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BitTornado T-0.3.15

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BitTornado T-0.3.02
I am pleased to finally release a new version of BitTornado. This release includes a number of important bugfixes, a new mode of UPnP pinholing and fixes to the original version. Still waiting on new graphical code.

Current plans are:
T-0.3.x - continued bugfixes on current code base
T-0.4.x - new graphical engine, will look almost identical to current code, but will be the basis for the new "skin"
T-0.5.x - multi-torrent GUI with queueing and all the fun stuff.

BitTornado T-0.3.01
A bugfix release of BitTornado is out, T-0.3.1, which cures many of the ills people have been suffering from. The only new feature is the addition of a checkbox in Prefs so people can disable UPnP.

BitTornado T-0.3.0
I am pleased to announce that BitTornado T-0.3.0 has just been released. It has many features, including UPnP port forwarding access, engine improvements, a pretty per-file priority system hiding in the Details view, a fast-resume system that will make restarting torrents a breeze (and is helpful for those of you running seed servers, since you only have to hash-check once)... Other new functionality includes an option to flush data to disk every 5 minutes, for those of you using Windows 98 who want to run BitTorrent despite having problems with crashes... A download-rate limiter (I shoehorned it into the Advanced window since the main UI is going to be redesigned) for people with bandwidth quotas and problems with downstream flooding... An option to auto-save in the default directory, and a feature that automatically resumes files you've started downloading without needing your input... I think there's more, but you'll just have to go look!

Okay. I'm bogged down in engine improvements, and the new GUI won't be ready for the next release, though one of the features needed for it will be implemented. Just wanted to give you a few details about the next major release...

* File priority and selection - You'll be able to select files from a multi-file torrent and decide which you want first and which you don't want at all.

* Download rate limiting - you'll be able to put a brake on that incoming data.

* Fast resume - Assuming you've run the torrent recently, you'll be able to start seeding or continue downloading immediately.

I'll also be working on fixing that freeze/high-CPU problem and I may be able to get UPnP auto-pinholing working as well.