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BitComet 0.63

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Bittorrent BitComet downloaden bitcomet_0.63_setup.exe

BitComet 0.51
GUI Improved: tray icon display balloon norification when task finished
GUI Bugfix: wrong displace position for task specific upload limits.(Thanks charlesyc)
GUI Bugfix: crash when click OpenDir or Properities for empty task.(Thanks xChiNa)
GUI Bugfix: disk driver free space may be wrong at first. (Thanks spcat2000, happyfa97)
Core Improved: able to change torrent encoding code page when adding task
Core Improved: task queue senquence is the same as displayed, top task first
Core Bugfix: fixed no responce when too many files in one torrent(e.g. >1000 files) in v0.50
Core Bugfix: should not scan when seeding (Thanks Windforce)
Core Bugfix: when seeding, should not open file for writing (Thanks coolsnowwolf)
Core Bugfix: forget to save peers info when task is stopped
Core Bugfix: start task more than once cause problems (Thanks windy)

BitComet 0.50
GUI Improved: remember toolbar status
GUI Improved: thanks to SiC & Orochi for the graph design, much more pretty now
GUI Bugfix: in file dialog, right-click the driver and click Property will crash (Thanks to littlefoxes)
GUI Bugfix: can't remember window positions (Thanks to KELVEN13)
Core Improved: remove support for slots.xml, able to config in the option dialog
Core Improved: publisher information extension
Core Improved: able to set different upload limits for every task
Core Improved: add a simple queue system
Core Improved: add support for {hash} tracker url (idea by IH@isohunt)
Core Improved: file level priority control
Core Improved: remove upload download ratio limits in the config dialog.
Core Improved: file allocation in blocks and won't block gui and also decrease the disk fragement
Core Bugfix: random listening port won't larger than 32767, avoid route problem (thanks to Xing Zhanfeng)
Core Bugfix: total upload and download statistics overflow if larger than 2G (thanks to wpeng)
Core Bugfix: sometimes can't work with gzip tracker, get decode error (thanks to ihf)
Core Bugfix: lost percentage when it resumes downloads by bittorrent 3.3 or above.

BitComet 0.49
v0.49 2004.3.3
GUI Improved: if file changed, prompt dialog : check / ignore / cancel
GUI Improved: Ctrl+Delete remove task including files
GUI Bugfix: possiblely fix the crash when restoring from system tray
Core Improved: optimize pieces manager again
Core Improved: optimize choke picker for slow connections
Core Improved: able to auto resize the cache accoarding to the speed,
set default max cache size to 50M
Core Improved: Auto config XP Internet Connection Sharing and Filewall (ICS/ICF)
Core Improved: when use proxy only for trackers, send HTTP GET rather than HTTP Connect
Core Bugfix: cache size caculate may overflow when the physical memory is getting lower
Core Bugfix: send event=stopped to tracker when program exited (Thanks to ulion)
Core Bugfix: load same torrent make it vanish (Thanks to bigjumbo)
Core Bugfix: UPnP always failed with DSL router/ICS (Thanks to wxhere ~_~)
Core Bugfix: may crash when cache is empty
Core Bugfix: possible to receive only part of the HTTP responce, cause tracker decode failture.

v0.48 2004.2.18
Torrent Maker Bugfix: won't add announce-list if only one tracker address
GUI Improved: remember the favourite site choice last time
GUI Improved: prompt before remove task and delete all downloaded files
GUI Improved: peer-list sorted by ip
GUI Bugfix: won't prompt when hash checking
GUI Bugfix: always remember proxy server and port. (Thanks to wxhere)
Core Improved: cosider connection stable after 3 minutes elapsed
Core Bugfix(critical): can't connect any peers when seeding
Core Bugfix(critical): do not response tracker NAT checking header, so that won't be listed in some tracker. (Thanks to stanhopea)

v0.47 2004.2.17
withdraw the release, skip it.

v0.46 2004.2.14
GUI Bugfix: total length incorrect if larger than 4G. (Thanks to Zergling)
Core Bugfix(critical): lots of pieces failed in SHA check, cause by disk cache bug.

