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BitTornado T-0.3.15

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BitTornado T-0.3.09
The T-0.3.9a release contains a bugfix for the tracker, and the modified installer includes a DLL which is missing on some people's systems. If you're already successfully running T-0.3.9 on your system, there's no need to upgrade.
Ever since the Python people released a new revision of their rather intriguing programming language, I've had people bugging me to put out a new version (especially since there were issues with running the 0.3.8 codebase under it). I'd been waiting for a version of wxPython for Windows that would work with the new Python to be released as well, and now that it has, well, here you go!

This version also fixes a few other bugs; the number of upload slots is now proper, and firewalled peers that lose all their connections will find themselves reconnecting more quickly, and a few other problems were fixed.

BitTornado T-0.3.08
This is a maintenance release for the client; it's mostly to fix problem induced when people install Service Pack 2 for XP. There are a few more bugs fixed, including in the tracker code and in the launchmany clients. There's a very stupid UI bug, caused by the newest version of wxPython, in which a very long filename will cause the window to stretch even if the option is deselected in Prefs. This may not be fixed until the next GUI is written.
I did hold back a number of fixes and improvements pending work on 0.4.0. Otherwise I'd wind up having to update two separate branches of code, something I'd really rather not do. (Forking your own code can suck badly.) So the window-width problem still isn't fixed. Oh well.

BitTornado T-0.3.07
New release; nothing much to note except a few bugs repaired; the client will function properly when buffers are turned off, the launchmany clients work properly, the automatic rate limiter won't drop the rate to zero any more, and this may soon be the new stable release.

Next up: GUI hacking.