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BitComet 0.63

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BitComet 0.40
v0.40 2003.11.27
Known bug: when only download selected files, never stop if cache size is set to zero;
or it is still possiable to have some duplicated download in those gap pieces.
It doesn't matter too much... just waste a little bandwidth.
GUI Improved: add Ctrl+A, Alt+ENTER short key for torrent list
Core BugFix: uncomplete in gap piece when add new download file which was banned before
Core BugFix: won't resize cache buffer when it is set to zero
Core BugFix(critical): Fix 100% but uncomplete bug caused by cache/piece manage

v0.39 2003.11.26
Core Improved: save connected peer info for a quick restart
Core Improved: save partical download piece info in statusfile
GUI Improved: able to associate .torrent at run time, restore it when close client
GUI Improved: no longer write view size into registry, saved in style.xml instead
GUI BugFix: select all item when delete the bottom torrent entry
GUI BugFix: currectly display status(download/resume/seeding) for torrent properity dialog
GUI BugFix: no longer lost icon when taskbar recreated
Core BugFix: Fix exception occured when muti-tracker torrent stopping
Core BugFix(critical): Fix piece pick bug which make it downloaded 120% - 200% sized data
Core BugFix(critical): Fix piece cache bug which caused a lots of failed piece

v0.38 2003.11.22
New Name: Change the name to "BitComet"
NewFeature: muti tracker supported
NewFeature: able to download selected files
NewFeature: no scaning seeding
Improved: golbal upload/download speed limits
Improved: optimize the piece picker, much more less CPU usage
Improved: pieces read/write cache, much better disk performance
Improved: rudely disconnect slow peers
Improved: torrent cache now using relative path
Improved: changed socket frame class, now support sock4, sock5 and http1.1 proxy
Improved: GUI interface more usable
BugFix: some problem about the connection with new version Shadow's Exp
BugFix: can't pause
BugFix: continue to connect tracker after failed 20 times now
BugFix: upload & download bytes wrong when reporting to tracker
BugFix(critial): passed pieces sum error when bitfield is initiating

v0.37 2003.10 - 2003.11
Great changes, skip it.

v0.361 2003.10.10
BugFix: "creat empty document" error if download files > 2G

v0.36 2003.09.20
Improved: overall u/d speed in tray icon
Improved: use utf-8 style file if system supported
Bugfix: keep choosing different port every time when start program if it is set to zero
Bugfix: check the file again when restarted downloading
BufFix(critical): found that the Run Time Error in Win2k(or below) was cause by the exception of: _variant_t(unsigned __int64 ui8Src) throw(); when saving xml

v0.35 2003.09.19
Add: traditional chinese language
Add: pick a random port button
Improved: socket writte buffer max length
BugFix: a few bugfix about the mutilanguage interface
BugFix: disconnect if error occers when reading file, won't send garbage
BugFix: do not save download queue
BufFix(critical): fixed the huge memory leak caused by forgeting to release when handing xml file. Now, the memory is quite low, but cpu usage a bit high, though

v0.34 2003.09.16
Add: muti language support, auto selection
Add: save upload bytes in status file
Add: tracker http request add Host: item
Improve: change MSXML4 to MSXML3
Improve: 10 times upload speed for one peer for the first 3M upload or if the uploaded bytes of that peer is greater than downloaded bytes + 3M from me
Improve: isallpassed cache, may reduce cpu usage a little
Improve: set upload zero means do not limits
BugFix: do not propmt when can't find status file during deleting

v0.33 2003.09.10
Add: remember view window column size
Add: enable drag and drop
Add: start/stop/pause/resume selected torrents
Add: max connected peer limits
Improved: put torrent popup menu into style.xml
BugFix: delete torrent cause error

v0.32 2003.09.08
Add: peer ip exchange protocal extension 09 00, 09 01, 09 02
Improved: newly added torrent on the top
Improved: open file as read only when seeding
BugFix: assume bitfield is already received when peer reconnected
BugFix: skip tracker announce when retry sometimes

v0.31 2003.09.06
Add: tracker retry interval time table, from short(30s) to long(5m)
Add: socks5 proxy now fully supported (auth, tracker)
Improved: when a piece failed sha1 check, mark the error