v0.45 2004.2.13
GUI Improved: great change in Language File, almost all string can be translated and part of the infomation format could be customized by edit language xml file.
GUI Improved: remove task, or remove task include downloaded files
GUI Improved: An option in the toolbar to toggle ON/OFF the panel list on the left of the Main window. (Thanks to seto_2003)
GUI Improved: Add toolbar, add right menu for selecting in the Torrent Property diag
GUI Improved: ctrl+ for "job move up" ; ctrl+ for "job move down" (Thanks to xsintill)
GUI Improved: change "completed" to "progress", indicates the download progress of selected files
GUI Bugfix: The other two tree-view won't flicking now. (Thanks to seto_2003)
GUI Bugfix: in tray mode, listen for a full mouse click before popping up. (Thanks to Keen314 )
Core Improved: add a torrent maker, support utf-8 and multi-tracker
Core Improved: intelligent upload slots control, auto optimize for different connection speed (config in slots.xml)
Core Improved: correctly handle disk full and disk i/o error
Core Improved: delete those files didn't even download a byte when remove the task
Core Improved: optimize socket by delay sending HAVE message
Core Improved: optimize piece manager
Core Improved: optimize disk cache swap algorithm, avoid small cache shaking.
Core Improved: optimize disk cache memory manage, and is now able to set the minimize and maximize size.
Core Improved: able to change download selection when tast is running
Core Improved: if file changed before resume, tell user.
Core Improved: support socks4, socks5, http/https proxy
Core Bugfix: Dead incoming peers in the peerlist can't be cleared
Core Bugfix: Torrent with the same file name will make the download list make mistake (Thanks to spcat2000)
Core Bugfix: when add one torrent twice and click OK in the second time, zero the process of it (Thanks to zeng777)
Core Bugfix: add port to tracker http request header "Host", fix problem with some proxy (Thanks to linxiaolegend)
Core Bugfix: when unselect small file in the end of filelist, the next big file won't finish for ever
Core Bugfix: no longer add .bc! extension for zero length file
Core Bugfix(critical): possible to send invalid REQUEST every few minutes, cause disconnection from other peer

v0.44 2004.1.9
GUI Improved: able to identify BitSpirit, BitTorrent Plus
GUI Changed: auto update checker server changed to
GUI Changed: remove listening port above 1024 restriction (Thanks to Ano Nymous)
GUI Fix: auto update checker misunderstand the version number
Core Improved: add peer connecting number statistics and limits
Core BugFix(critical): fixed a bug in peer connecting limits, negitive number cause it won't connect peers any more
Core BugFix(critical): security verification during peer communication

v0.43 2004.1.5
Setup Package: Merge two package (unicode & MBCS) into one
GUI Improved: Remember Main window postion (Thanks to Liu Wei)
GUI Improved: one click active window in tray icon mode (Thanks to lurenyi)
GUI Changed: mix upload limits is 20kB/s, and download rate no more than 8 times of uploads
GUI BugFix: 100% CPU when UPnP operation (startup and exit)
GUI BugFix: Fix IE shell open file not found bug if have sharezaa installed previously
GUI BugFix: "donot ask again" in confirm exit may cause problem, removed temporarily
Core Improve: optimize for some heavy trackers if they have more than one listening port
Core Improve: able to disable disk read cache now
Core Improve: decrease one memory copy in uploading and downloading, less cpu usage theoritically
Core Improve: do not allocate cache when checking complete
Core BugFix: Upload and Download rate control more smoothly, still not perfect though (Thanks to Vulpes)
Core BugFix: try to open normal file (not .bc! file) first when save location changed
Core BugFix(tiny): in statistics, download from XXX peers not accurate
Core BugFix(critical): fixed a bug that made .bc!.bc! extension if mutil-file download, and also can't resume correctly.
Core BugFix(critical): unselect small file may broke neighbor file corrupt and may cause runtime exception and exit if it is the first file (Thanks to GDIMk)

v0.42 2004.1.1
Add unicode build, fix some encoding bug under 2K/XP
GUI Improved: properity diag more pretty
GUI Improved: avoid torrent list flicking under windows XP
GUI Improved: propmt exit only if there are running tasks
GUI Improved: auto version update checker
Core Improved: add Torrent Health statistics
Core Improved: Support Unicode torrent format extension
Core Improved: Option to add .bc! extension for unfinished files
Core Improved: one session per ip when seeding
Core Improved: flush file when saving status file
Core Improved: no longer stop response when doing the hash check
Core Improved: auto portmapping via UPnP, but local firewall still need to be manually config
Core Improved: accelerate hash check when resuming other client's downloads
Core Improved: support Tracker 301, fix cant connection bug for some trackers
Core Improved: torrent file path security checking
Core BugFix: Fix "donwload file length biger than expected", ask for a choice now
Core BugFix: fix a bug that send zero port to tracker in no-listening mode
Core BugFix: fix a bug that can't resume torrent which contents only one file in a folder
Core BugFix(critical): Fixed: "unselect file A -> download -> stop -> select file A -> download" may cause runtime exception exit

v0.41 2003.12.07
Core Improved: better support for download selection changes
Core Improved: save peer which have a listening port in status file
GUI Improved: add progress bar indicate complete ratio (looks very urgly I think)
GUI Improved: add message box when exit bitcomet
GUI Improved: add Right Menu Key support in torrent list
GUI BugFix: add a torrent, delete, then can't add it again
Core BugFix(critical): stay at 99% bug maybe fixed this time