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TorrenTopia 1.90

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TorrenTopia Client downloaden TorrenTopiaSetup-1.9.0.EXE

TorrenTopia 1.50
Automatic requeuing improved, it will work much better now.
Path management is now more intuitive
Downloads window has small details and improvements
A bunch of bugs have been removed.

TorrenTopia 1.45
Skin improvements: change them on-the-fly and possibility to use no skin.
Browser improvements: progress bar showing activity, problems using enter key fixed, double click closes a tab.
Search engine improvements.
Core components and compiler update.
Bittorrent protocol updated to 3.4.2.
Option to ask for path when saving.

TorrenTopia 1.40
Advanced seeding and scheduling: available from the "details" window
Abilility to add and remove columns in the downloads screen
Selection of multiple torrents is now possible
Paths of the differents categories are now configurable
Remembers what was uploaded and downloaded across sessions
Installer improvements
New "Seed" button
Improved column sorting
Smaller fixes and improvements
New language files: Swedish and danish
New skin: the winner of the skin contest (from Reaperr)