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eMule 0.49b ZZUL 20080801-2355

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Fixed protocol bug: wrong number of tags in SendHelloTypePacket() was sent. (thanks Aw3 for reporting)


  • First version based on 0.45b
  • Small fix to slot opening/closing logic when lots of short transfers takes place



First version based on 0.45a

New and smarter slot opening/closing logic.

Small change to chunk selection to try to pick rare chunks or to get chunks completed

Very small change to credit system to make it take effect at once, instead of only after 1 MBytes has been recieved.



I have been attempting to merge the ZZUL mod from 0.44b_ZZUL_20040918-2355
to version 44d.

I am using a freshly acquired version of VS 2003 and Araxis Merge 6.5

I used as a basis for this project the Complete 0.44d Project For Vs 2003
by x4u see here
I updated Crypto++ to version 5.2.1 PNG to 1.2.8 and ZLIB to 1.2.1

The build I have seems to work, except for the Send and Close buttons on the chat
dialog... But I have seen this can be a problem with the standard version under 2K or XP?

This has been a fun distraction from the more serious business of preparing to move with my family from the UK to the US.
But now time to play with code is really getting hard to find so here is what I have,
"Be kind to my mistakes". I haven't coded a line in years, and even then it wasn't for windows.



  • - Important bugfix to DownloadManager. Didn't obey the reask time rules properly. Could lose some sources due to this.
  • - Went back to the smaller buffers of upload slots, since some reports say it worked better with them.
  • - You can now get an ed2k link from someone that includes a source and click on that link to add the source even if you have started downloading the file (and already got chunks shared).
  • - Tagged some source code lines for DownloadManager that was missed earlier.


powered by Januar !   Thanx !

  • First release version based on eMule 0.42g. Several 0.42g based test versions has been released in the ZZUL forum earlier.
  • UploadSpeedSense - Now automatically uses UDP pinging if ICMP pinging doesn't work (Based on code from Pawcio mod, originally coded by Donq).
  • UploadSpeedSense - Changed behaviour of UploadSpeedSense when the first pingable ttl already have different responding hosts. Now uses one of those hosts and its ttl for pinging. Suggested by shadowclover.
  • UploadSpeedSense - Uses a realtime clock when not running on XP. This makes UploadSpeedSense better at guessing the speed.
  • UploadSpeedSense - Show limit that UploadSpeedSense has decided, in lower right corner.
  • UploadSpeedSense - Fix to UploadSpeedSense to trigger reinit when many pings in a row fails.
  • UploadBandwidthThrottler - enhanced for really low bandwidth circumstances (i.e. 1 KB/s upload). This should make it possible to keep more dl sources under those circumstances.
  • UploadBandwidthThrottler - UDP sends are now controlled by the throttler. This means all eMule overhead is now controlled by the throttler.
  • UploadBandwidthThrottler - Tweak to UploadBandwidthThrottler to use less CPU. Please report if there's a noticeable difference.
  • UploadBandwidthThrottler - Some changes to the throttler to make it send more full sized packages to minimize TCP overhead. An unfocused upload slot will pad a control packet tcp packet with file data to reach MSS. Also changed MSS to 1300 compared to 1460 before.
  • UploadBandwidthThrottler - Cleaned up throttler and created base interfaces for ThrottledControlSocket and ThrottledFileSocket (in the C++ source code).
  • SlotFocus - Small change to trickle slots to prevent timeout in some cases.
  • SlotFocus - Small changes to make throttler open less slots.
  • DownloadManager - ZZUL can now temporarily move a source to an A4AF file to be able to do a source request for that file. This will make sure that there are no files that is always prevented from requesting source exchange because the any source it gets is immediately moved to a higher prio file.
  • DownloadManager - Download Manager now keeps better track of file switches, and can now safely switch between files more often in some circumstances, without risk of being banned. This is useful to be able to switch to a file, do source request, and then immediately switch back to old file (eMule measures request time on each individual client for a client, when it comes to ban, and now ZZUL also do that when it comes to requesting).
  • DownloadManager - Various other tweaks and fixes to the ZZUL Download Manager.
  • Upload priority menu should now set bullet also for powershared levels.
  • Inserted Uncle_Bob low bandwith thing (datarate > 1500).
  • Fix in download rate measurement. (Could sometimes be a little too high)
  • Small cpu optimizations for upload and download speed measurement.
  • Went back to the slot opening logic that ZZUL used in versions based on eMule 0.30e and earlier. This may help the people that only get 2-3 upload slots opened currently.


ed2k (Powershared. Instant download!):
ed2k: eMule_0.42d_ZZUL-20040310-2356_exe.zip
http: eMule_0.42d_ZZUL-20040310-2356_exe.zip

  • Important fix to the bandwidth throttler for a bug in the 20040309-1644 version. If you have that version, please download as soon as possible. Effects of this bug was, among other things, not getting as many sources for the download files.


ed2k (Powershared. Instant download!):
ed2k: eMule_0.42d_ZZUL-20040309-1644_exe.zip
http: eMule_0.42d_ZZUL-20040309-1644_exe.zip

  • More tweaks to SlotFocus to give higher slot speeds. Please give me feedback about how this works!
  • Fixed remaining time in download list. It was always reported as "?".
  • Fixed tooltip info for tasktray icon to not be truncated.
  • Now sends mod information properly also to other Kademlia clients.

ed2k (Powershared. Instant download!):
ed2l: eMule_0.42d_ZZUL-20040309-1644_source.zip
http: eMule_0.42d_ZZUL-20040309-1644_source.zip


ed2k (Powershared! Instant download!):
ed2k: eMule_0.42d_ZZUL-20040309-1644_libs.zip
http: eMule_0.42d_ZZUL-20040309-1644_libs.zip


ed2k: eMule_0.42d_ZZUL-20040308-0048_exe.zip
http: eMule_0.42d_ZZUL-20040308-0048_exe.zip

  • First version with 0.42d!
  • Fixed crash bug when right clicking in friends area.
  • Changes to SlotFocus to give higher slot speeds. Please give me feedback about how this works.
  • Source will be released soon.

ed2k: eMule_0.42c_ZZUL-20040307-0903_exe.zip
http: eMule_0.42c_ZZUL-20040307-0903_exe.zip

  • First version with 0.42c!



Internet Zugang notwendig: DSL Flatrate und guter Provider: Arcor, T-Online, Congster




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