BitComet 0.30
v0.30 2003.09.05
Add: global download speed limit
Add: simple socks5(no auth) support for peer connecion
Improved: tidy the code of storage
Improved: longer the tracker retry interval & set the max retry to 20
BugFix: lost the last chacter of url when 302 redirecting

v0.29 2003.09.03
Add: global download speed limit
Improved: bnbt tracker now supported, found the diff between pyhon tracker, http 1.0 res header \n & \r\n
Improved: rewrite piece picker, now pick the piece that is owned by the least peers
BugFix: support http 302 redirect
BugFix: spend more than one hour to find a memory leak when loading torrent status file

v0.28 2003.08.31 1st Public Version
Add: make a msi of MSXML4 & make a Setup by Innon Setup Compiler
Add: All chinese
Add: Minimize to system tray
Bugfix: bug in deleting torrent in torrent list
Bugfix: complete percent now display OK
Bugfix(serious): always return true no matter SHA check succeed or failed

v0.27 2003.08.30
Bugfix(critical): goes wrong when doing bitfiled get in HEX

v0.26 2003.08.30
Add: Torrent list & status display colum item names are now at style.xml
Add: Pause & Resume action supported
Bugfix: Large file display the wrong complete ratio
Bugfix: tracker connection status display
Bugfix(critical): socket fatal error after handshake failed then reconnecting

v0.25 2003.08.29
Add: Peer Log Property Diag
Add: version number added in peer version display
Improve: download slice picker
Bugfix: tracker connection failed won't retry
Bugfix: upload / download should not count the disconnected peers

v0.24 2003.08.26
Change: HTTP connection shift from WININET to socket, (consider WINHTTP5 later maybe)
Bugfix: one peer muti sockets

v0.23 2003.08.25
Change: Timer block was removed
Bugfix: file length check error in rawread

v0.22 2003.08.24
Add: peer communication log, double click the peer
Bugfix(Critical): upload piece char* -> string

v0.21 2003.08.23
Bugfix(Critical): crush when delete socket

BitComet 0.20
v0.20 2003.08.18
Bugfix(Critical): Timer event is called anytime, cause odd error. (e.g. delete element when iterating) global timer blocking is added.

v0.19 2003.08.16
Add: Max announce intervals
Add: global upload speed control & peer up/down ratio
Add: passive mode
Add: peer software version recongnize
Bugfix(Critical): doesn't send INTEREST before download
Bugfix: null msg dead loop

v0.18 2003.08.15
Add: torrent cache option
Add: seeds/peers display
Add: random port
BugFix: Shouldnot delete element when iterating a map (PeerMap)
BugFix(Critical): send the wrong protocal header for incoming connections
BugFix(Critical): when comparing, CString treat both strings as null-terminate strings, subsitude with std:string

v0.17 2003.08.14
Add: Peer speed estimate, choke & interest info
BugFix: stop download do not delete socket
BugFix: keep announce when stopped
BugFix: Socket error when exist, caused by calling shutdown at a invalid socket handle
BugFix: Exist download won't do checking

v0.16 2003.08.12(first beta release)
Remaining time info is added
Sinlgle instance running....try many examples, found a working solution at microsoft at last.. ft
Lots of bugfix...

v0.15 2003.08.11
New icon designed by FallenAngel
Register itself for .torrent & mime
Properties dialog is added, though ugly
Lots of bugfix and improvement, all forget

v0.14 2003.08.10
BugFix: when delete torrent it won't completely delete data

v0.13 2003.08.08
Show complete radio of every file
Muti torrent management
BugFix: hex2bin & bin2hex error
BugFix: peer disconnect will not change the status of peer

v0.12 2003.08.07
ablility to choose download location
bitfield cache bug fixed

v0.11 2003.08.06
first published version