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TorrenTopia 1.90

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TorrenTopia Client downloaden TorrenTopiaSetup-1.9.0.EXE

TorrenTopia 1.70
Torrent Search was added to the search engines
A new notification rollup with sound will appear when new files are completed
Fixed a problem with some torrents freezing the client
Problem with windows closing while the program was running was fixed
Some other smaller details and fixes

TorrenTopia 1.62
Problem with languages not loading was fixed.
It now saves the exact download window status and restores it on next program session
Better google support
Fixed problem with some trackers banning the client
Smaller details and fixes

TorrenTopia 1.60
Suprnova search fixed
Added a save settings check to suprnova search
Skin related UI- freeze was caused by a theme change and now the program can react to these changes
A few smaller details were fixed