eMule der P2P Filesharing Client dient zum downloaden von Filmen, Movies, Software, Spielen, Games und Erotik. Zum herunterladen braucht eMule eine schnelle Internet Connection Verbindung bzw. Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster


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eMule 0.50a Xtreme 8.1

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Main Features:
- Maella Bandwidthcontrol, caculates the real Overhead
- NAFC (network adapter feedback control)
- advanced Uploadbandwidththrottler with adjustable slotspeed
- Xtreme Downloadmanager for a clever source-handling
- improved Xtreme-Creditsystem
- Powerrelease with dynamic Hide OS
- IP to country - show country-flags
- Anti-Leercher-Feature
- hundrets of code improvements


eMule Xtreme 4.0 beta1
- ported Xtreme3.0 to codebase 0.46a
- bugfix: if "open more slots if needed" is deactivated, only one LowID-client is allowed to get an uploadslot
- readded: one queue per file (multiqueue) (Maella / Xman)
+ remark: if this option is used, it makes no sence to give rare files a higher uploadpriority. Therefore Autouploadriority sets alle files to "normal"
- some small changes to the upload-slot-opening-conditions
- bugfix: after IP-Change last nafc-status wasn't remembered correctly
- improvement: bettere care of existing TCP-connections on source-reasking
- added new statistik for failed/successful file-reaks per TCP-connection
- added anti-ghost-mod (as an option) (idea morph)
- added an option which allow you to decide, if a failed TCP-connection should be retryed
+ remark: this option was always enabled in Xtreme 3.0, offcial doesn't retry a connection attempt
+ if this option is selected you need more connections and half opend connections, but you loos 10% - 30% less sources, good especially when you are downloading rare files
- few codeimprovements to uploadbandwidththrottler
- remove unused AICH-hashes (TAG: //Xman remove unused AICH-hashes)
+ with official client if you enabled "remember downloaded files" it keeps normal hash + AICH hash
+ Xtreme Mod now has an option (at files) "remember unused AICH-hashes"
+ if this option is disabled at next mod-start all unused AICH-hashes of known2.met are deleted, but your downloadhistory (known.met) is untouched
- added Links to preferences
- fixed an official sorting bug in downloadclients
- fixed an official bug which forgot to count filtered ips
- added new menu-entry in searchlist->mark as cancelled which allow you to mark a file (TAG: //Xman add search to cancelled)
- added Don't Refresh item if not needed (morph)
- save second sort criterion for downloadlistcontrol (TAG: //Xman save second sort criterion for downloadlistcontrol)
- Netfinity Patch for VS 2003

eMule Xtreme 3.0 (final)
- fixed two sorting bugs
- disabled new Xtreme-Splashscreen on Win9x (crashed on that OS)
- removed many Verbose-Messages which are only usefull on beta-state
- changed: use more UDP - less TCP (need now less connections)
- changed: the real slotspeed should now be closer to the wanted
- patch: don't answer wrong filereaskpings, (remote client using incorrect protocol)

eMule Xtreme 3.0 beta2
- changed few default settings
- avoid "silly window syndrome" on limited download (= receive always n*MAXFRAGSIZE)
- added an option to statistics where you can choose if you want accurate or smooth graph
- tweaked few slot-opening conditions
- few internal bugfixes

