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BitTornado T-0.3.15

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BitTornado T-0.2.0
I'm in the process of releasing T-0.2.0. Still no new graphical skin, I've been fixing problems in the engine. New features include disk buffering algorithms that should reduce the amount of disk thrashing -- at the cost of some RAM, of course. The tracker connect code still hasn't been fixed yet, so the client may still hang in RAM; work on the new GUI hasn't been started yet.

BitTornado T-0.1.4
With a number of bugs repaired, with the client finally working properly with the latest version of wxPython, BitTornado T-0.1.4 is up. It has a number of enhancements under the hood where you won't see them but you may notice their effects, and for users of and the new single-port core is in effect. There have been some bugs repaired in the tracker codebase as well.

This ends concentration on the single-port core; work on the http library rewrite will be postponed as the new GUI is written.

BitTornado T-0.1.0
It's time for a new version! T-0.1.0 has a working single-port core, and users of launchmany will be receiving its benefits. launchmanycurses still needs some tweaking, though.

Aside from the new core, there have been several modifications to the engine. You may notice the client starts uploading (and therefore starts downloading better) more quickly after starting a new torrent. There've been several other tweaks and fixes incorporated.

For people waiting on the new multi-torrent GUI client, I'm afraid you'll have to wait a bit longer. Patience.