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ABC [Bittorrent] 3.1

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ABC [Yet Another Bittorrent Client] downloaden ABC-win32-v3.1.exe

ABC [Bittorrent] 2.6.6a
Fixed bug in 2.6.6 that prevented Local Upload Settings dialog from appearing
Enlarged status bar area for Total DL/UL to fit higher speeds
Fixed, some bugs
Minimized into Tray is back
Display refreshes less slightly often
Scrape is turned off by default to ease burden on servers (can be turned on in options)
Smarter queue rules (doesn't queue torrents that would immediately resume)
Smarter upload distribution (doesn't allocate bandwidth to torrents with no connected peers)
Still using Shad0W's Bittorrent Core (S-5.8.11) (Update to BitTornado core coming soon)

ABC [Bittorrent] 2.6.5
Updated, New shad0w's bittorrent core to S-5.8.11
Changed, Made some changes to ABC that could possibly fix several crash/lockup/freeze/etc problems.
Temporary Removed, Minimize to tray (will come back in 2.6.6)
Updated, New shad0w's bittorrent core
Added, Features in Web Interface Service
Fixed, Some bugs
Added, Scheduler Rule menu to allow user adjust timeout rule instead of fixed value
Changed, using all icons from Greg Fleming

ABC [Bittorrent] 2.6
Changed, core system to the Shad0w's bittorrent S.5-8-7 here to new feature of shad0w's
many bugs from previous version fixed
file locking implemented
extra checks for corrupted data
fixed IPv6 support
Including enhancement from official BT 3.3
Changed, If upload option is "Upload until UL/DL ratio" when re-start ABC, completed torrent that doesn't reach UL/DL ratio yet will force to queue state and waiting for seeding
Changed, For better solution from changed above, when you close ABC, ABC will re-order and bring completed torrent to top of the list. So when you restart ABC. completed torrent that doesn't reach
UL/DL ratio yet will continue seeding first.
Changed, New seed torrent will start with share ratio 0%, instead of oo%
Changed, Increasing maximum share ratio rate from 200% to 500%
Changed, Maximum upload rate change from each torrent to overall control and now it is divided into 2 sections
Overall maximum upload rate when downloading
Overall maximum upload rate when seeding
Changed, Enable multiple choice in list. some options (eg. Move up, Move down etc.) that doesn't provide for multiple input, ABC will pick first of the choice to do that option.
Changed, GUI to more user-friendly (most of icons took from Greg Fleming
Added, Mechanism for temporary dead torrent (so torrent won't be blocked in ABC list):
If torrent can't connect to tracker within 15 minutes
If downloading torrent doesn't get data within 30 minutes
If seeding torrent doesn't send data within 1 hour
ABC will reduce its priority and force into queue.
Added, with new Shad0w's BT so in advance setting in ABC allows you to set file locking and extra checking types
Added, "Trigger next torrent when finish seeding" checkbox in ABC Preference. If you check it ABC won't trigger next torrent until finish seeding the previous one
Added, On-hold status (it works the same way as pause in shad0w) it's paused but hold all resources. It's used for temporary pause so when resume, it doesn't need to checking existing data
Added, On-Hold All, Move to Top, Move to Bottom buttons
Added, New feature for Web Interface Service
query will return almost of information for each torrent
using unique key while communicating, a bit more security
user can set commands that allow to communicate with web
pause, resume, queue, clear all completed torrent is now available via web interface
Added, Display Web interface service status in main menu
Added, Choosable to display confirm dialog on exit or not
Added, Choosable to use "auto kick/ban" and "security" feature of shad0w's or not
Added, Display torrent name in ABC_TWEAK
Added, Reseed Resume on right-click menu, Using when resume the completed file which will skip hash checking.
Added, Display total upload/download speed in status bar (updated per 2 seconds)
Fixed, bug can't remove folder when using "Remove Torrent + File(s)" from right-click menu
Fixed, bug when set download default folder with folder name that contains "=".