed a small bug, that peercachesockets could stop upload to early
- fixed a problem that good sourcen could be filtered, if a file is finished sooner than the sources can answer
- fixed wrong displaying of files-count in sharefilelistctrl in some cases
- fixed: summary not updated after deleting shared file (raccoonI)
- fixed: eMule steals focus when message from new client is received (raccoonI)
- minor fixes to progressbar by Sirob


eMule Xtreme 5.0.1

- fixed an official Gui Bug In Settings Wizard (FrankyFive)
- changed creditsytsem: use linear function until half of a chunk is transferred. reduce leeching by only giving 1-2 MB
- changed the sleeptiming of uploadbandwidththrottler a bit
- changed some leecher-detection code. Some clients will now be banned instead of reduce score, because they are responsable for many failed downloadsessions
- changed some icons at toolbar (thx emule-web.de)
- removed a patch for handling duplicate shared files which could lead to crash
- few other small improvements
- added unrar.dll and new mediainfo.dll to the archive


eMule Xtreme 5.0

- merged all Xtreme-features to 0.47a
- kad-patch from unknown1
- some improvements / bugfixes and adjustments
- changed default nick to http://xtreme-mod.net
- changed max slotspeed to 15 kbs
- always use high resolution timer
- removed unsued code from emsocket
- fixed all issues of xtreme 5.0 beta
- added languagefiles: german, spain, frensh, italian, polish (thx Colder)
- changed toolbaricons (thx emule-web.de)



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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