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ABC [Bittorrent] 3.1

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ABC [Yet Another Bittorrent Client] downloaden ABC-win32-v3.1.exe

ABC [Bittorrent] 2.5
Changed, core system to the Shad0w's bittorrent S.5-8-3 and here are the new features of shad0w's S.5-8-3
Many bugs fixed -_-"
Improved IPV6 Support
Auto kick/ban IP who always send bad data to you
Including enhancement from official BT 3.3
Added, Alpha version of ABC web interface service in menu tools
Added, Always use auto kick/ban IP option
Added, "Pause All", "Unpause All" buttons
Added, "Remove torrent + File(s)" in right-click menu
Added, "Current seed/peer" in right-click menu
Added, Display Total DL speed and Totoal UL speed in Traytip
Added, Colour of active torrent for ease to see torrent status
Changed, Separate Torrent Details to 2 sections
Torrent Details and Advanced Details (Like shad0w's)
Changed, Allow user to set number of download simultaneous to 0 instead of "unlimited". because no one use it anyways -_-;
Fixed, typo (Thanks virtualspirit)
Fixed, Changed, minor bugs and mechanisms

ABC [Bittorrent] 2.4.3
Sorry *sniff*, that release like 4 versions in 1 day. next time I will out beta version first. Hope it's stable now.
Fixed, Wrong display of Advanced Setting (Max files Open) when you set to "no limit" and then you re-open it will display "50". It works fine with your setting only wrong display. if you don't really mind it's not necessary to change to this version.

ABC [Bittorrent] 2.4.2
Fixed, Number of real seed, peer(scrape data) of some sites display wrong and also changed implement with thread instead of waiting for result ( Protect freezing when tracker is slow) but in detail windows still use old method waiting for result.