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BTQueue 0.0.18

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BTQueue Bittorrent downloaden BTQueue-0.0.18-353.exe

BTQueue 0.0.07
- changed core to BitTornado 0.2.0 with launch many core
- embeded build number into peer id
- kept version and build number only in BitQueue/ to improve consistency
- logged more info when submission failed in crawler module
- fixed usage of BTListHtmlParser in generic filter module
- logged more info when metadata fetching failed in media
- changed escape charactor from % to .
- automatically restarted if critical error occurs
- added iget and iset command for changing destination path
- added BitTornado Launch Many to known peer id
- added BTQueue with launch many core to known peer id
- added BitTorrent Plus with launch many core (I guessed) to known peer id
- added new peer id style of Deadman Walking to known peer id
- Automatically renamed file AVSEQ??.DAT by adding its infohash in the beginning
- fixed sorting routine added in 0.0.5
- Upgraded webservice server to use thread model

BTQueue 0.0.05
- Handled saveas exception
- Handled initfiles exception
- Displayed error message
- Sorted id as integer if possible

BTQueue 0.0.04
- Added torrentbits style support
- Fixed incorrect time when hours more than 99
- Fixed setting global upload rate