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BitComet 0.63

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Bittorrent BitComet downloaden bitcomet_0.63_setup.exe

BitComet 0.60
GUI Improved:
new toolkit: BitComet Video Codec Check Wizard
add open BCTP/HTTP link command in file menu
add BCTP link page in Task Property Dialog
add Boss-key choice option
add Disable torrent file download dialog option
add Display task delete confirm dialog option
add piece size 2/4/8MB choice when making torrent
open web link in internal browse of BitComet

GUI Bugfix:
fix mistake delete when multi-selection after torrent list sort
fix the win2k auto shutdown issue

Core Improved:
add video file preview when downloading
add Torrent download from DHT network using BCTP link
add protocol header encrypt option
add Always using NAT Traversal via UDP option

BitComet 0.59
Add DHT Network support, BitComet become trackerless
Add UDP port mapping in ICF/UPNP
Support 'private' key in torrent
Support 'private' key in tracker response
Add Search button to search torrent in torrent website
Remove the drop-down menu of the Web button
Open all links using user default browser
Add three network mode when creating .torrent file
Add a light in the status bar indicate the DHT Network status
Fixed typing issue regarding the speed input box
Fix UPNP problem in v0.57, v0.58

BitComet 0.58
GUI Improved: add Hash-check thread priority as an option
GUI Improved: add "Remove task only" confirmation
GUI Bugfix: disable file location change for paused tasks
GUI Bugfix: can not auto shutdown computer when desktop is locked
GUI Bugfix: the auto-stopped task can not upload
GUI Bugfix: fix the win98/me auto shutdown issue
GUI Bugfix: fix the dde regarding file association
Core Improved: add task option: peer info exchange enable
Core Bugfix: UDP tracker DNS resolve can cause stop response for 2s
Core Bugfix: fix the issue when one UDP tracker in a tracker group can not connect
Core Bugfix: continue download at startup can not work if crashed last time
Core Bugfix: fix one crash issue when connections are unstable