eMule 0.45b Xtreme 3.0 beta1
- rewritten most parts of Uploadbandwidthtrottler
- Threadsave Bandwidthcontrol (thx Maella)
- Maella -Accurate measure of bandwidth: eDonkey data + control, network adapter-
- NAFC - Network adapter Feedback Control - (Maella)
- Include ACK to Overhead (TAG: //XMan Include ACK)
- automatic NAFC-Adapter-Selection (only works if you are connected to server) (TAG: Xman new Adapter Selection)
- possible bugfix of official code InsertIntoUploadlist
- 80% score for non SI-clients
- accept only clients which asked the last 30 minutes
- clients wich timeout on US_CONNECTING get a second changed on reconnect (TAG: //Xman uploading problem client)
- increased queue-purgetime to 80 minutes
- min 11 upload for unlimited download!
- friend-uploads get an slot on connect under same conditions as LowIDs
- MTU-configuration (Maella/Xman)
- changed uploading-sendbuffersize to 6000
- don't accept uploads if no internetconnection
- Xtreme Full Chunk (TAG: //Xman full chunk)
+ full block system: upload doesn't stop befor a complete block (180kb) isn't transfered (other than in official)
+ lower CPU
+ FullChunkMode: min 2,5 MB will transfered, after that, emule looks at the chunkboarder. uploads ends if either a chunk at the downloader is completed, or 9.30MB are completed
+ anticipate if a new slot is needed: if a slot is near the end , new slot is opend if needed
- Allow Bandwidth Settings in <1KB Incremements- (Maella)
- New bandwidth control (downloading) (Maella/Xman)
- Support for tag ET_MOD_VERSION 0x55 (Maella/Slugfiller/Xman)
- improved sockethandling / Exceptionhandling in Listensocket
- dynamic IP-filters (clients wich cause an exception are filtered 12 houers)
- option to not open more slots (recommend setting: open more slots if needed)
- fixed an official bug in emsocket (don't try to send until socket is ready for sending)
- adjusted the score calculatoin.. should now also work with high slotspeeds
- added an option to preferences->Xtreme to use doublesendsize
remark: you can try to use this, if you have choosen a high slotspeed(>5), this can help to increase the datarate, given to each client
but this option let your uploadgraph show a little "unstable".. this is a technical reaction
- closed two backdoors (TAG: //Xman close Backdoor v2)
- spread reasks (Maella/Xman)
- reworked statistics (few parts taken from TPT)
- codeimprovement to the quelistupdating (TAG: //Xman faster Updating of Queuelist)
- added //Xman Xtreme Downloadmanager (many changes!)
+ includeds all features of Xtreme2.2
+ manual/automatic dropping (without refinding same sources right after that)
+ manual A4AF Handling (without the risk to get banned)
+ manual stoping of single downloading source
- Maella -Unnecessary Protocol Overload- (modiefied by Xman) (this feature is used by Xtreme Downloadmanager)
- Maella -Extended clean-up II- (modiefied by Xman) (this feature is used by Xtreme Downloadmanager)
- show time until next UDP-reask/TCP-reask in downloadlistctrl-Client-Info-Tip
- retry connection attempt before adding to deadsource-list
- some timeout improvemets (didn't touched the peercache-sockets)
- reworked the maintimer (avoid doing too many actions at the same time)
- winsock2 (ewombat)
- Reask sources after IP change- v2 (Maella/Xman) (TAG: //Xman -Reask sources after IP change- v2)
+ new version take care of kad. If the IP(HighID) received from server was already detected by Kad for more than 5 minutes, reask sources doesn't trigger. This prevents a fail-trigger, if you are only connected to kad and decide later to also connect to a server
- reconnect Kad on IP-change (TAG: //Xman reconnect Kad on IP-change)
- askfordownload priority first ask the sources which are most urgent (TAG: //Xman askfordownload priority )
- Maella Smart Low ID check
- accepting download from non ONQUEUE-clients if emule is connected
- allow queue overflow with minimumcontingent (TAG: //Xman allow queue overflow with minimumcontingent)
- SLS + some improvements (Xman, Maella, enkeyDEV(Ottavio84)
- see own credits (VQB)
- Xtreme Credit System
- see sourcecount found per categorie in transferwindow (TAG: //Xman see all sources)
- changed format of data (bytes/kb/Mb...)
- see how many clients are waiting for each file at sharedfilelist (TAG: //Xman see on uploadqueue)
- changed auto-upload-prios. (>100->Low, >20->nowmal, <=20 High)
- shared-files-AvailPartFrequency is initialized with 0 (better to see which chunks are missing)
- Show AVGQR instead of remaining-time
- bugfix of official emule, which shows wrong source-count in statistics if a file was stopped
- Xman Chunk Selection Patch
- fixed a official bug in banning clients
- fixed: memory exception when sources of a server where added
- PowerRelease (TAG: //Xman PowerRelease)
+ only avaiable for complete files:
+ increased release-prio: if transfered <100MB or < 1.5 of filesize, very very high Prio, otherwise very high prio
+ dynamic hide overshares: start with hideos=1, after 2/3 of the chunks are hidden, hideos will be increased
+ (some parts of code from slugfiller)
- cleaned up Preferences->Tweaks, removed USS
- added an option to Log Dropping messages
- color LowID-clients in downloadlistctrl
- some codeimprovements in drawing of chunkbars (Maella/Xman)
- IP to country (Eastshare/ morph)
- friendhandling from all windows (TAG: //Xman friendhandling)
- Preferences Fix (tHeWiZaRdOfDoS)
- added Xtreme Icons
- Fixed UTF-8 strings on web searchs (Monki)
- always enabled createcrashdump during the alpha/beta-test
- Anti-Leecher-Log (TAG: //Xman Anti-Leecher-Log)
- Anti-Leecher with codes of Morph, ewombat and IONIX (TAG: //Xman Anti-Leecher)
- Mighty Knife: Static server handling (morph)
- show requested files (sivka/Xman)
- Fix For Incorrect Corruption Stats (netfinity)
- searchCatch (SLUGFILLER)
- option to change process prio (parts of code from TPT) (TAG: //Xman process prio)
- optional amount based ratio if you have only low uploadcapacity
- many other improvements



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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